“Irin! you should prepare yourself before learning JM310 class because Professor Bruce Avasadanond of this course is very strict and scary” 

This is a statement that I have heard from BJM seniors who have already learned with Professor Bruce Avasadanond. All of them told me that I should prepare myself and all of the lessons before coming to JM310, Editorial and Article Writing classroom.

On time

“If the class starts at 9.30 a.m. You should come at 9.00 a.m. to prepare your quiz and presentation before the class starts.” spoken by one of the BJM11 students. After I listen to this statement, I have the intention to come on time. However, it is very sad that in the first class of me on campus, I arrived at the classroom two minutes late. Although I can do well with the quiz, the professor decided to give me an automatic ‘F’ on the first quit. At that time, I never understood the reason why professor Bruce has to be so strict with the time. Nevertheless, at the end of the first class, he explained that “Come on time is very important for your career. For example, on TV or Radio broadcast, if you come late just for 5-10 seconds, it can create damage to your organization more than hundreds of thousands for airtime lost.” said Professor Bruce Avasadanond.

According to his statement, I can realize that the reason that a professor has to stick on time is that he wants us to practice and prepare ourselves before going out to work in the future. Real-life is usually harder than university-life. In the university, if you make a mistake, they must reduce your grade and let you improve yourself in the next semester, but in real life, it does not have the opportunity for you to amend yourself again. Therefore, after I know the real reason why professor I have to do this to us. I decided to change myself to be a better person. After the first class, I never came late again both to an online class and on-campus class.  

A lot of work VS. Teamwork

After the first day that the list of group names was released, I was very concerned because there are many people that I have never spoken to or not very close enough. Moreover, Professor Bruce also assigned much work for us such as articles, interviews, webinars, present, including the quiz as well. It makes me afraid that it can create a problem for us when we work together.

The photo that me and my group came to interview Staff from the Labor Department.

However, after we worked together, I want to say thank you to Professor Bruce that selected us to be together. All of the members in the group do well with their part and also help each other when the other has a problem. Even though Professor Bruce gives many assignments to us, it is not too heavy if you have good friends or good teamwork who always help you to think and pass through the heavy work together. The other thing that I have learned is when working you do not have the right to choose a colleague. All you can do is to communicate and exchange opinions with your team for making your work more effective. Therefore, this is the reason that Professor Bruce assigned much group work for us because he wants us to prepare for the actual work situation in the future.

Always wear a mask and hand sanitiser

If you are one of his students in the year 2019 or 2020. You will hear him say these words often. All students know that Professor Bruce will not let students enter into the classroom if they are not wearing a mask. “You should wear a mask for every process of your work when you are on campus. Not only in the classroom but also including when you go to interview people outside of the classroom,” said Professor Bruce Avasadanond. The reason that this man was so strict with the COVID-19 measure prevention, was because he did not want his students to get sick or to create problems in society. That is why he keeps reminding us to wear a mask and always tells us to take care of ourselves.

Photo of me and Purin, one of the members in the group came to contact the Professor of Faculty of Liberal Arts to become our interviewee.

Although many people said that Professor Bruce Avasadanond was scary. But with me, he is a big kind teacher. All of the things that he does to us hidden for good reasons. For example, he orders a lot of work because he wants us to practice reading, writing, and learning various techniques in the article. All the rules that he strict will be useful for us to apply with the career in the future. Therefore,  I would like to introduce all BJM students who are going to learn JM310. Don’t be afraid of the strict rules. Just follow and learn how to apply it.

First Assignment that Professor Bruce Avasadanond wants us to send a picture of to our table for him to check how we are ready to start the JM310 course.