In our world today people listen to music a lot, and it seems like music has merged with our daily life. While travelling, relaxing, partying, or even doing work it seems that music has been involved in these many kinds of activities in our life. Music can’t be made without musicians, social media also changes the way musicians distribute their work to the world too. Social media has influenced the way we as an audience listen to music and the way musicians as the author of music promote or distribute their work. Today we’re gonna take a look at the role of media in Music industry.

Change of music listening’s behavior 

 As we know the rate of users of social media is increasing a lot year by year and it will continue to grow rapidly. This means the way we consume or listen to music has completely changed. In the past we’re limited with technology problems. We can’t really share music that we like to our friends, or if we want to listen to a song while we’re out of our residence we must bring a mp3 with us to listen to music offline. In the past we listened to music through radio and later it developed into an mp3 and nowadays it has a ton of ways we listen to music through our smart phone. There are a lot of music streaming platforms in the media that we can listen to everywhere and at any time. Spotify, Joox, Apple music, Youtube music are many social platforms that we used to listen to music nowadays.

Streaming Platform

These applications came with a subscription method per month, but we also can use it for free. Many of the application have collected big data of the users so when we listen to different kind of music Spotify as an example, if I listen to a lot of RNB(rhythm and blue) or Jazz type of music the application will collect the taste of music that I often listen and it will shuffle the same kind of music that I listen to it. This makes it so convenient for the listener to listen to different kinds of genres that they want. The artist also could be connected more closely with the fans through their individual social media account.

“Without music life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Musician have more control over their work

     When musicians or producers produce any song out, they want people to listen to it. There are many specific ways to promote their work, especially with the help of new media it even easier. In the past musicians must be in a record label and these labels will distribute the music to the show to promote them. In fact these musicians will gain less control over the music. However the table has just turned. With the social media platform it has given the opportunity to the musician with more control over the distribution and money of their works. Artists no longer needed to be in a record label or needed to be famous anymore. Some artists don’t need to follow the trend or don’t need to change their genre to appeal to more people, instead they can remain their work and create whatever they want through social media. Artists could just easily publish their work online and people will start to listen to them and share them through online. And they don’t need to share the money with the record label, all the money from the show or the music will go straight to them.

Many artists have quit record labels and become independent. This has increased the amount of Indie artists to grow whether in Thailand or western countries. Example Chance the rapper he started to become famous through uploading his music through social media. Safeplanet indie Thai pop bands have started their own channel and continue to share the work through online and now they’ve become one of the trending bands in Thailand. Even Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth two of the most famous artist become notice through their work that are uploaded online. About 46 percent of people chose to listen to indie music that almost half of people around the globe. Not even the individual artist, the record label also started using social media to promote the music. Such as Loveis promote the artist work through youtube, instagram and facebook. 

Shawn Mendes first video on youtube
Chance the rapper also started doing song without record label.

Increasing chance for a personal brand

People tend to share their music that they’re listening to. Instagram has a feature where they allow people to share the song online. With more followers on the artist the more chances they could create their own personal brand. Artists with many followers, the more sponsors they will receive. Kedrick Lamar teamed up with Nike to create the shoes limited edition. On his tour Kedrick would wear it on and people will start to talk about it. This way the company also gets free promotion from Kedrick’s action. Another example is Coachella, one of the biggest music festivals in the world. They’ve partnered up with Vantage.TV company. To create a Virtual reality or VR to recreate the Coachella event for the people who missed out on the event. 

Nike React Element 55 one of the collaboration of Nike and Kedrick Lamar

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.”

Keith Richard

How could you really show up to the spotlight 

     However it seems really easier for people to be an artist than before however it has a high risk, musicians must know that, they’re a lot of competitors online. Due to the fact that  social media is like a borderless world. There’s a million or even billion of people who are talented as them but might not be able to show up to the spotlight. These are the risks that you need to take if you want to become an independent artist. 

     To wrap things up social media have completely introduced people to a new way of listening to music, and also introduced a new way for a producer, musician to distribute their work to the public. There might come with a huge benefit for tons of talents around the globe, on the other hand, media are like a coin where it also has a down side. Artists must compete with many more talented artists around the globe as well. In the past it was harder to get your work out to the public, but in the present it is harder how to get attention from the public and how to stay up in the spotlight as long as you could. That depends on yourself that you’ve enough passion to become a great musician and you dare to step out of your comfort zone or no.