Have you ever been waiting for a tv program on Friday midnight? Or Have you been waking up early for your favorite cartoon show? Are you still doing it now?


Television is an entertainment media for every age and has become a part of people’s life since the 20th century. Television contains every kind of program that people would follow such as news, sports, products, and entertainment like series and movies. Timeflies, the internet that has also become a major part of people’s routine in the present days, causes television to be overlooked and probably vanished soon…

However, I think you can see that many Thai tv channels have been shut down due to technology disruption. This causes them don’t want to invest, to say bye from television and say hi to online platforms.

These channels have disappeared from the TV.


The cause for people to stop using television could be looked into both producer and consumer’s perspective since it has too many obstacles to provide, interact, and ingest. I am going to provide some of the motivation for them to shift their interest to online media platforms instead. 

What is the reason why producers don’t want to invest in television anymore?

Here’s the reason!


The cost for screen time in big Television channels such as Ch. 3, 7, top news is at least up to 128,000 Thai Baht which excludes the price for the fixed cost that could sum up to 1,000,000 Thai Baht. This has become that the one on the television is the same face for most of the time due to the high consumption cost. There is no cost for making content online which is way better because there are applications specifically for broadcasting and uploading content throughout the internet such as Youtube and Twitch which means that there are more content creators than on television since everyone could be one.

Thai Television’s advertisement fee is decreasing due to the loss of viewers number. According to the low viewer rate, the viewer that can see the advertisement will also shrink. The reason that lower the view rate of Thai television advertisements is because Thai people have switched to online media. Thus, advertisements would invest more in social media and banners throughout the website. 

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Another reason is about fixed costs for broadcasting on television, for instance, the studio rental price, the salary of their employee, their well-being, and more while in online platforms there are fewer limitations and the fixed cost is reduced. 

For example, Thai content creator and streamer on Youtube called HEARTROCKER, he started making videos on youtube in 2012 by only using his laptop and earphone. In nowadays he becomes successful in Youtube careers and has over 7 million subscribers. In comparison with Na Nake, he started his own company in 2013 and later went bankrupt.

And this is his opinion of him who has been in the TV industry for a long time.

Due to the video(17.00-24.00), Na Nake (Ket-Saepsawad Palakawong Na Ayutthaya), has been a producer and MC since 1996.

“The advertisement screentime in television used to be 400,000 up to 500,000 Thai Baht per minute even if the time is at 5 am, you could still become a billionaire from that because there are only a few channels but there are high demands but later on in the Digital TV era”
said Na Nake.

He achieved his goal of having his own company which involved around variety show but after his success, the company got bankrupt due to the advertisement screentime cost reduced to 30,000 at most 50,000 per minute and according to it he couldn’t invest into it more since it is not worth the price and time spent since he has to pay for various stuff such as the studio rental, costume, guest and etc.

But after he bankrupted, he started to invest in an online platform that initially started by using only 2 phones using one for broadcasting and another one for calling people for his own variety show.

This could be an example of why producers transferred from traditional media to online media platforms.

You may have heard of TV monopolies.

It’s literally REAL!

Nowadays there are many producers that come to expose the TV monopolies.

It restricted the content that has been produced due to lack of minor content creators according to the investment, they have to be risked to create one.

Reduced cost

In the past, if the customer wanted to install the Set-top box The customer would have to pay for the installation,  Set-top box, and the time it takes for a technician to install it. And the company had to pay for the cost of producing a Set-top box, Wages for employees to install equipment, ETC. This has lowered the profit for the company but after the company shifts to online platforms, it increased the surplus a lot since the company only has to pay for the development of the application. This has helped the company to reduce costs.

For example, Line TV They do not even have their own TV channels, only applications that are very popular, or True ID, which previously had to have a Set-top box, but they changed to application

Advertising that does not match the target  

For television, it can’t provide the advertisement that is in the field of viewer’s interest since it has to be Livestream for a lot of people with different taste at the same time and it also doesn’t have enough information for the advertisement provider to put up the advertisement into what the viewers want to see or has an attraction on the television, while in the other hand, In online platforms, it could gather information by using digital trace to provide what advertisement that is in your field of interest or expertise. With this, it would bring up the profit from the investment.


Take a look at the customer side which is also you the readers…

Well, this might be your reason why customers do not want to watch T.V. anymore!


Normally, television channels are sorted by numbers. Viewers have to choose a channel in order to watch. Not only that, each channel that is projected is not the same. If you are not the television type of person, you will never know what will be shown for us to see.

On the other hand, an online platform has an algorithm that collects your data from your history and provides you the recommendation. For instance, Youtube has recommended videos on the home page and under the video that you are watching.

So, online media would attract you guys more. Right? Imagine the platform that understands you and can get what you want that would surely impress you. Moreover, Youtube also has many high-quality channels and content out there provided for you to watch 😀  

You can watch what you crave whenever you desire!

While you have to manage your time and patiently wait to watch the show you want on tv, you could easily watch it on an online platform in your free time without having to wait for the schedule to be aligned with your leisure time. 

For example, An application called Netflix could be used instead of television for watching shows since you can pause and skip the part you don’t want to watch such as for some people don’t want to watch the opening and ending of the shows you can easily skip on Netflix by using the skip the intro button which can save your time and watch the content you want continuously. You also have more privacy since you could watch on any platform that has access to the internet. 

You can interact with the producer

Teenagers especially Gen Y and Gen Z like to share their opinions and discuss. Which TV live broadcast has limitations because the audience can only be watching but on online platforms, it allows the audience to comment such as Facebook Live or the latest trend like Clubhouse both of are Two-way Interaction. 

Photo by: https://www.wowza.com/blog/facebook-live-tips-for-broadcasters

Which Facebook Live is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, celebrities have started to host their programs on Facebook, and another reason that Facebook will become the main channel to receive media. For example, The Standard is a media that doesn’t have its TV channels, they use online as the main channel. And the topic is distributed neatly, allowing the audience to choose what kind of media to receive, such as politics or entertainment, which makes this media more popular than some TV media.

From all of this

These are some of the reasons that television is dying since new technology came to take part in the role instead of the previous one with better features and higher quality. This is an opportunity for both producers and consumers to switch their earlier platforms into online platforms. Just like how newspapers used to be before according to the difference of lifestyle and routine between people from different generations.