I believe that most of you want to be good at English. There are a lot of ways you can learn or improve your skills,from attending classes to self-learning but you can also put that smartphone or iPad of yours to really good use for learning,improving you English.If you’re a beginner looking to improve your daily English conversation skills or speaking fluently,these apps and podcast are the best choices that help you learning English fast. You don’t have to have a book outside.It’s almost like having a mini classroom on your phone.Although apps cannot replace your real-life teacher,they do make great supplements to your regular English classes. You can learn everywhere,every time as well.

Here are my best apps for learning english!!


Duolingo uses interactive games to help you learn up to 23 different languages,including English. Duolingo uses a fun method to teach English.You play game to improve your grammar and vocabulary. The gamified approach of the app helps you learn English quickly by just spending twenty minutes a day. For beginners,Duolingo focuses on helping you learn verbs,phrases and sentences.It also has leaderboard challenge where you can competing against other real players. Although advanced users can also improve their language by completing writing, speaking, and vocabulary lessons. Thus, it’s a little more colorful and fun than the more serious apps. This is definitely one of the English learning apps we recommend people to try.

2.Hello talk

If you want to have suitable speaking partner.Hellotalk is a free app which connects you with other members(about 10 million members) so you will definitely meet a native speaker to teach you a English.One of the most helpful way to improve your skill in English is talking to native speakers.Hellotalk allows learner to register one native and one target language which no payment.Additionally,you can send photo,audio messages, and even do video calls with other people.


There are a lots of apps out there which will help to improve your writing. One like Hellotalk even connect you with native speaker but if you’re looking for instant corrections,Grammarly is best bet.Grammarly not only does it check mistake,  but it it also gives an explanation why you are wrong so you won’t make the same mistake again.


Beelinguapp uses storytelling way to teach English.It is another best way to practice listening and reading skill too.You just have to listen to stories and novels in English and side by side read the text in your native language to check you are correct or not.However,there are so many languages to choose and learn.Audiobooks lovers will love this app,they can losten to audiobooks of their interest and learn new language at the same time.There are a lot of content to choose from including children’s classics and popular tales to articles on science and technology.

5.English speaking Practice

Just knowing grammar or how to writing are not enough for good at English.Speaking is the biggest problem that most people have including me.I know everything but I’m not brave enough to speak.This app is a practicing tool to help you improve your pronunciation and create confidence to have a conversation in English. English speaking Practice has hundreds of recorded conversations where you can listen to native speakers and  then speak and record yourself. There’re many situation to choose,you can start with daily life conversation.You can also listen to yourself and compare with native speakers and improve your pronunciation.


What is podcast?

Podcasting is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files typically MP3s from a podcasting Web site to listen to on their computers or personal digital audio players. The term comes from a combination of the words iPod a personal digital audio player made by Apple and broadcasting.

Another best way to improve listening skills is Podcast.You can choose topic what you want to learn at the same time like History,Politics. It can be impressive. One of the most convenient ways to funnel some interesting info into your brain is by bringing a good podcast or two to your commute. Some of the top podcasts out there can make learning entertaining.There’s so many choose from so I’ve got you covered.There are 4 of the best podcast apps that will instantly make you join and learn at the same time.


This one is the best I want to recommend most.There are 4000+ videos and 100 subtitle languages and also podcast.TED talks are limited to a maximum length of 18 minutes but may be on any topic.You just spend 20 minutes to improve your listening skill.For the beginner,I suggest that you should put your native language as subtitle and when you feel that you can translate what they say easily then put English subtitle.If you don’t know the word,just use dictionary or switch subtitle to your native language to see what it means.Anyway not only you can learn English, but also know other’s life.Some topics of Tedtalk is about their life or their suffer.There are many topic to choose so choose what you want and learn!!

2. All Ears English

For this podcast, I can say with certainty that All Ears English is going to appeal to probably any learner. The fact that it’s been downloaded well over 50 million times speaks to its popularity. It is not all classical educational podcast. It focuses on conversations like informal conversation, small talk, and conversation starters through a particular expression, idiom,etc.

One episode is typically 10-15 minutes long and feature two speakers, teachers Lindsay McMahon and Michelle Kaplan.

In a nutshell, the two help learners of almost all levels improve their English vocabulary and conversational skills.Even you can learn things like preparing for the IELTS exam, professional interviews, meetings and presentations.

3.British council learnEnglish

This podcast app created by the world’s leading educational organization;British council. I am surely that everyone know this company so it is surely not going to disappoint.They focus on everyday topics and are narrated by native speakers with the currently available 4 series around 60 free episodes,the episodes reach up to 25 minutes in length.For beginner,pre intermediate,the current content is very suitable. Each episode is accompanied by several interactive exercises to help learners practice the language they hear. There also a task to do,they are fairly easy to do and consist of true or false questions, fill in the blanks and word order tasks, answering questions that related to the lesson as well.However, they are structured in a way that follows the general guidelines of an English lesson

Good podcast will focus on a specific niche or topicality.No one wants to listen for an hour for one episode. 20 minutes per day of enjoying your favorite podcast or learning app should be more than enough to facilitate your English learning. Combine that with a glimpse into a book and you’ve just revolutionized your learning. So, grab a smartphone and a pair of headphones and turn on one of the podcasts and learn some english. You’ll receive the good result,trust me!!