Last week, my team and I wonder that even though in every second people are sharing and posting more than one million posts in the social, how many people are posting real stories about themselves. Does the internet make we losing the chance to be ourselves?Is it true that wanting to be someone else is wasting of who you are? While many questions are bombarded in my thought, somewhere in my mind already have the answer. It is alerted me that Social media is directly shaped the social value in the society in finally it will lead to the end of forgetting of who you are. 

One of my friends said that “I am exhausted for living in the world that number of likes and followers are more value than other things”. He also admitted to our team that social media sometimes make him hate himself. It kinds of force him to create the new identity to gain the likes and followers from his fan. He is spending more than two or three hours on caption for his post and using more than two applications such as VSCO for editing the contrast and saturation of the photo and using Photoshop to remove the pimples. Wanting to be more perfect in Social media is causing “the contradict between social media and reality”.

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“Are we the same us in real life as we are online?”

In the Internet generation, we grew up in an age of social media and smartphones. People are able to live their life with others online. This reason helps our world become smaller, and we are as close with people halfway across the world as we are with friends we meet everyday. It leads to the question in our mind that “ Are we the same us in real life as we are online?” Social media is the second space where we are forging our identities. “We are as much citizens of Instagram as we are citizens of Thailand”

We may think that our online self looks are still ourselves, but it is not really all of us.  We are disconnected from real life. We hide our mess, and then we show our best.  


Because who would not want to be seen as the best version of them? It is understandable that we may not want to share everything since social media have an important role in connecting us to others. However, at the same time, it is difficult to figure out who you are, what is right, and what is wrong. When you scroll on influencers’ posts, your mind will be stuck with thoughts that “Why can’t I be like that?” Seeing those perfection’s lives, it makes you feel inadequate. It is important to keep in mind that what people show online is not everything. Just because someone shows off all their travel around the world via Instagram does not mean they did not stay home and go to school or work.  I can say that no one’s quality of life is as high as perceived in social media. We would never see how actually they are unless we knew them personally.  

The Hyperreality role in the social media world

The term, Hyperreality, has played such an important role and dominated the whole social world. 

Media was changed and developed through time, and, in the same time, constantly shaped and filtered original content and experience till we can’t recognise what is real and what is fiction, lastly defined it as “real” in the world. Nowadays, the condition, Hyperreality, reality and simulation of reality are seamlessly blended together so that there is no clear distinction between where one ends and the other begins. In the case of social media, people’s identity was radically influenced and dominated by those in online society especially in teenagers. For instance, teenagers tend to upload the best photo in social media in order to present their existence in that virtual world. They also post various positive images like enjoying the day with friends to show how happy they are, but how they post in social media does not always reveal the fact of their real social life. In fact, when teenagers post their happy photo, it usually states their loneliness in real life. Therefore, at the moment, it is really usual to meet someone with a personality that is totally different when they are in social media and in the real world.

Among rapid paces of the society. There are many social values which determine the social norms so most people follow the rules or social norms because if you do not follow the norm, the society will label you as a bad person and maybe disgusted by society. For example, on social media, many people follow the influencer, beauty blogger or net idol behaviours by buying things or imitating the style. 

For instance, the influencer said that she bought a filter for making the photos more beautiful. Therefore, people went to buy according to the influencer’s recommendation.


Moreover, there is the wrong belief about those who use brand-name products will make them look better, classy, and high-class. 

In the same way, some people can not afford those High-end stuff because of their financial support, but they want to have the same as others so they buy the fake one or borrow other’s money to check their lists. Therefore, it could be said that some norms have many drawbacks in case if you buy the fake brand-name it is illegal and if you borrow other’s money it will make you have a bad habit and lead to many debts.Hence, everyone wants to feel good about themselves and no one wants to be disgusted by society. 

In contrast, many people decide not to follow the norms, because their private benefits are higher than the social costs that also lead to the punishment of society.For example, simply speaking, being abused or disgusted by society. However, there are good norms in many countries like Japan, they have norms that people in the society know about such as walking and eating in public places although there is no law prohibiting them to do so clearly, when there is a norm, then there is no littering on the walkways and streets. Therefore, the social norms also have benefits and drawbacks so you should choose to follow the right things and avoid the wrong things.

In term of fake reality

It means someone pretends to be something that they are not as natural to create an image from other people’s thoughts about themselves in the society. This is because they may have some benefits to create their own lies to improve their credibility and become more influential which other people can trust or respect to them on their fake status. To illustrate, there are some celebrities girl group in Thailand named BNK48 which had case about Kaew ,one of their members, had use and dress a fake brand name clothes and accessories all and people in social media had describe in Twitter about criticise picture between her profile in social media and the real brand name to detect was it fake or not. Thus, these contents become first hashtag rank Thailand trends at that moment then she got published about gifts that Kaew gave to other members are fake as well. This can be analysed as a fake trait that Kaew pretends to be like a luxury girl whose image as a rich girl that bought brand names all the time and rich enough to buy  for other members as a present. Moreover, this also refers to fake reality that can lead a person to become illegal like support the fake brand names which could improve their profile qualities in social status and he or she not has to waste their money to support the true one that is legal. 


One more case, the clear example that people can see in the Netflix series named Black Mirror in season 3 episode 1

The stories tell us about society that social media influence in real life like separate people to their like level which lead people to create interesting social status to make more likes button to live and get high qualities in daily life.

This refers to people having to fake to each other all the time. They had to be kind and friendly with every person who was involved with their life for not to get boycotted and get to live in a group of social media society. They have to hide their true behaviour inside and show what other people want to see or what they want you to become in contrast to your own mind.

To conclude, as we can see in this era, the Internet has become the most significant effect for people as the main factor for their living. 

It is a tool that creates variety and supporters for themselves to become more popular. However, the status of them will be organized by themselves which social media can bring you the best version of you can be successor as Youtuber or Streamer and to identify you into the new version that other users know about you. Like a coin that has two sides, social media also create many conflicts between users easily increase as well because how fast the text can post just one click and make other user audiences share to target person to notice or fast to detect that person just doing the negative things to other person like racism or do something illegal without rules that hard enough to stop them before they post. In my opinion, social media is a high risk technology that can harm and bully people by just one click and no morality to think before they start to type those negative messages and it should be more protected or detect censored before it gets announced to all people. 


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