In this time, I could definitely guarantee that almost everyone in this entire world know “Youtube.” The coming of new media was create a lot of new things that never created in the history of human before such as some programs, applications, or social media platforms that connect all people around the world, and Youtube is one of those things. Someone might have some questions: What is Youtube? What is its abilities? It was created for what? What is its duties in the social platform? If can we make some money from that platform? Is the created of it bring the benefit or adverse effects to our societies?, and one of the most important questions that many people may asked for “How can people be successful Youtuber.” In this article, I will bring you through most of this interesting questions. If you are ready, Let’s begin!

1) What is “Youtube?” and What are the “abilities” of it?

Youtube is an online video-sharing platform which allows users all around the world to upload any video contents on it site, moreover, every users could view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, and comments on any video that they would like to.

2) The history at the beginning of “Youtube” and What is its duties in the social platform?

Youtube was created and founded by three Paypal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and the last one Jawed Karim. Hurley studied design at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania; both Chen and Karim graduated computer science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At the beginning,

Youtube is an angel-funded company which working from temporary office in their own garage. “” was activated on February 14, 2005, and the video upload options being added on April 23, 2005. In summer of 2006, Youtube was one of the fastest growing sites on World wide Web, hosting more than 65,000 new video uploads, and in the same year, on October 9, 2006, It was purchased by Google. Youtube continue growing until it is one of the most influence sites in the present with around 2 billion users!

           Nowadays, Youtube is used for many objectives more than the expected at first. At the beginning, Youtube is just the video-sharing platform that allow the ordinary people to share any contents that they desire. However, “Time flies, things changed”, in this day, youtube is used for a lot of purposes such as for music business benefits, products’ promoting, news reporting, entertainment contents, moreover, still including the old school video. For instance, in the past, if the music recording companies want to promote their songs, they must promoted by radio platform which is famous in those times. On the other hand, in the present, if the companies want to publish their songs to wider people, “make it famous”, they can use Youtube platform which could connect to widespread people all around the world; and the really essential is this mean is much more cheaper than the old school ways. In addition, another example of this era’s duties of Youtube that worthy to mentioned to is “news reporting purpose.” Nowadays, people could receive news information from all around the world through youtube; some news organisations were adapted their channel of reporting news to conform the behaviors of people that less on the front of TV, but more on the cellular devices screen. Consider these 3 videos as example of various types of video posted in Youtube.

3) If we could earn money from the Youtube?

Youtube is not just allows people to post their clips on the website, however, the company also pays to anyone who can increase the numbers of their videos’ viewers too. The amount of money is depend on the numbers of your viewers; the more viewers you can increase, the more money you can get from Youtube. Literally, Youtube is prohibiting youtubers to tell the amount of money that they receive, however, there is rumour that if you could get one-million viewers, Youtube will pay you 30,000 baht per clip which is around 1,000 US dollar. Consequently, in the present, we can see many people are using Youtube to make a living and a lot of people that want to be youtubers. This situation bring us to the next important question that many people would like to know about it.

4) How can people be “Successful Youtubers?”

This is the tough question that many people in this world want to know the answer. Firstly, I need to tell you that the ways we can be successful youtuber is really flexible. Some youtubers might tell you to do some things, whereas some may tell you to do the different things; it depend on many factors such as type of contents, budget of your channel, culture of your living society, etc. Thus, the basic common principle is that we need to know exactly which is the contents we would like to do before we start: “Set Goal.” Furthermore, strive to understand and get to the point that is the interesting of people: what is the type or features of the contents that people will be attracted to it, etc. Then, everything afterward would not be that much difficult for anyone who want to be “Successful Youtubers.” And in this blog, I also have some good recommended video. If you have some times and desire to be Youtuber, “Must watch.”

5) Is the created of Youtube bring the benefits or adverse effects to our societies?

In this present era, human cannot argue that Youtube is one of the biggest social media platform that came into our life and influence a lot of human behaviors, moreover, it quite change our way of living. Youtube is absolutely be benefits to our life and communities in many ways such as create convenience for people to receive informations, create new opportunities for many circle of people from many careers to be famous, reduce the cost of advertisement or others for business in many fields, etc. However, Youtube also be some bad effects to many businesses such as television channel, radio station, news business, music industry, etc. It could be said that the coming of Youtube is “a double-edged sword.” Youtube is certainly be benefit to the world, but if many businesses are not adapting themselves, Youtube could be adverse impacts to them too.