Feminism, the word that this era has sent huge power to the world. We probably have read or heard about this word. Whether in social media that brings up examples of cases that occur in society to be discussed widely or occurrences of events that some of us human beings see that it is normal for women to do even though it’s not like that at all.

“Normal for women/female to do …” can describe the misunderstand meaning of feminism. Women were confined to the domestic sphere, while public life was reserved for men

  • Women are weaker than men
  • Women should do housework and men need to go out to find work and make profits for family
  • Feminist hate men

the meaning of feminism has been distorted in many ways and the biggest mistake is feminism means women need to lead men but it not true.

Feminism – Concepts of gender equality

This concept believes that all human beings are born equal but some people misunderstood that feminist are made inferior especially female and mixed-gender which is being crushed under the masculine system Male conceptualism or Patriarchy

So those who support this idea or we called “Feminist” have a broad principle of opposition to the masculine system. Promote the rights of women and people of LGBTQ people. And has a goal of working to change society to achieve gender equality in all dimensions

The misrepresentation of feminism has led some groups to easily judge the idea that this idea hates men, but it is not. It is a concept that requires equality of all genders and without any restrictions on whether gender can do it or not.

Equality is the key

Feminists are those who support women’s rights and equality, they believe in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.

How this idea combine with cartoons that use for entertaining?

Feminist has been around in every age. It has been with us every generation and every time and has been passed on and educated in many ways that have been inserted into many media including Cartoons. There are different types of media creators and presented in many forms such as news, movies, pictures, and cartoons.

Cartoons are another medium that has been with us since childhood. It is an educational medium that is easy to digest and appears to be relaxing. The cartoons may be framed in some as appropriate for children only to be viewed when we grow up we have to stop watching and it’s for viewing only for fun but in fact, cartoons are much more than that. With content that is easy to analyze, not complicated, and suitable for children including having fun, making it an ideal medium to educate, so of course many cartoons put the knowledge of feminism into the story, and YES! they are fun. If we watch it and remind some of the cartoons that we had watched in the past, we may also have been educated about feminism unconsciously and we are aware of it throughout the story.

Feminism & Cartoon

Knowledge can be transmitted in any creative form. Therefore, educating through cartoons is an interesting and excellent option.

These are a popular and well-known example of a cartoon that supports the idea of feminism. Let’s take a look at whether you know these things or not.

1989 – The Simpson

“The Simpson” the yellow characters since firstly premiere in 1989 that are familiar to people around the world with more than 570 episodes, It has provided great knowledge to audiences around the world, one of which is the feminist who shows that being a woman is not an obstacle to life and that she stands up to her ideals.

 Lisa Simpson, a 8 years old girl has shown a feministic attitude towards women during various parts of the series.

If explained, the picture may not be as clear as showing how in each part of the series she portrayed feminism and aside from showing you it, I’d like you to try to figure out if she was right or not.

It is normal to happen to one human being but why does it seem like a problem when it comes to women?

In this line, we are asking questions that keep us from asking. Think that’s why a woman gets up to fight, dare to ask questions or have a different opinion even without having any negative effects, she was blamed for being wrong, just because she was different.

Women were not born to marry. She was born to live the life she wants.

Gentleman, feminist doesn’t hate men if you are mistaken. We just need a guy or somebody who has a true love for us and yes, be nice.

1992 – Sailor Moon

If you grew up in the 1990s It is almost impossible not to know the Sailor Moon.

Sailor moon is a cartoon from Japan known as anime that is very popular and known all over the world. The main characters are a group of young girls named Sailor Senshi who protect the world by covering their true self.

Sailor moon embodies the power of women and feminism.

In each character each girl is unique, choosing different paths and styles according to their personality.

Sailor Jupiter is introverted, does not associate with people, but rather has a womanhood than she may have imagined

Sailor Mercury loves to read books and is interested in music.

And Sailor Uranus, she shows us that it’s okay to be tomboy with the girly side, just be yourself

In this story, there is no limit to women having long hair, wearing skirts, being cute and well-dressed but has the right to do whatever they wants.

Sailor Moon is hardly perfect from a feminist standpoint because each of them has her insecurities and drawbacks and “no body perfect”

We are all human, everyone has error

In addition, Sailor Moon has put a story about LGBTQ+ throughout the story. It is an impressive addition to a cartoon that dates back to the 90s that people are not yet receptive to accepting other sexes, which are relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune that are both female or even the dressing of the villain which the personality that shows that he is neither a man nor a woman, but no one cares what he is like. Everything is normal, he (or maybe she) is the only person they have to overcome.

Sailor moon shows the true girl power

2001 – Barbie

In fact, it has been released since 1959 as a doll but it began publishing in cartoon form and became famous all over the world with her first movie in 2001.

She has created a value that a woman can be more than just a housewife. In each film, she is the lead actress in a variety of roles, occupations and positions but the same thing is that it shows the potential of women to be able to do whatever you want with nothing to block.

Barbie has evolved and created new perspectives for girls and people all over the world. Be inspired through different stories. It has become a favorite cartoon and a driving force for many people, whether they are young or old or even from childhood until growing up, it is still considered a favorite cartoon in the hearts of people. That interpolates beautiful thoughts, songs and fun content.

In a feminist point of view, she has built a value that best reflects the reality of the word feminism as she pursues her dreams and makes her own choices but did not show any hatred towards being in love or having a relationship with a man because it remains uncommon for a number of people who think masculine feminism wants to press men under female power. In every episode of Barbie, there is a mix of life that can be loving while doing what you dream about.

who told women are weak? – Barbie three musketeers
Every things possible – Barbie a fashion fairytale


In addition to showing gender equality, there are also many motivations and insights. It is a matter of strengthening the confidence of friends or other characters and at the end of every story there will be a specific quote for each movie to realize the message that they want to convey to audience.

Barbie: Mariposa (2008) – “The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself.”

Barbie and The Three Musketeers (2009) – “True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it’s impossible.”

Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (2010) – “Magic happens when you believe in yourself.”

read more on https://barbiemovies.tumblr.com/movieslist

They are true positive energy for me, how about you?

If you think this cartoon is just about fun, nothing complicated and there is no profound meaning, I suggest you go back and pick one of the Barbie titles and watch it again. As a kid, you might not know the true message but when you grow up and go back to see you will be amazed at the things you have been given during her journey.

Cartoon is for everyone same as feminist

The creator will always have a message that they want to deliver to their audience and of course it is up to us how to interpret that information or story. As with many cartoons, it may appear superficial, just for children because reputed to cartoon but there is information that is useful for adults as well. Considered as another way to instill knowledge in children, therefore we have to distinguish which content is suitable and not suitable for that particular generation.

As well as a sample of each cartoon that has been brought up for, who would have thought that cartoons were suitable for little girls will become interpolated with the idea of female empowerment

Myths about feminism, or even if you want to learn more, Cartoons may be a good choice for you as well.

Feminists don’t hate men. If you try to think according to

A single man was stuck in a room with a hundred women, it seemed happy and think backwards, if a woman is stuck in a room with hundreds of men, imagine how fear her is. Can you see the difference yet?

Feminism does not want conflict, but equality of all genders to feel safe without feeling threatened. So if you choose to try to better understand feminism, but still can’t make the right choice. I suggest you to choose one of the cartoons that I recommend. You won’t run into racism, threats, insults from the lead character and you may have seen the problems conveyed through that, and you will understand that our world is really need feminist more and more

and it’s time for you to become a feminist.