Welcome to another blog about Beauty….. well not exactly what is Beautiful but how you can become and feel more comfortable/ confident with yourself. For this we’ll be using KYLIE JENNER’s story in way of presenting how she dealt with her insecurities and becoming more confident in her own skin and body till she fully respect and can call it BEAUTIFUL.


Back in 2011 when Kylie was only 14, she may had lack of confidence in her appearance especially on her lips. She came across makeup that had fulfilled her confidence and satisfaction to her likings. It was a pretty big thing at that time as she is one of the cast of THE KARDASHIANS and is actually one of the sisters, so it was obvious that anything she would be doing or did would be socially notice and everyone would know across the globe. When she turned about 18 she discovered the perfect lip kit that would over line her lips and it would appear bigger or fuller then her actual lips which has been one of her insecurities over the past. She decided to share this discover with everyone else who has been following her or is having the same insecurities and problems.


When her lips became widely known she launched her LIPKITS from her own makeup line called KYLIECOSMETICS. The first products that she introduced to the world was yes… the lip kits which are sold out in minutes which is insane. The price of the lip kits were $29 and the colours were called “Dolce K,” “Candy K,” and “True Brown K.” After the insane amount of attention she was getting with these lip kits she spilled out all the information in why she chose to do her makeup line and what started the fire into making these lip kits. She is one of the most ICONIC people who started the trend of beauty fashion across the globe and is one of the people who showed others that it’s okay to feel insecure with yourself at some points because everybody does. Your not the only one and it’s okay if you want to change your physical appearance to make yourself become more confident for your own sake and not for others.

Also as she is a well known celebrity, people tend to follow her actions and doings more. In this situation she set a pretty good example of how to deal with insecurities and problems that you might face in your life, and no matter how hard it is at the end you need to learn to love yourself and stay true to yourself, this is just an example of how she dealt with it responsibly. Now not only the kylielip kit was introduced she then further her own career in the makeup industry world with other products like

  • Eye palettes
  • Eyebrow kits -Kbrow kits
  • Bronzers
  • Concealer
  • Blushes
  • HIglighters

*and many more* if you want to check out her products👉🏽 https://www.kyliecosmetics.com



In a way that makeup can fulfil your extra needs on your appearance it actually makes people more confident and feel more beautiful as well. Also it is a way of expressing yourselves now a days, as makeup can change in all sorts of ways in which it matches your emotions and how you want to portray yourself in the outside world. In other words if you feel very confident today you might put on less makeup on because you feel optimistic about yourself. Some say it’s also very fun and interesting discovering new things you could do to your faces and see the changes it can make. Makeup can give you that extra boost, if you feel good about yourself you’ll look good 🙂


Carrying on from her makeup cosmetic brand she continues her way of making people feel more comfortable in their own skin with her new products in her line called KYLIESKIN. She chose to produce these things due to the fact that people can be helped and offered with products that will help them earn better skin and to actually this time feel pleasant in their own skin. This is also one of her success in the business industry. After selling her products she received a lot of good impressions and feedback from users that had been using her products. The feedbacks were pictures of users with their clear skin feeling very cozy with their skin. It became a trend of posting pictures with your barefaced without any makeup on. In my opinion it’s just very positive to see women feeling so proud of who they are. https://kylieskin.com


Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you feel happy or not with makeup or no makeup on your face. But the most important part is that do what makes you happy even if it’s just putting makeup on or really wanting to change your appearance. All these things you could do just to make you happy. Kylie Jenner is just like all of us she’s a human being with insecurities as well. We shouldn’t be ashamed of what we are or how we look like because INNER BEAUTY is what makes you a beautiful person.


"I still feel insecure all the time. I feel like it's just a part of being a human being" - Kylie Jenner