People are suffering from the lack of income

Covid-19 pandemic has taken place in Thailand for several months now. Many people have been suffering from famine and struggling in making a living. Since, people can not go out to work, lose their jobs and Then became lack of income.

However, the government 5,00 Baht compensate is not adequate for some family. According to the quote “We will not abandon each other”, Private Organizations and some people are now in cooperate and spreading help to all over the country. If you are interested in helping out these people, you can contribute too! But you need to be careful of the defrauders that want to seize the opportunity to take advantage during the crisis. For example, “GET” application food delivery man issue, social media users that have been commenting asking for help under the celebrities pictures or posts.

Some people are commenting asking for help under the celebrities pictures

We can not be sure if these people are In need of help or they are defrauders. Think thoroughly before make a donation because you might not want to fall to be the pray of them. Here are simple recommendations of how to save people and not becoming a victim of defrauders

Check The Credibility of the Person/Organizations

First of all, you have to check for their credibility by checking their social media profile, observe their posts and pictures, see if they actually need help. If they posts and pictures indicated that they were not affected by the covid-19 pandemic situation, then they are not qualified for your help.

Also check if they have enough help yet, or else the person could have earned superfluous help. For instance, 72-year-old taxi driver got almost 8 million Baht in donation from the sympathy of people through out the social media . Would it be better if we spread the help to those who have no money and need more help?

However, he has closed his bank account and not receiving any donation money anymore 

Another good example of checking credibility is when Mai Sukhonthawa, famous actress and model In Thailand, she posted on the instagram account offering help to pregnant women that were affected from covid-19 and were lack of money to deliver a baby. Many pregnant women interested but she required a copy of antenatal care records with the hospital and the evidence of EDC (Expected Date of Confinement) to assure that she really need help.

She gathered the proof and information, then donate directly to the hospital. In order to prevent the false use of money, because she intended to offer help in particularly of delivering a baby, not for other reasons.

Choose to Donate for The Local Hospitals

If possible, try to make a donation with the local hospitals. They need help because many local hospitals are lack of medical equipment and the locals should be able to access the rights in the cure too.

Moreover, when you make a donation with the hospital, you can save larger group of people more than donate with individuals. Also, hospitals are official and accountable. You will be safe from the defrauders.

Do Follow Up After The Donation

This is very important in order to prevent your money and your kindness from defrauders. You have to follow up person or organizations after make make the donations. Check if they can really benefit from your help and they are not cheaters. This also allow you to see if they need more help or not. If they do need more help, we are able to find help and rescue them in time.

Hold Food/Goods Giveaways at The In Need Community

Some people are now holding free food or first aid goods at the in need community, by holding at a community spot. This also spread larger impact to people in the community more than individuals donation.

Not only for the community, but you can also giveaways free food to the medical staffs at the hospital too. For example, Jeab Pijittra, actress and Boy Anuwat, singer, they made lunch boxes and gave all of them to the medical staffs at the Golden Jubilee Medical Center

Most importantly! You have to follow the social distancing policy, make rules and condition to receive free giveaways. You have to be careful by not letting people stay too close and not be a large group of assembly in order to prevent everyone from Covid-19 

Help Does Not Always Have To Be Money

Help can come in any types and forms. We are all in New Media era, so use internet to make our lives more convenient. Social Media can be really useful. Use your social media as a tools in spreading the help by sharing, posts or even create a campaign to help people, then expanding audience engagement through social media.

There are many people that have started a new business during quarantine. We can support them by sharing their posts on social media, hence they are able to gain more income. You can also support them by buy good quality commodities from them and help promote the products on your social media account.

Another way in spreading help is through a challenge. There was a hospital donation challenge, you make a donation to the hospital 20 Baht  and then post on your instagram  and tag twenty friends to do the same. This challenge was very popular in celebrities in Thailand and it has raised money over a million Baht.   You can create your own challenge and share it with your friends and family!

These are the summarize of simple ways to help people from Covid-19 pandemic and not becoming a victim of cheaters

“ We make a living by what we get

We make a life by what we give”

Winston Churchill

At the end of the day, kindness is fundamental to human existence. We will not able to go through this global pandemic by only ourselves but we can if we cooperate, help and support each other. Everything is best on moderate, hence helping people have to be done in moderate too. Helping people is a good actions to commit but do not help people but causing trouble for yourselves later. Most importantly, before commit a donation, please check trustworthiness of the person or organizations for your own safety. With the right donation, it allow people who truly need help access the help throughly. And we will go through this global pandemic together.