Hello to all cat parents out there! How are you guys feeling about the lockdown? Actually not that bad, isn’t it? That’s right, not bad at all! The reason why is that some of us, cat parents, get a chance to spend more time with our cats like we never get to have before. No more busy schedules, no more being outside the house all day, but more time spending at home (at least for now), taking pictures of our cats, forcing them to be on Tiktok with you, and annoying them until they scratch you lol. But, when the lockdown is over, we will be back to our normal routines and your cats will, then again, feel lonely, abundance, and being left at home. Life will be boring for them.

So, once we get our “normal” life back, we won’t be able to take care of our cats 24/7 like we are now. Most of our time will be dedicated to the work outside our home and to our human friends. This is when we:

  • forget to give our cats enough attention because we were too exhausted from work and being out
  • coming home late to your cats and they are starving
  • miss any signs of sickness as we did not get a chance to spot any unusual behaviours or eating habits

What can we do now? Today’s technology was developed for the purpose of making things convenient for humans and that also benefits cat parents like us as well. Let me show you a few gadgets that might be a way out to help busy cat parents to keep their eyes on their loved ones. They’re quite Pawsome!

“Pawsome” (Paw + Awesome)

– The furry equivalent of the word awesome –

PAWBO+ : Smart Pet Camera

Busy days at work means less time for your cats. This might be one of the causes of depression for your cat. We do not want that to happen, is it? Thanks to the invention of PAWBO+, which is a wireless interactive pet camera. Perfect for cat (and dog) parents who do not spend time at home during the day. With this smart camera, we will be able to interact with our pets when and wherever we want and our pets won’t have to face lonely days by themselves anymore.

Simply download PawboLife application to our smartphone to connect Pawbo+ and we’re good to go! With this application, it helps us to check-in on our pets anytime. The 130-degree wide-angle lens with a 720p HD resolution camera allows us to monitor our pets in a real-time, high definition quality. We not only being able to communicate with our pets with a 2 ways talk features via built-in microphone but also can play with them too. The laser pointer game can be activated from our smartphone and pet parents can control it automatically or manually, depending on their preferences. This is another fun way to keep your pets active. Moreover, the smart camera can be shared up to 8 different users, so any of your friends or family members can be a part of this. They can screenshot, record a video of your pets, and share them with others, as well as giving your pet treats via the treat-dispensing function.

This is quite a pawsome device to have! Hands down!

Bistro : Smart Feeder

Sometimes, work o’clock can take longer than usual, which might make us come home late to our cats. Feeding them late, or EVEN forgot to feed them can be a problem! Can you imagine your cats being starved and they cannot tell us? This is why Bistro Smart Feeder was born. It is not just a feeder, but also a health monitor that keeps track of our cats’ weight, diet and helps us to spot any signs of our cats’ eating pattern that is out of the ordinary.

Bistro Smart Feeder is perhaps the most advanced feeder out there in the market. This is a new level of feeding experience for your cats. What is special about this so-called smart feeder is that it uses a cat facial recognition technology to make sure that it is feeding the right cat! and in case of owners who have multiple cats in their home, Bistro Smart Feeder will help to prevent your cats from stealing food from each other as well. How insane does that sound? Again, this smart feeder can be connected to your phone through Bistro application. Cat parents can control the amount of food to give to their cats, the app will let them know when their cats are eating, they can also collect data of their cat’s weight and how often they eat etc.

What a pawsome feeder! Convenient, Cool, and High Tech!

Tailio : Smart Health Monitor

One of the most common mistakes cat parents make is missing a sign of sickness from their cats because they switch their attention to something else that is sadly ‘more important’. Yes, this might be the reason why sometimes it is a challenge to notice any differences in our cats’ behaviour or weight gain/loss that could be the first symptom of many health issues like Cancer, Diabetes, Kidney Disease or Congestive Heart Failure etc. This was where the inspiration behind the invention of Tailio came from.

Tailio is an electronic pad, an innovative health monitor and alerts, that was made to help cat owners monitor their cat’s behaviour while they are ‘doing their business’. The Tailio pad can turn any type of litter box into a smart monitoring system that helps us to keep track of:

  • how often our cat’s trip to the litter box
  • our cat’s well-being
  • our cat’s weight
  • the amount of daily waste (poops!)

With the analytics system in Tailio application, it provides detailed information about the behaviour patterns and routines of our furry friends when visiting the litter box and it is a device that will alert us if there are any signs of unusual changes, such as unhealthy weight gain or sudden weight loss. Most signs of cat’s health problems begin with changes in their weight and with just our eyes, it is quite difficult to recognize the differences. With the alert system, it will give cat parents a heads-up to quickly bring their cat to the veterinarian. Moreover, Tailio can also be your reminder to clean the littler box too. These data collected by Tailio can be very useful for the vet to analyse the cat’s health and can be a very important source of information that helps to diagnose our cats with a potential health concern.

Cats give us unconditional love, We, as Catlovers must treat them with unconditional love too. Thank you for your pawsome attention to this blog!