Disliking oneself, Insecurities, Fearfulness. We’ve all been through it no matter how harsh or how small the problem may seem. It’s never really OK not to be OK is it? All the judgments on how we look at ourselves how pretty or ugly we are. These are the kind of questions we are asking ourselves every day before stepping outside the house. Are we pretty enough? Are we good enough for others? but never really seem to asked ourselves if being US is enough for US.

Firstly, I got inspired writing this topic by watching lots of movies and series while being at home (due to the annoying Covid-19). That I will go through in this article about teenagers life and also I am one. So, why not write an article about my experiences in beauty standards and what is happening around this awful place of society that affects on how we look at ourselves.

What is actually the beauty standard of this universe?

Apparently if you searched “beauty standard” in google this is what you will receive.

"Arguably, today's beauty standards say that women are expected to wear makeup in their daily lives, work out at the gym, stay skinny with curves in the right places, and be young."

From what I have seen no one actually knows what the beauty standards are in the world because honestly there shouldn’t be any. However some may disagree with me from the fact that each culture and countries diversity do have they’re sets of standards in what beautiful actually means to them. Which I have to strongly agree because of how they inherited their culture from. But I really have to disagree on the fact that everyone should follow these sets of rules to be completely satisfy of how they look in pleasing others just to fit in the box that’s been created for over hundreds of years.

No one is really forcing us to actually look in a particular way in order to be seen as beautiful. Still, have you seen the latest magazine covers or the commercial with “pretty” girls in it? The media in society have been shaping the standards all along. The twisted mind games they have created that is getting into our heads, that is destroying what we call self-love. We look at these images on the media and looking back at ourselves, comparing ourselves to them Why? why is this happening in our society when really all that matters isn’t even entirely up to our appearances. It’s the value we see in ourselves that matters.

Am I up to the standards?

I am bringing this topic up because me myself have struggled with self-love and I think there are others out there too who are struggling with it. As a half Thai and Australian there were many factors that made me feel insecure about the way I looked and one of that factor was the beauty standards in Thailand. 

The standards are 

  • pale white skin
  • big eyes
  • V-shape face (literally the letter V)
  • skinny
  • prominent nose

I miss out most of things I mentioned which consequently got me bullied in middle school because I wasn’t white enough for being a ‘half’ foreigner. This made me looked back at my self asking the question What is wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough for people to like me? How do I become more beautiful?

These are the kind of questions no one should be asking themselves. These are the kind of questions that should be tossed to Neverland and never be seen again. Growing up and learning from the past, I found out that there is only one person who can truly set the standards and that is you. Who cares if you are not white enough nor skinny enough to be pretty. The perception of what beauty is, is out of line. I have learned to accept my beauty in my own version stepping outside the box and now inviting you guys to be my guest in your own version of your own beauty standard.


The series that got me inspired most about this topic is ‘Ginny & Georgia’ a television series that is on Netflix. The main character Ginny played by Antonia Gentry. On the show is a teenager who has a typical teenage problem with the highschool drama-boy crushes. In the show she did showed some problems she had (no spoilers :P) that reminded me of the beauty standard we have. Some point of the show showed us the consequences of it by her harming herself because she felt like she wasn’t good enough. Not sexy, not as pretty as other girls having her feel trapped in this box she didn’t even create.

Imagine having enough problems on your plate you have to still care for what other people will think of you, it’s tiring for sure. From how the movie portray the highschool drama parts, I feel like I can really understand the character situation as me myself have been judge before so it’s really amazing how I can have great movies to relate to and to be able to feel okay in situations like this. So it’s okay to feel down or to struggle with the beauty standards the world of media has set upon us. We are not going to give in what the standards are because we are perfectly as we are.

Another great example of movie that shows a significant beauty standard is ‘Meangirls’. The iconic movie that also have a huge impact on how we look at things in the society. One of them are the hierarchy that we can see, made up from the beauty standards. The more prettier you are the more popular you will be amongst people. The movie showed the main character Cady, trying to fit in with the popular girls just to feel square with others. Changing herself in all possible ways just to become like them. When she doesn’t even realize how special she is.

What are the standards causing?

As I have mentioned previously above it has caused more problems then just bullying. There are more topics bursting out creating more problem because of body standards. Examples are body shamming, eating disorder (wanting to be thin), critical judgmental on others and many more. These are things you wouldn’t want your children to go through as a child/teenager. Having problems already and now the society added more problems – things they should worry about their appearances not being pretty enough. The judgements and assumptions about others have to stop too! Deciding what people are worth is disgusting

Billie Eilish once said :

“We make assumptions about people based on their size. We decide who they are, we decide what they’re worth, Though you’ve never seen my body, you still judge it and judge me for it.”

She is an example of a victim from beauty standards that people have in the society. She is not skinny nor she is fat but how come others judge her by only her appearance but not from her music – her work. No one wants to be judge by the way they look because our appearances does not state who we are as a person. Being Good and Bad that is up to the traits and the quality of a person not how pretty they are.

There are many more victims out there who are hiding their tears under a mask they have to put on. A mask that hides their true colors because the world can’t accept the beauty they have to offer. The real beauty that’s inside of us not what is on the outside. Billie is a brave soul who confronted the invalid of beauty standards. We ourselves can have an act on it too. Why care, say no to beauty standards.

On the bright side <3

Looking on the bright side there are productions and claims causing awareness to people about how wrong we’ve been looking at beauty standards and how it should not affect an individual life. More people are acceptance of their body of all shapes, colours and features. We can constantly see the changes in the bright side of the fashion industry. Where usually and still there are some that shows a very strong beauty standard in the media. However there are now brands like Fenty beauty by Rihanna that has models from diverse ethnic backgrounds representing her brand.

Moreover, the more awareness there is the better representation there are. Mirroring the beauty standard that is no longer needed as we are perfectly perfect with our flaws. There is no point in caring what other people think because you will realise that you cannot please everyone Why should you have to? We are all beautiful.

“I accept my body. I accept how I am and make the best of what I am given”

– Kate Winslet

I hope this article will changes some perspective on how we look at ourselves and portraying that confident out into the world. Who cares what the standards are. We make our own standards and don’t forget You Are Beautiful.

Thankyou for reading <3

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