You may wondering why soft power matters, and what it have to do with Thai TV series so I will tell you about it.

     To understand clearly what I am talking about in this blog I will tell you what soft power mean before dive into the others thing,

  Soft power is a power that does not come with force or coercion. To compare with hard power , hard power is easier to measure because we can count the numbers of missiles or tanks, with soft power it is something that can not count. It is something that attraction you to acquiescence. Simply put, In behavioral terms, soft power is attractive power. It will make you believe or romanticize cultural, ideological and institutional by media with content of what we watch , we read. The owner does not have to invest much to do soft power. It is a liberal, free market because soft power is fundamental values such as human rights – or you can call it as a liberalism.

Refer to what i’ve written in the first paragraph soft power is a power that does not come with coerce. It is a power that majority in the society patronize. For example in Thai society soft power that come in a form of TV series have a lot of topic to talk about but in my blog i’m going to talk about how soft power make people in Thai society patronize rape .

I will talk about how people in Thai have perspectives about rape first before dive in the topic of Thai TV with soft power. Thai people have opinion about rape as a rape is a way that men kind do to what they wanted to do and go questioning about the female that if they do what lady have to do. And this is the result of masculinity in the society which lead to the wrong mindset. And about this perspective of Thai people, problem about rape about the culture that under toxic masculinity and it shows in Thai popular media a lot.

Thai TV is a narrative media that in a entertainment genre that have been produced by a lot of old novel that contain with rape,toxic masculinity. There are a lot of format

The format of about rape for example rape is a ease up the relationship between rapist and victim, this is the action where they erase the sexual assault also that they create the mindset that rape is a reward from the rapist so in the end you will have love from them.Which lead to the mindset of ‘rape is a result of love’ and ‘rape is a reward that you can get from men’ you can see this type of rape in Thai TV series called ‘เกมรักเกมร้าย’ (game ruk game rai)

The second format of rape in Thai TV is about villains in TV got revenge by being rape, this is the format that make you think they deserve it but no one really deserve being rape, this also create the mindset of the victim blaming, it is something that most of Thai people is, they always blame the victim first.

let me show you some example, there is a news the principle of school in phetchaburn harassment student and there are a lot of comment about it this is some example.

It says ‘some girls at my school like to throw herself at teachers’

Rape is worse for both female and male but for our society. People tend to not believe when male come out and tell people that he got raped but male also can got raped to.

TV show is kind of entertainment media does affected to acquiescence about rape culture, Build wrong attitude through it and not every one that can separate between reality and TV series but I do think it is not too hard to change the mindset about it if we truly wanted to and the people who produce the TV series, writers and any one who associate with it try to change it for the better, try to reduce the scene that in appropriate, reduce the scene which they normalize rape. I do think that really help the society to be better

In Thailand, we do have a lot of male-gay series that have gain a lot of viewers. It becomes more popular each year and fanbase become bigger every year.

in year 2013, hormones the series first come out with characters that one sided-love with gay characters then in 2014, ‘love sick the series’ gay TV series come out, become popular. The actors have gain a lot of fans. In 2016 ‘sotus’ which is also gay series released and very popular. The actors gain a lot of fans inside Thailand and in Philippines also in china. In this year we have ‘kun-goo’ or ‘2gether the series’ which is also popular.
almost all of gay series made from gay novel.

But what all these give us the information that supported the lgbtq community, well i can sat not a lot. Series itself release to please fans. The purpose is not to suppose lgbtq community, most of the writer is an ignorant and just a yaoi fan.

Let me show you some example.

I’m only going to translate the one that have been highlight.
The purple one – I’m tine, i’ve got all the girls.
The yellow one – Ask me if i’m freak out. Yes! Because the person who have crush on me is a man!
The green one – How to get rid of faggot.

This is not the only content of gay novel that against the LGBTQ community. Calling people who want to be a girl with the word faggot is an insult that is unacceptable because you will accept trans girl only when they’re beautiful? but the writer still use this word in her famous book, don’t you think this can lead people to the wrong direction? If you think this is not affect to people let me introduce you some of people on twitter that come out to protect this book.

Little do they know that this kind of homophobic is really affected but they just want to have fun with their ignorant,homophobic gay novel.

Not only the writer that is homophobic, but the director also homophobic. When there was a series called ‘2moonstheseries’ one of the gay internet famous go to audition but did not pass for the final round because the director said he is gay and too girly to do the series. Another excuse is that they are afraid if they allow gay men to do the series they will fall in love with another leader role, I do think this kind of idea is lame and disrespectful because it show that you think gay men can not restrain themself but why straight people can play gay or straight lover and director not afraid of them falling in love?

Why do Thai TV series always do the gay content but do not accept gay?
because they see gay series as a Fethisization not a gender and if you were a gay you would have to be rich, handsome that will people accept you, don’t you see that is problematic? Why do gay people need to be handsome rich or good people to prove others when you are a gay you just not a homosexual?

Gay people as a actors have to prove themselves, behave better than straight people because they have to have the support fan base by they fan so they can not behave badly or even have boyfriend but doesn’t all of the actors have to behave good?

But gay TV series not only give the negative affect they also have positive affect to the world! In Philippines they are christian with that very strict to their religion and do not accept gay but with gay series they do be less strict and open minded for gay more.