This blog will show you the example of content, picture, and stories that look cool on social media or make you look better in the online world.

From my point of view, I want to explain my definition of “COOL”

Cool means Awesome, great, and outstanding. If “cool” prepare for a person, he/she is a person who posts different content or their behavior in social media that has a difference from other people, but some people may not think the same as me.

Before looking cool on social media, you need to know about social media and famous application.

Social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests, and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

In this era, most people can access social media not only as a teenager but also as an elder because various applications are easy to access and use and enjoyment while using it. Moreover, there are many famous applications that millions of people using but in this blog, I will recommend you in Instagram applications. If someone doesn’t have an account, you need to register for an account.

Let’s start

Firstly, Instagram, I pick this application because it easiest to create content for users. Instagram is a popular application from America that can post pictures and videos. In August 2016, Instagram adds the new feature was called stories which are increasing entertainment to users.

1.Profile picture

From my experience, normal people will use their picture to be a profile picture but if you want to look cool and be more attractive to the follower, you choose to use a picture that is not your face.

For example, using color instead of your picture or using Japanese character. Moreover, some people use the aesthetic picture to be a profile picture that is a very cool profile.


Users are usually set their bio about occupation, age, date of birth, school, and personal favorite things. On the other hand, cool people may not use many words in the bio, they use some specific emoji or alphabet that related to them

For example, Petephong uses only a few words but it looks very attractive and interesting to me.

3. Mood and Tone of the picture

I know that everyone can hear this word room tone(คุมโทน).

What is it?. Why many people does it?.

From my perspective, Mood and tone are the main factor for me in deciding to follow someone. Koom tone has been using for many years; it becomes famous because mood and tone indicate a personal identity. Therefore, many people give precedence to mood and tone because they can show their identity and mood and tone have many types that users can choose and apply it in their accounts.

These are the example of people who adjust mood and tone

You can see that these are indicting to personal lifestyles. Some people like a monotone and some are like colorful tones. And you may observe that in every picture will have based color of tone.

This is a video about mood and tone for people who want to understand and learn about it.

4. Unconventional picture.

Obviously, posting looking good picture is a normal thing that most people do but if everyone doing this or posts about the same content and picture, it will be not remembered right? For me, the unconventional picture is a unique style, posting a picture that is not paying attention to beauty.

What can we do?

Firstly, you should not care about your looking or people who follow you.

After that, you try to take you picture in different ways, acting like a weird posture or be yourself one hundred percent because posting picture does not have a criterion, you just be yourself or pretend for looking cool.

Secondly, you may add a filter like this

Yeah, now you look different and look like an American teenager

5. Using story

Stories are my favorite feature besides publishing, Instagram user can also participate together by replaying, answering, and voting.

How to look cool on the stories?

Content about stories, I have many tips for you guys. You can choose what you like and it gets along with your lifestyle.

The first choice is drinking Starbuck. Then posting on your story and do not forget to use a boomerang filter. And if you want to make it more luxurious, you should add a Mac book and some English novel in one frame, including an English worksheet or novel in the story that will make you look more educated.

My second choice is posting your talent, showing your skill, it makes you look extraordinary such as if you are the expertise in cooking, you just show your cooking skill and make it in your way, and it is a good thing to make people know in your talent which it exchanges your talent to other people in social media. Moreover, it could possibly attract people who interest in you.

The next one is sharing music, Some people nowadays have their own perspective about the good “taste” of music. For example, listening to indie music makes you look very interested in music since indie music is not well-known for all the people, that’s mean it takes time for you to search for it, and it also means that you have a strong interest in music. The old classic 80s or 90s music are works in the same way too. On the other hand, if you listening to “mass” music that most of the people listening to, it makes you look so plain, and the same to the majority of the people. The most popular way to shows the World your “good taste” of music is to post it on Instagram’s story. The people who post a story like this “expect” the viewers to reply like “Your music taste is so good!” “Wow I love that band too, I don’t want this band to get famous. I’m kinda want to keep it to small groups of fans only😭

In conclusion, all of the content that’s written, it comes from my opinion and perspective, you can choose what you like, and you are the decision-maker to do it too. And thanks for every image.