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If you are the person who is reading this blog. It means you are the one who wants to be a successful influencer. Therefore, these are  5 theories that can make you succeed and will help you to persuade and grab the audience’s attention. 

According to the present time, technology and social media are parts of our lives in which everyone can become an influencer such as traveler, vlogger, beauty blogger or instagram influencer. However, it is easy to become an influencer, it also creates competition among the others as well. This is the reason why influencers should know these 5 theories to help you become a superior of competitors, easy to persuade the attention of the audience and can make you become a successful influencer as well.

Here are the 5 theories for influencer to create a numerous audiences

1.Demographic and Psychographic theory

  These two theories came from the traditional method of the audience research.

Firstly, demographic theory is the theory that represents the demographic of the audience’s potential to make you easy to find the target audience and be able to shape your product or channel to appeal in a group of individuals who have similar viewing habits.

  Secondly, psychographic theory is the theory that used to describe the audience by looking at the behaviour and personality traits of its members. After you know the audience’s behavior and audience’s attitude, it is easy to bring the audience’s attention, easy to make your product and your channel fit with them. Moreover, it can attract the viewing and spending habits of the audience as well.

      For example, Teddy House shows that in this situation,the audience is just worried about the Corona incident which makes most of the audiences come out to buy and collect masks in order to protect them from viruses. From this situation, Teddy House uses these theories to analyze the audience behavior. Therefore, they created their own mask which is more attractive and luxurious to grab the attention of the audience. Moreover, it is successful because after the product was released, it sold out within  2 weeks.

2.Audience Analysis theory

 After you know the Demographic and Psychographic audience, then you have to know how to analyze the audience’s expectation before you find your target audience and create your own product or your channel. Firstly, you have to analyze the target audience.To illustrate,target audience is a specific group of people in which a product or marketing message is aimed. If you know the target audience, then you will know the way to match your product or your channel with the audience and consumers. Moreover,knowing the target audience can make you know how to build the media product as well. The media product is anything made by the media industry which it made for the particular audience. However, before you create a media product you have to know the trends in the society which will help your product attract the audience’s attention. 

 For example, in 2020, a trend in society has been concerned about the Colona Virus or Covid-19. Therefore, if you have to create your blog or your channel in this recent time, your blog has to be like what activities that audiences can do while quarantine at home, to follow the trend and relate to the media society. In a similar way, analysing a media product is much easier for you to identify the target audience as well.

3. Hyper Identity theory

To illustrate, specific identities and interests attract specific audiences, bloggers and vloggers can captivate the audience who have the same or different interests to consume something new.Content creators also select the information and content that they want people to perceive. Thus, we have to choose the social media platforms of our channel to show what we want to provide them especially, the positive sides. It can influence people in different ways. For example, the trendy idea lifestyle has many types such as health lifestyle, beauty content, economic, entertainment industry, and saving the world content. If the content attracts many people, they might interact in the same way as the author intends to provide. 

        For instance,the Pokémon is one of the cartoon and video games that many people like to watch and play. After the Pokémon Go launched, more than million people downloaded the application and started to collect the Pokémon in the real world via AR technology.It is shown that people accept their identity between technology and the real world.

        Moreover,content creators can also create the character of the brand to make people remember the image of what they want to sell.For instance,the Michelin tyre company uses the character of Michelin man to represent their brand.It makes the audience memorize the identity of the brand. 

4.Mix influencer identity with brand identity

 After you know how to bring and grab audience attention, then you have to make your brand or your channel become well known as well. Therefore, this is the reason that you have to know the theory of mix influencer identity with the brand identity. It is the theory which collaborates with the brand and influencer together, they choose their own influencer who identity or lifestyle similar with their brand to develop the new identity and create a new visual to make it easy to memorize. Furthermore, it is the way to make the brand simple to recognize and also helps influencers become famous and well known. 

   For example, Mister donut chose Bebe who is one of the popular healthcare influencers to be a brand ambassador,to create a new concept for their brand of Mister Donut. Therefore,Bebe is a health care trend leader, it is the reason that Mister Donut chose her because they think that  if she eats donut,it may impact the audience opinion who follow her to think that it might be healthy and good for health.

 Moreover, Glico, which is the ice-cream brand from Japan, chose Pimtha who is the most popular Thai influencer in social media, to be the presenter for their brand.The visuals of her identity are pretty and interactive,it can help their brand be more valuable. Moreover, after Pimtha became the brand ambassador of Glico,it made her become more popular that many products contacted her to be their presenter as well.

5. Long tail economic and Reverse commodity flow theory

   Moving on to these theories ,since you know how to reach the audience’s interest, we should provide good content to make the target audience consume our channel or our brand continuously.To maintain an effective brand, we have to build audience loyalty. For instance,the media entertainment websites, such as Netflix, analyzed audience’s behaviour by genres, times, frequency and search history. This data is used to create new content, watch lists and recommended movies can keep consumers coming back. Furthermore, we have to maintain a social media presence for the audience to keep up with the information all the time. Feedback also be an important factor to adjust the shortcomings in which consumers can interact and give their opinion toward the brand.More than that, we can provide a game to make consumer participate and attracted them to follow our channel such as random giveaway voucher for the audience who subscribe the channel. These can increase the consumer opportunity and also related to consumer’s trustworthy. More people subscribe your channel,more reliable that consumer will trust.

  These are the helpful methods for the beginner and content creator to know the way to become a successful influencer.The most consequential factor is to build a loyalty of an audience so that they will consume our product all over the time. Thus, you have to maintain an interesting content and pull out the strength of your brand to attract the target audience. In the digital world, there are several media platforms which the influencer and the audiences are easy to access ,maintain, and perceive information.It is an opportunities for the content creator to create a modern brand. Thus, people who want to become an influencer and don’t know how to begin, you can follow our tricks and use these 5 theories to adapt for your brand, channel, and service as well. We hope that our blog will help you in an effective way and be the practice to accomplish the goal.

So, this is a example of the successful influencer 

Huda Kattan – Beauty influencer 

Pimtha Manalertruengkul – lifestyle influencer

Ashley Alexander  – Food influencer

Baby Ariel – Music influencer

Paul Nicklen – Photography Influencers

 Here,we will also attach the infographic to make you more understand about these 5 theories and for people who are interested,you can be able to download as well.