Imagine a day without your smartphone, will you survive without your smartphone?

How many days in a month do you leave your mobile phone at home? If your answer is never, this blog may be worth to read till the end. Imagine a day without your smartphone. This might be hard for someone because our life has become very dependent on smartphone. Most people can’t go out of home without it, and if they leave it at home, they feel as if they have left some significant part of themselves at home. It is true that smartphones have evolved into an extension of the human body.

Can you survive without your smartphone for just one single day, when you leave your home to go to school or to work, do not take your smartphone with you. Can you do that? We can know that people would say, “No! I would not do that. It is is impossible for me.” Just imagine of going out without your smartphone, even for a short time, it will probably making you feel bad and stressed. And people may bring up with reasons why they need to have their smartphones with them:

  • We need to chat with friends
  • We need to read the news.
  • We need to contact to parents
  • What if there is emergency and we need to make a call?

These are just a few of the many excuses that I can think of. All reasons are right and that why people can’t live without phones. Without your smartphone, you will be aware of the world around you. Even food will taste differently, because you will focus on eating when you eat, not on what’s going on the screen of your phone.

But is it over dependence or simply a new way of doing things? What might your day look like if you didn’t have your phone to rely on? This is a fun video of how life without smartphones will be!


These days we are so addicted to our smartphones so that it’s even difficult to believe that a few years ago there were none. They have changed our lives so much. Today, we offer you to see what it meant to live without smartphones. Nowadays, if we go for a walk, we stare into our phones. We don’t admire nature or look at the sky – aa smartphone has a lot to offer. Try not to take a phone out for a walk and spend some lovely family time together without staring into your gadgets.

Watch this video up to the end and remember that smartphones are really useful, they help us every day and make our lives easier. However, don’t overuse them!

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Without smartphone — you can spend time to do things you love.

Smartphones are expected to become one of the most important aspects of our lives. We can’t imagine a world without smartphones in this technological era. We would be frustrated if we leave our smartphone at home or lose Internet access because smartphones tend to be as important as our wallets; however, what if we started doing it on purpose? Before there were social media stocked with newsfeeds and text messages, there were these beautiful moments and activities. Let’s see.

Have a great day with your family or parents.

If you ignore your smartphone and social media for one day, you can have good opportunity to spend quality time with your family. Your interpersonal relationships are extremely important, and it is crucial to improve them away from our phones. Nowadays, social media is reducing the number of face-to-face conversations. Family dinner talks are a perfect way to keep linked with your loved ones. Smartphones are now reducing the number of face-to-face conversations. People used to spend time at each other’s houses talking fifteen years ago, but nowadays, all contact is done through social media and different apps, so people can talk without saying a single word.

Have more conversation at dinner.

When eating in a restaurant, several people are engrossed in their smartphones. The most important rule is to put your phone away. When dining out with family, friends, or even in a meeting, don’t leave it on the table. As a result, you can eat as a family and refrain from using smartphones at mealtime. Enjoy your quality time around the table, talk about how everyone’s day went, share your thoughts and feelings, and just enjoy spending time together.

You can play board games.

Rather than scrolling through your phone before bed, spend time playing board games. Playing board games is not only fun, but it also aids in the growth of your children and helps you maintain your cognitive abilities. Playing games improves brain activity by stimulating memory and cognitive processes such as problem-solving and decision-making in the brain. As a result, board games provide excellent mental exercise as well as enjoyable experiences for the whole family.

Spend time without phone in nature.

You can spend your weekends outside as plan family trips or spend time outdoors that close to your home. Take your children picnic or go fishing or hiking together. More than that, you can go on camping and teach your kids new things such as how to make a fire or recognize different plants. This can be a good opportunity for your children and yourself to learn more about different animals and also the life cycle in nature.  

Talk to someone face to face.

When you talking to someone while your head is bent down to scroll on a phone can’t be counted as a conversation. When you have a conversation with people, facial expressions and eye contact does a lot in fostering a connection with them. When you maintain eye contact, you are telling them that you are interested in hearing what they say

These are just some example of activities and moment. There are more activities that you can do without using your smartphone.

Can you stop checking your smartphone so often? If the answer is “no”, next topic is useful for you!

Effective strategies for keep your smartphone from controlling your life

Nowadays, smartphone is very important in our daily life but there is a way you can live with one and still get things done. Social media applications are also so addictive and smartphone addiction is so widespread and that’s normal. If you can’t stop using your smartphone too much, you should continue reading.

These are 5 strategies that I found helpful to prevent smartphones from taking over our attention:

Identify why you really want to use smartphone

First of all, you need to identify what is it that you want? Why do you feel this way to check your smartphone every few minutes? Nowadays smartphone specifically social media applications are so addictive because They appeal to our primal need to be heard and respected by others. This is the reason of their addiction for many people. They get addicted to likes, comments, and shares, because these make them feel acquiescent.

It may be hard for you to find out why every time you feel the urge to check your smartphone.

Once you know what the reason why you really want to use it, try to do a different life routine that suit you.

For instance, let’s say that you really want to check your smartphone because you don’t feel like working on your tasks. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram updates, or playing some mobile games, just take a break or do something productive. Get up and go for a short walk. The majority of the time, a lack of motivation is due to fatigue, which can easily be remedied by taking a short break.

Turn off as many push notifications as possible

You don’t have to be bothered by every “like” on your latest Instagram photo or the notification that a new episode of your favorite podcast has been posted.  Turning off push alerts on as many applications as possible is a very easy way to reduce distractions. Just go to Settings > Notifications to control your preferences. For me, I only left notifications on for email and chat application messages, which are only turned on when I’m using them.

Take some distracting apps off your home screen

However, if you have to deliberately search out an app in order to use it, you’ll stop the “accidental” time-sucking that happens when you just start clicking on your phone.

Keep the apps you want to inspire yourself to use front and center, such as those for reading or learning a new language, but transfer everything you want to spend less time on to folders on your second page of apps (or if you have an Android phone, off the screen entirely).

To take it a step further, you could completely uninstall those apps like Facebook or Twitter and rely solely on your smartphone’s web browser.

Kick your smartphone out of your bed

Do not let your smartphone be the last thing you see at night time and the first thing to check in the morning. You should using a regular alarm clock and getting your phone out of reach, you won’t be decoyed to start your day by getting into various of messages and updates.

Remember the goal

The only reason that our attempts to spend less time on our smartphones so often unsuccessful is that We view our efforts in the same way as we approach diets. Of course, no one likes feeling discouraged. Instead, think of the goal in more positive aspects: when we want to reduce our phone use, we’re attempting to bridge the gap between how we think we want to live our lives and how we actually live them. We’ll be happier the closer we get.

To summary, I want to make one thing clear that I am not telling all of you to stop using your smartphone. I’m just saying that you should use it less frequently and less randomly. You will increase your productivity, concentration, innovation, fitness, and social skills if you avoid allowing your smartphone to take too much of your time. You will also gain clarity on the most critical aspects of your life. Admitting that you have a problem is difficult and unpleasant, but it is inevitable.

If you think you should stop using your smartphone too much, then it’s time to take action and work on it. You can start it now.

It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.

Can you live a day without your smartphone? Leave a comment below! Or if you have an experience of phone detox, feel free to share with us!