You might have seen so many Thai bands worldwide such as Hugo or Phum viphurit. But today i have to show you some Thai indie bands that might unwell-known in Thailand but they went more far than just famous only in Thailand.

These bands startup from posting their music on social media especially on Youtube and then some people that have passion in type of indie music listen to them and share their musics, so some famous indie bands around the world can see how preciousness their musics are this is an another start for their musics to go worldwide.

H 3 F

The first band i want to show you is “HAPPY THREE FRIENDS” or you might have known in the name of “H 3 F”

The start of Happy Three Friends name is from 3 music instrument which are Guitar, Bass and drum but they changed the name to H 3 F later to make it shorter and easier to search on google.

H 3 F’s music has been described as blues, soul, funk and pop with “Cheesy lyrics, Sloppy groove concept. They only have one album is “family product”. The band including 4 members, Gong Thepvipat is the singer & Guitarist, Mhom Thanabatr is the bassist, Ping Arakarn is the Guitarist and the last member is Max is the drummer.

H 3 F got  invited in a big music festival such as Maya music festival is the international music festival that just happen in Pattaya in the early of this year, they are just only Thai band on live stage of Maya 2020, they were given opportunity to open for Jeff Bernat live in Bangkok and they just had their first album launch concert!

H 3 F’s songs are international indie mixed with a little bit of rock and roll with fascinating sound of music, Gong’s smooth, commanding voice and the lyrics will make you fall in love, get lost in the first time you listen but be carefully some of their songs can move you to tears.

List of Family product album’s songs

• City lights
• Can’t Change A Thing
• Half Measures
• All Your Love
• Just Sayin’
• How Can I
• Be Your Man
• A Place to Cry
• Time’s Not a Friend
• I’ll Be Ok

Gym and swim

The second one is “GYM AND SWIM” each of members already have their main band but this band made for competition bedroom studio project one of fat radio. They got Gym and swim name from a scene in Japanese famous movies that well known in adult and combined to feel lovely, naughty compared to their behavior.

The type of their song is tropical pop mixed with K-pop music to make their songs sound fun as them. This band including 5 members, “Chalerm” from seal pillow band is the singer and dancer in the same time, “Pokpong” from plastic plastic band is the guitarist, “Turk” from The leprosy is also the guitarist, “hob” from Detail band is the bassist and the last one is a youngest girl “madmee” from Merry go round is the drummer. They have one album is “seasick”

Mahorasop music festival

Gym and swim band is one of Thai band that got invited to show in Mahorasop festival 2018 that have band from many countries famous band such as PREP that we know in the song of ”line by line” or you can call it is a international music festival and a big festival such as Bangkok Music city festival which is Thailand’s first international music conference and showcase festival.

Gym and swim produce the great sound with playful and The bright melodies will filled you with fun, colorful, full of imagination.

List of Seasick album’s songs

• Throw it away
• Sunrise
• Bunny House
• What time is it there
• Seagal Punch
• American High-School
• I need you john
• Failing
• Octopussy


The next one is “temp.” It started from a group of friends that have similar type of style. this name is a joke from Part time musicians and developed to temp. can be 2 meaning the first one “Temporary” and another meaning is “Temperature”

It type of their music is tropical pop to make their music feel chill like beaches and a little bit of retro combined with their groovy character. This band including  5 member, the singer and guitarist is nick, the guitarist is jin, the bassist is nott, the drummer is pam and the last one has an interesting music instrument “trumpet” is dan. They have  album name “sweet as honey” and a singer song is “fortune teller”

cat expo music festival 2019

Temp. is known in Thailand as well and also they joined in international music festival such as Mahorasop festival 2018 as gym and swim and several festivals. One of them is Cat expo which is a big Thailand festival.

Their songs is the best described as cheery, bright and sunny that can make you feel enjoy and feel like home at the same time. But some of their songs are too mean to handle.

List of sweet as honey’s songs

• Adult video
• Moonshine
• Party’s over
• Motel California
• Ring Ring
• Miss summer
• Señor Hyde
• Spare key
• Corn & Cheese

Solitude is bliss

The last band is “Solitude is bliss” is completely different to another band above by the melodies, the style of music, the lyrics, the sound of the singer and even the feeling when you listen to them.

“Solitude is bliss” is one of Tame Impala’s song. That means the liberation from disorder and complex of society that crowded and taking time to talk to themselves closes to their character.

The idea of their songs have unique lyrics from realist stories that happen to everyone, including relationship, love, elite to politics that they show theirs thoughts in the lyrics and the bravery from a small group of citizens that wanted to tell people.

Solitude is bliss is an indie music neo psychedelic rock and alternative rock style. With 5 members, the first one names “Fender” is the vocals and guitarist, “Beer” also is the guitarist, “Dong”  is bassist, “Frank” is drummer and “Pound” plays keyboards. They have total 3 albums now. The first one started  in 2013 is “montage – EP” the second one was launched in 2015 is “Her social anxiety” and the last one just launched this year 2020 is “please verify that you are not a robot” the total is  33 songs

Bangkok music city festival

Solitude is bliss joint in several Thai festival as well but they also joint Mahorasop music festival as two above and big mountain is one of the big festival that they have joint too! 

The songs and melodies that going inside your head, sometimes you will feel like you are flooding and drunk while you are sober but in  the mean time you will get into those songs and realize what the songs trying to tell you are the truth.

Solitude is bliss’s songs must listen

• ใหม่ซ้ำเดิม
• 4.00 A.M.
• Just one thing
• Vintage pic
• กระดาษ