There’s two type of people in this world, the people that take and those that get took. Lions and lamb. My name is Marla grayson and I’m no a lamb. I’m a f**king lioness.

– Marla Grayson

I Care a Lot tells a story about a professional guardian Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike from the movie Gone Girl). Marla makes a living by faking the information of elderly people as self-neglect people and convince the court to grant her those clients. She assisted elders by giving them isolated accommodation and facilities. Most clients took by Grayson are the abandoned ones who have no child and relatives. After that, Marla will take all their properties by getting help from her girlfriend, Fran (Eiza González from the movie Baby Driver). Giving bribes to doctor to make her distorted medical reports. Her business seems to run very well. She took and took from her clients. Thus, Marla is very confident in her predatory skills.

Then, one day Marla caught the wrong prey. She caught Jennifer Peterson ( Academy awards winner Dianne Wiest from the movie Bullets over Broadway) and relocated her into the assisted living, then selling her car, furniture, and house. After that, Marla also found the key to Jennifer’s mystery safe box containing diamonds which Marla later took and hid away. But little did she know that Jennifer is the mother of a Russian Mafia named Roman Lunyov (Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones). Thus, when Roman can not contact his mother, he started searching for her. Marla and her girlfriend get into dangerous positions. They have to decide whether to fight back or run away.

General background; things you should know before watching this film.

First of all, the film is written and directed by J Blakeson, a well-known English director. He also wrote and directed the film “Pitch perfect 2” and directed “the 5th wave”. Moreover, the casts are quite impressive. There are many academy awards winning and nominees stars. Thus, with a well-known director, and all these amazing casts, these could be a guarantee for this movie.

The producer of the film, J Blakeson, said in an interview that he was inspired by the horrible news report about actual professional guardians in America. He added that he was mainly interested in these legal loopholes, humans being communities, ambitious, and American dreams. In the title of the film, he wanted to emphasize the main character that has a lot of people to care for but she doesn’t seem to care a lot about them. Thus, it is more like quantitative care rather than qualitative care. It has become an ironic film title.

The broken guardianship system inspired the film.

The main star of the film, Rosamund Pike, stated in her speech that she thanked American’s broken legal system for the inspiration. As I Care a Lot revealed the dark secret that is underlying the American legal system. The ugly truth of the predatory guardians and terrible things they have done to elderly people. Marla’s character is a fictional character that is a mirror to the real society. The scamming and elder abuse stuff have never been exposed in the movie before. This movie could lead to a social change or the reformation of the guardianship system in the U.S. and other countries.

In January 2019, Newsweek reported a guardianship in Crimea of April Parks. She was a Nevada guardian. Parks stole thousands of dollars and priceless heirlooms from the elders she was supposed to take care of. Some victims had been unwilling isolated from their loved ones. “She did not protect me. As each day passed, I felt like I was in a grave, buried alive. Said Barbara Ann Neely, one of the victims. The court-appointed guardian becomes another frightening profession for the elders.

As a consequence, April Parks along with Mark Simmons, and Gary Neal Taylor, Haworth, two co-defendants were sentenced to 16-40 years in jail. The judge also ordered a $500,000 fine from the three defendants to the victims. However, This is just one of the cases that were exposed, there is much more left unknown. Nevertheless, The violence and intense scenes are just stomach-churning scenes for some, but for the American families, they are real tragic experiences.

the girl boss vibes

Some might be noticed from the trailer or poster that the main characters got the strong Girl boss vibes. And yes, It is a feminist movie. There is no righteous side for us to pick, it is just the bad and the bad. The supporting character’s performance is also on point. A soft feminine side was being represented by Fran. Contrary to Marla who fearlessly goes for what she wants. The one that playing a devil. However, some might argue that these roles romanticize the villains.

Besides, there is also a scene issue the gender stereotyping. It is the scene where Marla talking to a lawyer called Dean. The lawyer thought that Jennifer’s doctor was a man, so he referred to the doctor as he. But, Marla quickly corrected him “ The doctor. She is a she”. It is another impressive scene for me.

“I thought this is a character I have to play. She was everything I’ve kind of been wanting to see in a woman on screen. You know, allowed to do all the things that men have always been allowed to do. Be ruthless, ambitious, and get exactly what she wants, strive for what she wants shamelessly and unambiguously. Has no fear of not being liked ”

Interview Sound Bites with Rosamund Pike – Netflix
Eiza González as Fran in “ I Care a Lot” on Netflix


If you like Amy Dunne from Gone Girl, you might also found yourself enjoy Rosamund Pike playing Marla Grayson. Not only because these two were being played by the same actor, but because of the crazy and reckless personalities these two shared. These kind of characters, the ones with ambition, determination, and charisma, seem to be a perfect role for Rosamund Pike, after she got nominated in Oscars, BAFTA, and Golden Globes from the role of Amy Dunne in Gone Girl. Recently, she also won the Golden Globe awards for best actress from the film “I Care a Lot”.

You think you’re good people. You’re not good people, trust me. There’s no such thing as good people.“
– Marla Grayson

The falling action of the movie.

I, personally, think that this movie is not quite memorable for me besides the acting skill of Rosamund Pike. For me, the plot is predictable. Even though there is a plot twist at the end of the movie, it is not quite enthralling. The first half of the film seems to be more exciting. However, the second half, in my view, is rather dull. Nonetheless, I understand the main idea of the film that the director wants to bring the caring professionals and legal loopholes to the light. The movie wants to emphasize in the capitalist society that poor people, despite how good they are or how smart they are, will never win over the rich people. In capitalism, despite how much you hate someone, but eventually the money will always prevail as shown at the end of the film.

I Care a Lot was very well received.

I Care a Lot did receive many positive reviews and critics. Over the first weekend, after the movie was released, it was the most-watched on Netflix. With all those good reviews and feedbacks, there is a chance that there will be a continuing movie. “ ‘I Care A Lot’ was a wild ride and I enjoyed every second of it” Kayla Solomon, a reporter, tweeted.

Some not-so-good reviews…

On the other hand, there are also some not-so-good reviews. Some said that it was unrealistic and had too many plot holes. Many complain that, as same as my views mentioned above, the second half of the movie is quite boring.

Available now on Netflix and Prime video!

In case you are still hesitant and have not watched the trailer yet. Check this out.

The film is available via Netflix in some countries, but available on Prime video in others depends on your region. If you are stuck in your house from COVID, this might be the time to check this film out!

My preference score is 7.5/10. I think that the action scenes could be more thrilling and exciting. Further, The thrilling of the second half of the movie is gone. Though, the performances of both main and supporting characters are on point. I also like that many social issues have been embedded into the film in various scenes by the casts and director. Besides, The cinematography technique and mood, and tone of the movie are impressive.

All in all, I Care a Lot is a movie that you can watch on your weekend with friends, family, loved ones, or alone. Even though you do not expect much from the film, but you will certainly be impressed by Rosamund Pike’s performance.