1. Kosirae 

Starting with the first restaurant, “Kosirae” is a Korean BBQ restaurant which offers Buffet and A la cart. There are served only pork: will be including pork marinated in Korean sauce, pork belly and pork neck. There are many parts to choose from. Whether it is pork loin, pork fillet, and pork shoulder, paired with crispy fresh lettuce dipped in a super delicious sauce. In addition, this will be served with side dishes such as cockles, fresh vegetables, salad, vegetables, papaya salad, Korean salad. All of above are unlimited refills. 

As for the atmosphere of this restaurant, it is comfortable to sit and chill in. The shop has 3 floors. Be aware that you have to hurry to book the queue because the queue is always tight as for the duration of the buffet. If two people come together, the time limit is 90 minutes. If you come with 4 or more people, you can sit for 2 hours. 

Location: Soi Sukhumvit 57, Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Ton Nuea Subdistrict, Vadhana District., Bangkok

Open hours: everyday 11.30 AM – 21.00PM

Price: 299++ 

2. Dong Dae Moon Restaurant 

Dong Dae Moon Korean restaurant, no time limit!! That has both typical Korean food menus and grilled buffet in Khao San district.

One of the best Korean BBQ pork in Bangkok. The taste is original Korean food. Korean grilled pork belly, side dish. Especially kimchi of this restaurant is extremely delicious. Dong Dae Moon will have both the grill itself and the grill by staff. If you want the staff, you can be able to notify the staff immediately. As for the buffet, only pork belly and 4 kimchi side dishes are fried morning glory, cucumber oil, papaya, lettuce and served with Koju-chan sauce. And also, there are many non-buffet Korean food such as kimchi soup, Korean pizza, bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetable), kimbap (seaweed wrapped rice ball), and many other menus that can be eaten as you wish.

Location: Khaosan Rd, Soi Soi Ram Buttri, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok (No Parking)

Open hours: everyday 9.00 AM – 22.00PM

Price: 310 baht/person 

3. Iron Age

Iron Age, Korean grilled buffet starting at 199 baht. Unlimited refills! 90 minutes. There are many varieties of pork to choose from whether it be pork belly, pork neck and eating with vegetables and side dishes. For the buffet price, there are many prices to choose from requirement of customers including: 

  • Buffet price 199 baht, only pork menu
  • Buffet price 299 baht including pork, seafood
  • Buffet price 399 baht including pork, beef, seafood, cola, refill and ice cream
  • Buffet price 499 baht including pork, beef, seafood, beer, refill * This price does not include 7% tax, 3% service charge

“Iron Age Korean Steak House” is a restaurant that is prepared with many ingredients and details. As the owner and staff are Korean. Therefore, they want to present original taste and high quality at an accessible price as though eating in Korea.

Location: Samakke- Prachachuen Rd., the restaurant is inside the One One Food Avenue project, floor 2, Food Tower.

Open hours: Sunday-Thursday 11.00 AM – 22.00 PM

Friday- Saturday 11.00 AM – 23.00 PM

4. The BBQ

The B.B.Q is a new landmark of grill lovers located on Ekkamai area that That open until 5 am. It’s also convenient to travel. The price quite reasonable, with a selection of good quality meat, served with a variety of authentic Korean side dishes for grilling. The BBQ, offering authentic Korean flavors for everyone to taste the authentic taste of Korean grilled pork. Including kimchi recipes, dipping sauces and various side dishes by skilled Korean chefs who intend to create for Thais to eat.

For the main menu here, will focus on serving as a set. There are 4 types to choose from, including Chadol-Samhap is weeping Tiger set, Woo-Samhap is beef belly. This set is especially suitable for meat lovers. and Daepae-Samhap is pork belly set. But if anyone can eat everything or can not choose which set to start. Suggest to try Combo Set (1,178 baht) that is full of deliciousness, both beef and pork in the same set, with served with kimchi and bean sprouts. Which is a popular side dish of Korean grilled food. For those who want to eat many kinds of meat, they can also order a la carte. It is recommended to add more deliciousness and usefulness by wrapping fresh vegetables served with meat. Eat with kimchi and pour The B.B.Q special sauce on top before wrapping it to fit. It will be feel the mellowness of all the ingredients while chewing together.

Location: 1221/4 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Neua, Wattana District., Bangkok

Open hours: everyday 12.00 PM – 05.00AM

Price: 500-100 baht/person

5. Nice two Meat u

Nice two meat u, The most popular grill shop in Siam Square area. Apart from having a delicious grilled menu such as smoked pork belly and sliced ​​pork with sauce. There are many Korean food menus to choose from, such as “Shake Shake Rice Box”, a Korean style lunch box that must be shaken before eating. And also “Bulgogi Pork”, the pork stir-fried with the Korean sauce eating with steamed rice is a delicious addition. Another menu that would like to recommend is “Fresh raw crabs marinated in a mild soy-sauce based brine”. The restaurant used seafood crabs (1,050 baht) that choose only pickled crabs in a special recipe from Korea. Served with a delicious seafood sauce. Anyone who has tried it has to be fascinated. 

The atmosphere in the store is very pleasant with modern style decoration. The staff also provide grilling service. Customers like us sit and eat comfortably. The price of each menu here will start at around 250 baht per menu but not more than 500 baht (except seafood crab menu). It is a good price for the deliciousness and the variety of food menus there.

Location: Siam Square Soi 3, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 

Open hours: everyday 11.00 AM – 23.00 PM

Price: 500-100 baht/person