We surely must be heard about Tiktok in this recent years!

It becomes so popular among users over the past five years, especially teenagers, outstripped other platforms. As of the statistics in January 2021, Tiktok has 689 million active users worldwide making TikTok the seventh-largest platform in terms of users, ahead of others that had been used much longer years such as Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Tiktok is available in 155 countries, and in 75 languages. Plus, there was an average number of more than 1 million videos viewed every day in a year (Oberlo, 2021).

Thailand is one of TikTok’s key markets in Southeast Asia. It has already been downloaded here more than 10 million times (Glow Digital, 2020).

However, Tiktok mostly has been recalled as an entertaining platform for users only to creatively produce interesting videos whether it’s lip-syncing, dancing, singing, duetting with others, etc.

Therefore, what most persons don’t recognize about Tiktok, it is one of the best platforms to speak out and raise awareness as well. And here are some of Tiktok’s viral speaking out and raising awareness trends we would like to share.

1. #donttellmehowtodress

The Head of Tiktok’s Public Policy, ชนิดา คล้ายพันธ์, collaborate with UN Women, Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation (WMP.), Cindy Sirinya Bishop (Thai model and TV personality), Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Embassy of Canada to Thailand creating a campaign “Don’t Tell Me How to Dress” by encouraging people to attend the Tiktok’s trend filming themselves in various styles of outfits, adding Sonido original – Marta Sierra background music and put a ‘#donttellmehowtodress’ hashtag on their videos to emphasize that whatever their outfits are, it doesn’t matter because there is literally no one should be getting sexually harassed from how they’re dressing.

2. #Metoo

This trend became viral among Tiktok users because there’s some group of them coming out to share experiences from those who ever had been sexually harassed and successfully overcame it to encourage other people who have similar experiences to not scare of it and cheer them up that one day they’ll also be able to overcome it. They create their videos in various styles such as doing the “Put a finger down: Sexual harassment edition” which they will put one finger down for every time they have been sent unsolicited dick pics, begged for nudes, catcalled, repeatedly asked out after already saying no, and forced to do something sexual when they didn’t want to or even telling their stories in various ways. The 2017 #MeToo movement made more than half of teen girls feel that they could tell someone about what happened to them. It helped them feel less alone (Misha Ketchell, 2021).

3. #AsianLivesMatter

Hashtag #AsianLivesMatter go viral on TikTok 

There are many TikTok users provide short video clip around 15-second limit about hashtag AsianLivesMatter. And #AsianLivesMatter can reach three hundred and fourteen million viewers as described that this hashtag becomes viral and has been watched by many people. Because of the unique algorithm with using AI and machine learning to populate the page related to user interesting with the most satisfying content to show a particular user. Unlike other online platforms that are built on connections between people who are related or already know each other. But TikTok is driven by algorithmic discovery. Since the fifteen-second video clip of telling stories and actual events in a racist way on the society are published in TikTok were made to raise awareness of not bully people racially, hashtags were formed.

TikTok user call out for #AsianLivesMatter

There are some creators or users in TikTok who create short video content publish the incident that happens in the real life of Asian people. The creator account named @shut.upellie publish some part of crime news which is published from SanFrancisco.cbslocal.com and the rough events in the news are as follows A 70-year-old woman being attacked on Market Street in San Francisco by A 39-year-old man and the elderly woman fight back to the outlawed man. The elderly was hit by the man on her face and get injured the same way the man was hit back and get a bit injured after the incident both were taken to hospital and The police investigated both of them later.Mainly cause is a hate crime or hate crimes against Asians. Ms. Ellie is trying to raise awareness of Asian hatred or racism through TikTok, hoping that many who see her video clip can help change the idea of ​​racism in society.

4. #savesealife

Hashtag #savesealife hit 1.9 million view on TikTok

TikTok is a platform that people can use and easily see other users or see other important points because TikTok is a platform that is built to generate content and users can like and share videos. All the content that appeared on TikTok was the content that was discussed in society at the same time. The saved life hashtag has emerged and is widely shared on social media as more and more people campaign for the conservation of the environment and marine resources. The image of aquatic life dead from human waste dumped into the sea is shocking to the eyes of the entire world. Raising environmental awareness is a rooted and long-term solution, so TikTok is the perfect online space to cultivate awareness and become an accessible learning resource for everyone. The app’s video, audio, and graphics clips make the content interesting and stimulate the user’s urge to learn without reading multiple pages or being forced to listen to boring stories, these are the advantages of the TikTok application that help more people to conserve marine life.

The Tiktok creator shows what is destroying marine resources with #savesealife

A user account named @ jake.pnw on TikTok created a short video clip with the following content in the clip: He filmed a clip while he was collecting trash on the beach, pointing out that these items weren’t on the beach, but were left by humans or tourists. They destroy marine habitats and damage the natural environment in the sea. He tries to show the world to the people of nature and to raise awareness of all. His savesealife hashtag has been featured on a number of social networks, including TikTok, with the likes of fifty thousand likes. And there were more than two hundred people in the comments, with comments that show people realize what the creator wants to convey. So the TikTok account named ashleyhgrant (@sleepytiger3 )has commented on Jake’s TikTok video that “U inspired me to want to help the ocean and become a marine biologist thank you😌”. What a surprise that  @sleepytiger3 is just a little girl who uses TikTok and takes what she see from TikTok to do things that benefit society. Jake has achieved what he wants to convey and has nine million followers. So he built a very useful platform.

5. #domesticabuseawareness

TikTok no more domestic violence hashtag #domesticabuseawareness

The hashtag #domesticabuseawareness reach two-hundred and ninety-three million views on TikTok. It shows people’s interest in the content of reducing domestic violence. Clips showing what happened in seconds on TikTok can make people feel more loving and protective of their family. TikTok can create video and audio content, bringing the benefits of TikTok to the way it makes a preview clip of asking for help if it is hurt by a family member. The content creators simulated real-life situations to help victims of family abuse. The clip teaches how everyone should act to keep themselves safe and get help from the police promptly. Hashtags #domesticabuseawareness So it became viral because it could be used in real life and anyone could easily access the content. So this hashtag is very useful. Playing TikTok is very valuable if used in the right way.

POV : you make that call : but he was never in the shower #domesticabuseawareness

The TikTok creator username @kaylee_marie00. She made a clip-on TikTok about asking police for help if she was in a situation where a family member was assaulted and unable to speak out to the police. Her clip educates people on how to help themselves if in danger. Her clips on TikTok are very helpful in helping many people in real life. Her clips have received about four hundred and eighty-nine thousand likes on TikTok and about five thousand twenty-five shares were shared. That shows her video is seen in the public eye and will benefit many people who use her clips to help themselves when they are abused by their insiders. She has raised awareness of the people on the web, making the TikTok platform useful to society, which is something to be admired.

TikTok raises awareness of people in society.

TikTok is not just a platform for content or entertainment. But TikTok is a platform that gives the creator space. Create content And from the foregoing, some TikTok creators Create hashtags that raise awareness of society to live happily together. Provide knowledge on environmental conservation and create equality among all human beings without racism. TikTok has many benefits that depend on the creator of the content. If it is beneficially used by creators, it will have a positive impact on the people of society.