In the past, traditional media greatly influenced beauty perception often determining what is a woman’s ideal physical appearance.

Often swayed by magazine advertisements and articles, TV programs and video presentations, many women embraced their limited beauty definitions. For example; beautiful often meant rail-thin bodies, white skin, long hairwhile wearing luxury or brand name dresses and accessories. These ideals were communicated by the media.

Today innovative social media platforms are having gradually gaining greater authority. These platforms have become the new influencers of beauty perception because they are more collaborative than traditional media. Several social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Blog, Instagram and Twitterbuild online presences and interact with people. Social networks are powerful resources for both women and men.  Today on the internet, beauty perception is a well-followed premium topic.

Beauty Standards Influenced by Fashion in Social Media

For decades in Thailand, big clothing brands advertising in magazines dominated the fashion business but today the fashion business has changed. Blogger and YouTubers are regular presenters for well-known and even less known brands. 

For example, an ordinary T-shirt viral video shared by “Net Idol” (a popular male and female social media site) has inspired millions to buy the T-shirt. Social media platforms can successfully drive fashion industry brands. Unknown designers can now reach millions of customers because social media has successfully influenced viewers to change their beauty fashion standards.  

Instagram (IG) is another powerful platform with more than a billion active users. IG audiences can’t wait to hear about the latest fashions and accessories. The IG platform functions as live media and is always up-to-date. It also encourages active audience participation and interaction rather than passive reflection.

Blogger is also a strong fashion influencer.  Currently, blogger recommendations have become fashionable.  Fashion blogs have boomed for more than a decade with millions of products presented.  Fashion designersand clothing companies began engaging blogger to promote their products, often offering free merchandise for bloggers reviews. Today, internet product mentions by influential bloggers are a better way to advertise and promote products.

K-Trend – Huge and New Beauty Mindset Today

In the past, European brands dominated the cosmetics market. Well-known brands and price are most women’s primary decision factors. Generally, women are introduced to brand names through magazine articles or advertisements, billboards or TV campaigns.

Korean entertainment has popularized a new cosmetic mindset, especially in Asia. K-POP artist crazy has permeated throughout Asia and the West. K-trend has grown along with the rapid spread of social media such as Youtube, Facebook, IG, Twitter. A worldwide Korean music and mini-series boom has created a positive attitude toward Korean fashion. It has also greatly impacted beauty perception throughout the world, including for Thai women.

Korea trend continues to sweep the world. This phenomenon impacts beauty  perception in Thailand and many countries in the region. Women not only favor Korean cosmetics but also adopt Korean hair styles, face make up trends and fashions. 

No-makeup Culture and “Beauty Inside Out”

Face makeup culture has been a women’s beauty standard for long time. A woman expects to stay beautiful at all times with a lot of makeup. Women spend a lot of time applying thick foundations, drawing dark brows, smoky eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara before ending with red lipstick. Many women feel bad and don’t want to look into the mirror when they aren’t made-up. They also don’t want to go out and see others if they aren’t wearing makeup.  In a makeup culture, criticism and negativity from other people is unacceptable. It may even have been started by men especially boyfriends or beloved persons. 

Even though most women still have a makeup mindset, many are thinking of keeping “bare” faces. The no-makeup selfie culture began on social media after celebrities posted beautiful bare faces on Facebook, Instagram etc. These posts created positive feedback for natural looks. Today, “makeup may not always mean beauty” is a new perception. Many women now follow a less makeup natural look mindset. Makeup-free selfies have now even become  a women’ media challenge.

At the same time, health and wellness issues are growing. Today’s top products are natural cosmetics, skin care creams and lotions, hair care, anti-aging and nutrition. Women today appreciate a “Beauty Inside Out” concept and want to be more natural. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. . 

Beauty surgery and social media’s role 

Even though makeup-free and inner beauty concepts have become more popular, cosmetic surgery is another alternative for some women. Although all women want to be beautiful, some believe they weren’t born beautifulenough. Many are not confident about their appearance. Surgery is a solution. For many years, cosmetic surgery has been accepted for women. 

Korea cosmetic surgery technology is well received. For women who think about surgery, they think Korea. 

What role has social media played in this area.

Today in social media, people like to present themselves to the public with their best photos. Unfortunately, some people are not confident about their current appearance. Today several photo editing applications can help reduce wrinkles and reconfigure face shapes. 

These amazing social media technologies have even impacted cosmetic surgery. A facial surgery survey found more than fifty percent of surgeons said patients wanted to modify their appearances for better selfies.

Social media has even increased surgical patient numbers. Lack of self esteem is a major contributor. People are less secure when they compare themselves to others.

Undoubtedly, beauty perception is always changing. Little girls often want to look like Barbie. When they become teenagers, they want to be beautiful pop-singers or movie stars. Today, women acquire beauty standards from social media and the internet culture. Beauty standards evolve with changing social standards.  

However, everyone has own definition of beauty. It doesn’t matter what the definiition is and we can not judge other with bias. Importantly, beautiful is not only physical apperance. Beautiful is all about yourself, your smile, your laugh and your inside. Having a great soul will make woman more beautiful.