Have you ever been in love before? Have you ever had some kind of belief in fate of meeting someone who always fits you? That is how you want to find the one that you really want to be with. We can expect that it is ” love “. When one meets one another and they feel something didn’t try to put everything and do like a magnet does. That’s right ! when you feel it you feel like a music in your head and some kind of odd things come in your mind. If you just like butterflies in your stomach then it is good to see it to find a piece you are missing. Since the past people always find a way to meet each other to understand and know each other. Some of them have some kind of cupid maker who can actually connect one to another one. Some of them need each other like fate. but somehow it is hard to find some kind of sincere thing to meet one another. So, people choose to have a meeting, Cupid maker to let them try to open the world, that is to find out for the one who does fit on you or feel something to that one. That you believe it or not, it is love for some reason. Some people are scared to meet somebody else. they don’t know if they will fit or not. Scared to be brave when you see another one. Yeah, for me,  I was pretty scared of getting to know other people even face-to-face. I barely breath, most like suffocating. But on the other hand, I believe in fate and yeah pretty much go to some kind of gypsy to listen to my fate or to know the future.

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People for decades used some kind of connection to meet each other so the development of it would be some kind of trying to find a way to communicate to each other like telephone, radio, newspaper or even some kind of multitasking of advertisement. But right now people have a technology to connect and make everything easier. And the combination of technologies and people’s needs is definitely the answer of our creation to make everything easier. It is a hook-up application. It works like the gateway to meet other people with only one tap. Just like the way to have contact or a better way to have fast communication. Nowadays we have many hook-up applications which makes every relationship go fast and pretty easy. It helped a lot to get to know each other. But hey! Now it is more open to every gender. Yeah! Now most hook-up applications have a gender equality to open up for hooking up with more genders. In this function, it also drives equality through the platform by having chances. Maybe this is not much but it takes step by step. Back to the point! These new media platforms make life and change how people act, rather say “encourage” people to show themselves. But as it is in the media, nothing can be trusted. So, do not forget! that even the profile is well, pictures are nice, or even they talk nice to you, be safe and beware all. For now, we probably heard about Tinder, the best example we can understand. For me as one of the users of Tinder, I first used it with no experience and no expectation. It turned out that this application encouraged me to meet others. For me, I was so scared of getting to know others. And for some reason, I just wanted to try it then I used it and I found out that I use it to find friends for playing video games. So, I realised that it does not just look for love relations but friends are included. So, If you only expect love from those media or platforms. Guess what, it is really fun to meet people and it is not just a method to find love but friends, helpers, listeners, players, or even co-workers. Yeah! That makes me feel like meeting all kinds of people on the way. Pretty weird but definitely beautiful. For somehow, when people who look for love, they will feel like having friends to walk with till the end of the lonely heart path.

Everyone deserve to be loved, and to love

Every story has a different side, like a coin. Head or tails may be out of what we can control but we can make it better safe for ourselves. Love in most platforms right now is really viral, so please look better, search better, and meet face-to-face before making a commitment. Right! Better know clearly before making a decision that matters to your life. To be advice, not every profile you see will be like the actual person you are looking at. Sometimes, they will use a better profile which is not a current bow looking photo but use a tuned up profile picture that is not in the current time and fake the photo to represent you. So, to make sure about it you need to look better, asking to meet outside or make contact like real contact to know or to identify the profile. I know it is hard to identify but please for your own safety and your better quality in love life or any kind of relationship, please be careful and act wisely. It is better to be wise in nowadays hookup apps. Because technologies nowadays are pretty insane, making fake profiles, fake pictures, fake locations, or even fake names! So, the tips that I can give you are just 3 Tips to have a pretty strong sword to your journey. One, do not give your location or house to any contacts. Two, do not make contact too fast, you need to make sure of your security first, as priority. And three, be honest to your profile and picture, to have a good relationship “ Honesty is the key to having the best love”. Hope you can find your love !

“ Honesty is the key to having the best love”