What do you think about Maythawee?

I believe that over 1 million people hate Maythawee is a sarcastic Indie short film tells the story of Maythawee (Jarinporn Junnakieat), high school student with a pretty face, intelligence, and so many talents. The society seems to give her privileges, causing people to have prejudice toward her, misjudge her, and the school talking about her without knowing who she really is. These gossips are both expressed on social media and verbally in the school.

The film is one of the masterpiece of Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, the director. He is very popular in ‘Indie’ group. His work also included Mary is happy, Mary is happy (2013), 36 (2012), and Heart Attack (2015).  I believe that over 1 million people hate Maythawee was first broadcasted on 2014, edited, written, and directed by Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit in cooperate with MIND@WORK and Nadao Bangkok production. 

It reflects the real world we are living in, where people rationalize the words they have heard and the evidence they have about a person, then they judge without knowing every sides of the story. Sometims, these misjudge statement can hurt person’s feeling. How will they know every side of the story? No on can’t.  In real world, we are not able to tell people everything that have happened to you. We can not live up to the expectations of other people. Even the name of the film is an assumption, over 1 million people?. It might be true or not, how can we be sure of only assumptions?

This review reveals some important part of the film.

The film tells story with 3 parts, including interview footages of students in school, comments on social media, Facebook page name “I believe that over 1 million people hate Maythawee”. People were commenting and criticizing about Maythawee, and another part of the story is about what really happened in her life.

Outsiders’ thoughts refer to interview footages and comments on social media, contained both negative and positive thoughts. The interviewer came up with the question “ What do you think about Maythawee ”. Some groups supported her, they said nice things about her. However, Some said she is mean, selfish, and all bad things they could possibly think of. Until, these confuse audience about whether she is a good or bad person. 

Meanwhile, in the parallel side of the story, it shows all situations happening in Maythawee’s life. It shows her normal life spending time with friends, be a cheerleader, drummajor, applying for the school student president, and also when there was boys flirting with her. Teachers and school were giving privileges on her because she is pretty. However, she did not want all of those privileges. 

The society does not aware of the consequences from turning one normal student into privileged one. Then, Maythawee has to responsible in what she did not want to, and have to deal with bullying, when society, teachers, and bullies get away without having to responsible or worst, feel for what they have done.

Same when boys flirting with her, some people think that she was dating so many guys. She did not respond with any guy, but she is a nice person, so some guy assumed she was flirting with them too. People are also gossiping about the friendship between May and her friend name Pu (Udomporn Hongladdaporn), that they could be more than just friends. As a typical society, the rumors have been twisted into worse stories. It is even worse when some  people still make fun of the rumors, which happen normally in society and no one think it was a big issue.

Hidden Issue In The Story

One interesting situation in the story is violence. The film bring up violence in school, it might come from stress, or even jealousy. There were two different feedback from the students, some said this was lethal and should not joke about this. In contrast, some student said this was nothing and they even thought this was funny. It is depressing to see that people can be mean but it is the ugly truth that flooding our society, nobody cares.

Almost at the end of the story, interviewer asked may with the same question with everyone else, “ What do you think about yourself, Maythawee ”. She can not even answer this question, while other people can answer this question instantly. How? How did they know what to answer when Maythawee does not even know what she thinks. This hit me like a giant hard rock, it sharply shows that people talk about things and twist the rumors when they do not know another part of the story. Her president campaign posters were written with insult words, and people stopped talking to her. All this turned out that then whole school bully her for just being her self.

There is one quote from one girl in the story said that “How do you know that she is not nice?”

My answer is No, we will never know. It would be better if you try to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes, and see if you would hurt them with all these bullying.

Conclusion of Maythawee’s Story

In summary, I think this film reflects the real problems in our society ingenuously. The plot and dialogue are very sarcastic and realistic, along with students interview footages, it gave audience even more of documentary vibes and reflect realistic perspectives of society. Storytelling is proceeded slowly but very interesting, not boring at all.

Every coin has two sides, meaning there are always to sides of the story. When you judge people without knowing the true story or from al rumors you have heard, it is not fair both for you and for that person. We tend to cut our opportunities in getting to really know them. We will never know that rumors are all true, which mostly they are not true. Would it be better if we get to know that person by ourselves not by the gossip?

I surely recommend you to watch this short film. It is only 33 minutes. Watch and get to know Maythawee better by yourself, see your own two sides of the story.