What is definition of ‘Perfectionist’?

Perfectionist is a person who is crazy with passion for perfection. They can do anything even if how difficult it is just to achieve success. Their goal and pride are to do only a hundred percent performance. If it was less than that, they consider it a big mistake. Perfectionist cannot accept the faults from making mistakes. They don’t allow anything to damage their work or image. Metaphorically speaking, the world of perfectionist is like a hard steel that is not flexible and cannot be bent and they are always having to look good and always be perfect in the eyes of those around them.

Our personal moment to shared to everyone

Evolution of perfectionist : It is not just only in real life anymore

Today’s online communities make people addicted to perfection without knowing it. Everyone presents the elegant, distinctive and attractive side of them and uploaded to their social media. That’s not a bad thing… Actually that’s ordinary because no one wants to show their bad side to others. With this made people absorb perfection deportment through the fingertips that slide on feeds easily. In this era online media only takes a few seconds to publish and spread out. This is because of its simplicity, which makes it so easy for people to get in and get into. It becomes normal for people to check their phone first when you wake up. Online life is not that difficult, but it is not easy to make it perfect too. Some people have tried so hard to create gorgeous image or reputation of themselves. With that, it shapes them unconsciously in becoming the social perfectionist.

5 signs that prove you are social perfectionist

1. Notifications are the things that I’m waiting for

Once you have posted anything on social media. You can’t deny that after posting it, you keep looking at the notifications every minute. The most things that you always pay attention to is the number of likes and comment. You often feel bad when the amount of likes and comments drop down. There are always questions about ”why why why and why?” and why the number is decreasing. After that, you keep looking for errors in that post.

Once you find the answer, you will definitely never do it again, regardless of how much you love or get used to it. You believe that perfection and the active number in your social media are proof to your success. In the end, this becomes another reason which affect you to abandon yourself from your world of reality because you are now busy to seeking for active from social media. user even though no one know does it is really good for them or not

2. You love it, you delete it !

If people have something to say about your life,That’s saying little about their own.Keep your head up, Stay strong and move on.


” Wow, I really like myself in this picture: My face, my body, position, light everything are perfect combinations. Tonight, I will post it !! ” After uploaded on social media you found one of negative comment on your photo and you are getting anxious.

What will happen after that… is that the pictures will immediately disappear from your account forever. Because you delete it! Even there are many comments that admire on your photo, it’s useless if you have one negative comment. You don’t accept the imperfection thing in your life. You think that there is no way for anyone to see those comments and that photo again because it will ruin your online reputation. On the other hand, if you learn that there is no need to pay attention to the negative comments and then just pay attention on a lot of positive comment that you receive, then it’s enough. Because in the end, in reality, we can’t satisfy everyone or make them appreciate for one hundred percent. If you are only interested in the small details, you will miss something you truly deserve in life.

3. You tend to compare yourself with others.

You wasted time comparing yourself to others people and always try to looking for differences point between you and them. The most things you tend to compare are the amount of followers, Number of likes and comments. You are interested in every single detail of people who look successful on social media such as When is most of the time they like posting pictures ?

Where can make their photos look perfect ? What kind of caption writing will make people be interested ? You pay attention and observe the details as best as possible. You spend a lot of time on this, in absorbing others’ behavior without knowing it. Psychologists once said that when people watch or do a lot of things, they will inadvertently do that. Sometimes they lose their identities forever. I think that comparing yourself to be others is not wrong but it should not become the massive pressure on yourself. The most important thing to pay attention to is our happiness.

“When you continually compete with others, you become bitter. But when you continually compete with yourself, you become better.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

4. This picture must be the best.

Everything must be exchanged for investment. You spend time preparing yourself to be as perfect as possible, whether it is dressing code, make-up tone, color of clothes or hair style thoroughly. You are searching for best recommended places to take pictures. Everything has been planned with a lot of effort. You take more than 200 photos in the same angle to find the best one. You tend to get upset every time when someone doesn’t take the pictures like the position of the imagine on your mind, and you have to shoot photo again and again many times. Sometimes say badly to person who take photo for you and then you getting into a fight to each other.

You know yourself that you have highest standards and conditions in choosing images so it is difficult for a photographer to make it up to you. You also need to take a few photos just to get the most perfect photos. After reading it, you still feel tired, right? I would like to suggest that something you yourself can make it work as expected. All you have to do is to let it follow its way. In the end, perhaps perfection may be imperfect. Believe me 🙂

5. You will never accepted that you’re social perfectionist !!


Have you ever heard the phrase saying that drunk people often say that they are not drunk? I think it’s probably use with this symptom too. You will never accept yourself as someone who needs perfection and become a habit that pressures you.

The disadvantages of being too perfect

  • Waste of time doing things with useless things.
  • Loss of physical and mental health
  • Makes you feel stressed and have to pressure yourself.
  • Waste of money!! Because always have to keep updating new things.
  • Using social media becomes like taking an exam.
  • Intend to be jealous without knowing it.
  • You become an easily angry person 🙁

I’m a social media perfectionist. So,what should I do?

Actually, being a person who likes perfection is not a bad thing because this skill will help to keep your work and your life orderly, but if it is too much to make yourself feel lacking. But of course everything has a solution. Once you know your problems, just sit back and find the method that suits you best. If you can’t figure it out, may i then help recommend it to you? … The key of this issue is about loving yourself but not being obsessed with yourself.

You must love yourself in the way that you always think that you are the most person deserve happiness. Allow yourself to do as you wish without using reasons and logic of perfection against yourself all the time. Sometimes, thinking that Everything has just been determined at the beginning will help you to let it go. Care of what others think about you less and then turn your attention to what kind of life you want to live. Finally, I hope with the bottom of my heart that you will find your way.

– Let loose and be kind to yourself 🙂

Written by : Phorada Apichachan 6207640324