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Beauty can be define in many words with different opinion in different people’s mind. In this Blog that you’ll about to read is my view of point in how I see & understand, what I think the standards of beauty are in different parts of the world.

*disclaimer, this is an opinion that has mean no harm and disrespectful to other people out there because everyone is beautiful in their own different ways*

Obviously people have their beauty standards set in their individual ways. Some might think beautiful means you have to be thin/skinny, you have to be tall and white with blue eyes and all those sort of things. Which really you’re not wrong if you think those things are what makes a person beautiful however do we really need to set a platform for what it really is, or is our society is setting these rules? Well lets have a look shall we? 😉


Every part of the world let’s say “have their own thing” in which they see as pretty.

Firstly, let’s look into ASIA.

As we know the entertainment industry is very popular amongst people and young generations. Assuming how these actress and artist portray themselves to the society is how people consume what beauty really is. So in this case, what is considered as beautiful in ASIA is white skin, slim body, double eyelids with big eyes. We can all agree that all these ladies above are very beautiful. But with their fames and the ability to encourage someone in wanting to be like them is very strong, as we can see from what products they use people tend to follow their actions. Also talking about products, there are things like whitening lotions and double eyelid tapes that you’ll be surprise if you’re from a different part of the world because the products sold in your country might be the opposite, for example you might have tanned lotions/ spray tanned while Asian people are hiding from the sun trying not to ruin their skin. So they have products like SPF100+++ for their sunscreen. These things that are happening in a society shapes our mind and perspective into thinking these things are what makes you “BEAUTIFUL” .


Now for AFRICA, you’ll be surprise in what Beautiful means here

In AFRICA they believe in Internal and External beauty. A hard working girl with less beauty on the outside are considered as more beautiful than a young girl who is lazy and more pretty on the outside. In reality a beautiful girl is considered through their physical strengths as they have to maintain their labour work and fit in to their home environment. We all know that African people love and truly embrace their dark-skin colour, BLACK IS BEAUTY. Other than this in some culture, Stripes on the face are not seen as violent but a sign of beauty.

Not awhile ago Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa won Miss Universe 2019, she was accepted for her inner and outer beauty. The society that we live in has difficulty in accepting people that has different race, this is where racism comes in. Which is why in different parts of the world being black is considered as not being beautiful or dirty which is absolutely not true. Dark-skin people have to try two times harder in everything just to prove their worthy to others which they shouldn’t even be doing because everyone is beautiful in their own different ways. Now we are starting to see the contrast of beauty in different continent. These are only 2 continent let’s go for one more.


And for the last example of beauty in a continent…. AMERICA

Can I just say how all these news trends from America are socially trending all around the world it’s insane! They are super hot, as most of the doings of famous celebrities are followed through worldwide it’s crazy. You might be wondering what trends I am talking about well let’s get started. Standard beauty in America has also been set down through famous celebrities, most well known one is Kylie Jenner as she is the King of social trends. One that is very famous is the plump juicy lip that everyone followed her by getting lip injections, it is insane seeing mostly every girl in Instagram having the same big plumpy lips. Also another thing that is considered as pretty is the thick body with the tiny waist that has been adapted from Kim Kardashian’s body that everyone is also having. Basically having the plump lip, thick body and a tiny waist is what people are enjoying now a days. These actions are affecting people’s interpretation of what beauty is again globally.

However in my opinion America is that one country where a person’s unique style is very accepted in the society, like you can be pretty even though it’s not what others might usually think as.

People are following but not really thinking of the fact that you’re YOU and maybe that’s enough because you are what makes you beautiful. However you can’t just easily judge a person if they are not really satisfy with their looks and needed some help because that they’re choice again. So it’ll be pretty fascinating if we can change the beauty standards all around the world to just not having any beauty standards with no boundaries at all as I said for the million time we are all beautiful in our own ways.

Quotes from our Beautiful human beings

"I think it's ridiculous that you have to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty" - Kristen Stewart

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass lipstick." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"I don't like standard beauty. There is no beauty without strangeness." - Karl Lagerfeld

"People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realising you are the beholder." - Salma Hayek

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL – thank you for reading, see you in the next blog <3