In this era , there are many beauty vloggers and bloggers on social media. They create a content that help many followers ,or audiences to know about beauty and they can make up by themselves after they see or read how to make up from beauty vloggers and bloggers. Moreover, beauty vloggers and bloggers use social media platform to share their content for their followers. Platform that we usually see the beauty vloggers or bloggers are youtube ,instagram, or their website, there are a popular platform and its can make money for them. Thus, I have gathered some of the best beauty vloggers and bloggers below. Let’s see together.


Nikkie de Jager pursued her career as a makeup and beauty blogger, after being inspired by other YouTube makeup tutorial channels and she has own channel name “NikkieTutorials” that start since 2008 but her channel become well known after the video “The Power of Makeup” in 2015. Nikkie usually post and share her lifestyle, trick and trip about make up to her followers.

Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel become interested about beauty since high school and she become a hair and make up freelancing for support her family. In 2011 she start create youtube channel that name Carli Bybel. Moreover, she always promote and share her lifestyle, her passion as make up artist and she creates many content about trick of make up to her readers or followers.

Into The Gloss

Into The Gloss founded by Emily Weiss since 2010 and it is a beauty website that explores the routines of inspiring women. Moreover, she do not have only website but also have youtube channel to share about beauty of women and have a trick or how to make up for there follower or buyer.

On website she have a product including skincare, make up, and hair that she create for sell to buyer. In my opinion , and I ever bought her make up product , I think her products have creativity of design and be a good usable.

Michelle Phan

Michelle started with a personal blog talking about beauty tutorials. She started create youtube channel that name is “Michelle Phan”. Moreover, she have a own brand that name is EM and she post video regularly on youtube and share her beauty tips ,or trick and story of her Em brand.


This is a blog that share about beauty that include cosmetic, beauty blog and make up review. On website they sell a product of popular brand that we can call them is a medium of trading.