Although your school was closed, your travelling plan is postponed or missed a chance to be with someone special. During this hard times, It’s the right for you to try something new. Here are things you should do during quarantine.

1.Tidy your room up!

Now, we are all working from home. So, wouldn’t it be good to clear your room and have some more space? It’s better to have your computer or laptop sitting on a proper table than a tight table full with snacks or some abandoned dishes.

2. Learn some foreign languages

We live in a borderless world so, you can’t just know only english and mother tongue.Just try learn some chinese, German or maybe spanish! It wouldn’t be that hard for you to try in this moment. There are many options to help you learn whether it be Duolingo, or language learning books.

3. Find your new inspiration / hobby

Instead of sleeping all day, why don’t try something new like drawing, photographing, cooking or practice your barista skill. From living in a busy world, everything is in a rush, this is a good time for you to do some extra skill. My recommend is learning a barista skills, it helps you to increase your patience, let all of your stresses go and enjoy the coffee. Cooking also not bad, if you have this skill with you, your meals will be obviously different.

4. Build some legos or models

For those who love collecting or have an unfinished model. It’s time to dust off and complete it, put it on the shelf. It’s gonna be one of your self-esteem.

5. Play your favorite games!

During your free time apart from studying, time to find some games that take you away from stress. Buy yourself a Nintendo Switch, PS4 or XBOX and play it individually or grab your friends and play along over the night. It would be a great time apart the bad things that’s happening right now.

6. Podcasts maybe?

If you’re looking for a way to improving your attitude. There are many podcast channels that you should try.

Heavyweight , brings comic relief and resolution to other people’s regrets.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking, by Norah McInerney , complicated, beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking stories that will make you laugh and cry, often at the same time.

Hitman is for true crime drama fans.

Forever 35 is the perfect podcast for beauty lovers looking for a self care.

Naughty But Nice , talk show host and former celebrity publicist Rob Shuter, delivers the only celebrity gossip in a day to feel like you know things.

 The Why, Annette John-Hall and Shai Ben-Yaacov, dive deep into a current Philly news story every day.

Streets Dept, by Conrad Benner, deep-dive into the story of her unlikely election to City Controller in 2017, and Conrad’s picks up right where we left off and talks about her priorities and actions as City Controller since 2018. We couldn’t have coordinated a better one-two punch if we tried.

Murmurs, each episode set on a different world. The first episode follows a soldier who becomes scattered across time and space. Another follows a homeless person whose life is slipping out of whack. It’s floaty and cosmic and it will send you beyond out of your room and into the stars.

7. Go outside and take some fresh air

Who said you can’t go outside (except for some countries that have curfew, haha) , well you can but keep in mind that you need keep social distancing. Go shopping, walking your dog, exercise a liitle bit. It’s better than just staying inside your room because not only your physical health will get worse,but also your mental health.

8. Watch some Movies/Series

Do you have an unwatched movie list? Well, it’s time to clear them up. The most easy way to watch a genuine copyright movies is Netflix. It’s easy to register and has a low price of monthly fee. You can even share with your family. And if you don’t mind, here is my suggestion of movies/series to watch during quarantine.


  • Inception
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Harry Potter
  • Dunkirk
  • 1917


  • Peaky blinders
  • Stranger Things
  • Sex Education
  • Sherlock
  • Breaking Bad
  • Money Heist

9. Create your own little garden

It may sounds boring but trust me, it’s fun to start digging and planting. It makes you to be creative and gives you a lot of inner peace. If you interested I will leave a gardening tips down below.

6 gardening tips you’ll wish you’d known all along
How to grow vegetables without a backyard

10. Aquarium also not bad

If you want to have pets, but don’t have much time and don’t want to put all the responsiblity on it. Aquarium is your way out, the benefits of having a small aquarium are 1.) Costs less of money 2.) Space requirement is minimal 3.) Good for those whose apartments that have no pets rule.

Fish can be your friend during stay at home. It makes you don’t feel lonely and it is fun to watch your little fish swimming around in your aquarium.

Quarantine is not that bad, right? There are still so many things that are not in this list to do. So, don’t just be lazy sitting on a couch, get up, find something to do for yourself. If it is a skill practicing, master it. Maybe, when this is over, you may found something you like to do and get a job from it. But until then, STAY SAFE everyone!