In the previous situation, the pandemic of COVID-19 in Thailand can be seen that it has spread rapidly within 2-3 months. The effect of the economy business of the country in various fields, whether it is tourism, trade economic, or investments which makes businesses of Thailand, as well as the economic slowdown especially the retail business. This isconsidered the very important business in Thailand which can generate profits and move the economy of Thailand to grow over the several years. Although the situation of the coronavirus has decreased in present, Thailand is still in a state of vigilance for the resurgence of the virus as well. The retail business remains get the effect of liquidity, finance, marketing and investment that may suffer from long-term losses, especially in the department store. The government has taken measures to shut down services in the department store. As it is to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus that may spread more quickly from the consumption and use of public services, the government has taken measures to prevent itwhich resulted in various department stores in Thailand, it was greatly affected by this incident.

​In present, we can see clearly that the behavior of consumers will change in present increase, for example, consumers choose the styles of shopping online more than shopping at the department store because it can safe from the pandemic of COVID-19 more. Additionally, consumers don’t need to come to department stores and they can use only internet or mobile for choosing their products that they are interested. Technology is very important in the present. Many countries use technology to do business in various fields. Both of business communication and dealing which cannot deny that technology has increasingly important role in today’s society especially international marketing. Because the modernization of the marketing of each country that can connect to each other without boundaries in the present.Therefore, making international marketing progressive and greatly increased because the influence of international marketing culture that has played a greater role in various societies, especially in the form of online shopping. Online shopping is very popular all over the world because online shopping is convenient allowing customers to choose from a wider variety of products by just using technology to access information and online shopping become more influential in many groups and ages. In addition, online shopping is becoming a suitable way to make all your purchases whether you’re at home in office, or in a different country. This is especially truefor developed countries, where every store has its website you can buy from. You can easily convey about the promotions like cash on delivery and special discounts on online purchases.

​From these reasons, it showed that online shopping is very important in today’s society. However, the behavior of online shopping of consumers is different which depends on the context of their needs that including the behavior of consumers of goods that inevitably differences. The theory that suitable to the situation of COVID-19 and related with the marketing clearly, marketing is a business function that deals with the identification of customer needs and the generation of sales. Kotler and Armstrong (2014) define marketing as a function of managing profitable customer relationships. In order to generate sales, marketing make use of market research and advertising, in addition to promoting products and services. Grönroos(1989; 2006) argues that the process should result in designing a valuable product / service which satisfies customers’ needs and wants. Additionally, increasing sales and customers satisfaction by designing unique products that are valued by customers, marketing have been a tool used by many companies in building customer loyalty and increasing competitive advantage. ​To improve marketing efficiency, a certain planning process is necessary in order to guide and describe a specific set of results needed to achieve the desired goals. Paula (2018) defines the strategic marketing plan as a managerial tool that “helps to develop a strategic and viable fit between the firm’s objectives, skills and resources with the market opportunities available”. It is associated with the definition of objectives, vision and mission, target audiences and appropriate budgets. Another one factor, the online purchase through internet, you can conveniently buy products and services online. In internet community, online shopping is very popular (Bourlakis et al., 2008). One advantage of internet shopping is that it provides the consumers with detailed information and multiple choices, so they can compare products and price online.

The more the choice and convenience, the easier it is to find online your desired product or service (Butler & Peppard, 1998). It has been observed that online shopping provides more satisfaction to the modern day consumers who are seeking convenience and pace (Yu & Wu, 2007). Online shopping is the activity or action of buying products or services over the Internet. It means going online, landing on a seller’s website, selecting something, and arranging for its delivery. The buyer either pays for the good or service online with a credit or debit card or upon delivery (MBN, 2019). Considering the coronavirus is the new virus which spread more than fifty countries in the present time. I believed that the coronavirus is affected in various countries. Spreading from people to people is fast more. In many countries has the problem of coronavirus in this time. Thailand is one of country which affected from the coronavirus. The government held the meeting to solve this problem and set the rules to solve this situation.

In addition, Italy is also affected from coronavirus. Italy is the country which has the most patient from coronavirus. Italy found the way to solve this problem strictly which they still cannot control this virus. Otherwise, the country which is affected from coronavirus and can control the situation in this time is Japan. Japan is the model of controlling the solving of coronavirus absolutely. Japan’s government can set and plan to control the virus from spreading as well. From this information, coronavirus is affected to many countries continuously. Thus, each country needs to determine the system and the process to control spreading of coronavirus strictly more to make reliance to people in their country. ​Although the virus will spread in many countries, the information in each country will also spread fast. We strongly believe the propaganda in each country will spread in many ways. In China, the propaganda has effected to people. Most of people believe the information which sometimes it’s wrong. But people choose to believe that information. Thailand has also the propaganda from media, or news. Sometimes many propagandas can make people to confuse and don’t reliable to solving of the government more. People will not corporate with the government and will decide the solving themselves. Another country which the propaganda has affected is Japan. From the previous, Japan is the model of solving coronavirus. We can see the process of Japan’s solving. The propaganda which Japan receives, it will be analyzed and checked before published to public media. So, Japan will consider all of information before broadcast to people all the time. People will get the correct information and the reliable information most. Therefore, the propaganda has affected with many countries in another form. It can change the mind of people to decision in many things surely.

About the ways of solving that we analyse the ways of helping the behavior of consumers that changed from the situation of COVID-19 to be better in present, we can examine and analyse clearly from above information. The steps in order for me to be able to run my business to the best are very successful that need to have business theories to be involved. The theories that we apply are part of the principle of doing my business that is using 4P marketing principles as part of business. The 4P marketing principle consists of product, price, place and promotion. In addition to the 4P marketing strategy mentioned above, another strategy that is key to success is the 4C marketing strategy, where the 4Cs marketing strategy includes consumer, cost, convenience, and communicationsAll four areas have a centralized, customer-centric or customer-centric focus. 
​Additionally, another main factor that important to the increase of sales that can recover the businesses after the situation of COVID-19 is the quality of products in the businesses. There are a number of key cultural elements that international marketers need to take into consideration when designing products, developing promotions and implementing distribution systems in foreign markets. These elements include values, beliefs, thought processes, symbols, traditions, religion and language. Marketing concepts tell us that we will sell more of a product if we aim to meet the needs of our target market. In international markets this will involve taking into consideration a number of different factors including consumer’s cultural backgrounds, religion, buying habits and levels of personal disposable income. In many circumstances a company will have to adapt their product and marketing mix strategy to meet local needs and wants that cannot be changed.