In the previous situation, the pandemic of COVID-19 in Thailand can be seen that it has spread rapidly within 2-3 months. It protracted for more than 1 year, the situation of Covid-19 still pandemic in Thailand. SO, media is an important role to solve this situation.


   The effect of the economy business of the country in various fields, whether it is tourism, trade economic, or investments which makes businesses of Thailand, as well as the economic slowdown especially the retail business. This is considered the very important business in Thailand which can generate profits and move the economy of Thailand to grow over the several years. Although the situation of the coronavirus has decreased in present, Thailand is still in a state of vigilance for the resurgence of the virus as well. The retail business remains get the effect of liquidity, finance, marketing and investment that may suffer from long-term losses, especially in the department store. The government has taken measures to shut down services in the department store. As it is to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus that may spread more quickly from the consumption and use of public services, the government has taken measures to prevent it which resulted in various department stores in Thailand, it was greatly affected by this incident.

Although humans will not face the problem of a global epidemic for the first time, but this Covid-19 outbreak has played one of the biggest roles. With the power of important variables like 'Social media' and that's the day we first learned that there was a virus outbreak. Social media is the one material that important and affect to the society in the during of pandemic of Covid-19 so much. We also read from Twitter, some Facebook, and to date with a WFH (Work from Home) policy coming out and entrepreneurs of small brands and big brands all must turn to this platform. From the importance of media, It can conclude the six benefits of use the media in the situation of pandemic of Covid-19. .

  “The sooner you know about it, the more you find a way to cope with it”. It is a statement that is proven to be true what we got to know early will allow us to prepare, have time to think carefully and plan carefully to better deal with any matter. It’s not a good idea to believe immediately. You have to have a judgment in how to use the news whether it is true or false news and do not panic too much because it will make us freaked out until we cannot do anything. However, the readers have to analyse the news that they get the information before because the fake news can happen from misunderstand of humans also.

Social Distancing has been used as a means to break the cycle of Covid-19 because disease is not contagious. If we don’t contact each other, although we heard each other in the past until the present but the results are quite good with friends who had to disappear into detention. There are also various chat programs to talk to, some people crave a lot to eat with their friends. To the point of opening the camera to talk but sit and eat at home, which is home to it I have lost my mind. Media can help you contact to your friends, your colleagues and your boyfriend/girlfriend like that you sit to talk with them. Therefore, the policy of social distancing is the important policy that humans must perform follows this and they can use the many Medias instead of talking the real situations.

When we need to be apart many activities were canceled, going out is difficult. So many people just stay at home, sit and lie down, do not know what to do. But it is also good that some websites are open to watch movies for free. Although the original membership must be subscribed or even better, there are many online courses that are open for free. So we made use of our free time more profitable than watching movies and after running out of Covid-19, you can still have the knowledge you can use to extend. Additionally, they can spend time with their family more than normal life. They can spend time in going to work, to study, or to shopping decrease because the situation of Covid-19 can change the behavior of humans in the society so much.

During the bad events, news is only a headache. Disease must be careful. The mouth and the stomach have to feed resulting in bad mental health physical health is poor. But it’s still good that there is still a small area in the online world with some kind of encouraging content. Allowing people to avoid heavy matters and consume something that edifies for a while. To smile and be encouraged to continue fighting even if people on social media do not know each other but we did not leave each other and ready to be beside each other until this situation has passed.

Online shopping is very popular all over the world because online shopping is convenient allowing customers to choose from a wider variety of products by just using technology to access information and online shopping become more influential in many groups and ages. In addition, online shopping is becoming a suitable way to make all your purchases whether you’re at home in office, or in a different country. This is especially true for developed countries, where every store has its website you can buy from. You can easily convey about the promotions like cash on delivery and special discounts on online purchases. In present, we can see clearly that the behavior of consumers will change in present increase, for example, consumers choose the styles of shopping online more than shopping at the department store because it can safe from the pandemic of COVID-19 more.

In many companies, it is beginning to see a clearer picture of where ability to work from home without compromising performance. As well as seeing the convenience of trying to use tools such as Zoom or Trello, which is right here that will make major changes. Some positions can be adjusted to work from home. In order to reduce the cost of renting electricity bills of the office in the future, when there is more work from home, of course, going out of the house is hardly a necessity in life anymore. This will make the online shopping options even more popular.

The concept of health and safety of Thais has changed after Covid-19 occurs. We will be more careful. When in public or need to meet people, so social distancing continues to be a way of life until there is a vaccine to prevent Covid-19 when this happens. They need to go to the concert or go to activities with the crowd may not be able to return immediately. Consumers then turned their attention to virtual event or live streams developed to meet the needs of which are virtual concerts of their favorite artist. It is another interesting alternative because it is the answer to the needs of a fresh atmosphere while not having to worry about your health and safety.

Another new normal is that people enjoy being at home more. Now Thais have a different view of happiness. They value the small happiness that is close to you, but that is of value and spiritual depth. From our study found that most people want to do activities with family, friends and home activities rather than going out on a trip even though the situation has begun to improve.

       Covid-19 is a new coronavirus disease that effected to around the world more. We cannot predict about when the disease to severe or to relieve. So, we need to ready to cope in surviving of Covid-19. The ways which we can survive from Covid-19 have 2 ways. The first way is everyone has to take care themselves seriously. If you don’t sure that you are the one of the patient of Covid-19, you must quarantine yourself at your home strictly at least 14 days. This way can help everyone more. You can protect yourself, your family, and the society surely.

     The second way is adapt your behavior in your life. Be patient with adapting the new life in this time because it’s the safe way which you will protect yourself from this disease. So, the way that you can protect from Covid-19, you need to perform strictly because it’s the most advantage from yourself and everyone. Please observe yourself all the time, quarantine yourself immediately if you have the risk of the disease, and change your behavior to the safety of your life surely.