Media is something that grows and evolves with us humans for generations and there’s a lot of change in our society that gets influence by the media. Back in the day, we consume media via paper news, Tv, Radio, and other old media. But now we have new media like mobile phone, computer, laptop, etc. So we can say that media did play a big part in our life. The way media shape our society without us ever notice it is interesting because it slowly shapes us every single day. The power of media is quite amazing since it can tell you how you should see things without saying anything it can teach you stuff and you can use it in many ways. But how can media be this powerful and why they can shape our perspective or our standard? Because of the Postmodern theory.

The Postmodern theory is how media and society shape our perspective and make it into our reality. When media or society represent anything very often for a long long time it slowly shapes our standard and how we see the world through the media’s lens for example why people wearing makeup or people that have a good body shape gets to define and represent the standard of beauty to us? Because media represent it to us for generation via old media or new media like ads or movie until it becomes our reality on what things should be or look like without us doubting it or question it. Because to majority already define the definition for us so the people that live in the society see it as a normal thing and it becomes their reality. That’s how media shape us and make things into our reality and whenever they present anything to us we usually going to believe and make it into our reality as well but what far can people get convinced by the media? There is a theory about it call Hyperreality theory.

Hyperreality theory is about how media convince us that something is true even when it isn’t this happens to most of the people that consume media every day or most of the time. When we see ads or poster that show how things are or what it looks like we usually get convinced that it real and some people might decide to buy it just from that. For example, The burger restaurant has ads that show a very big and fancy burger at a cheap price so you decide to buy it because of that picture but when the food comes it can look slightly different or not even look like the same in the picture it can be smaller or look very cheap, low quality is not like it is in the picture that you saw at first that is because we usually trust or easily get convinced by the media for a long time and we simply just live with it. The other example is in the movie these days it’s hard to point out what’s real and what’s CG in the movie the scene that you might think that some of the objects are real might turn out to be all fake except or even the actor their self. So we all have that moment when you thought what’s real but it not.

As you can see now that why “Media” become such a popular culture for all these years that’s because it can influence and shape our perspective while educating us in many ways it’s a double edge sword it can be useful if you know how to use it but you have to use it carefully you don’t have to believe everything they show you because some of them might not be real and it might cause you trouble if you share or get along with it. We can’t deny that we consume it every day for a long time or most of the teenager we can say that we were born in a world that all already have media all over the place so it’s our natural thing and it’s our daily basic thing. For sure media will continue to grow and evolve with us for whoever knows how long so there differently a change upon the horizon so we will have to adapt and learn how to live with this popular culture that might live forever with humanity so you better ready for what’s coming in the future!