“This is going to be horrible.” I said this out loud when I was lying in my bed, reading the statement from the BJM office informing us that they are going to move all the courses online due to the situation of Covid-19.

This morning, as always, I woke up at 9:25 sharp, washed my face, and brushed my teeth while connecting my computer to join an online class. Trying to concentrate on the lesson but keep on distracting by the dog that sat beside me. Computer, iPad and my phone became part of my body. I have never expected to study online; sitting in front of the computer spending day by day from my home, and losing my precious moment in university. Meeting people at the university is my routine. I have always studied with my friends and interacted with them. Needless to say, campus was a big part of our social life. We spent the majority of our time here; eating, drinking, talking, and partying with friends. At this moment, where we cannot even go to our accommodations, I cannot deny that I miss going to the university.I feel like I am losing my special moments as a student.  I have to adapt a lot for the quarantine because I used to be out more than being at home like the other extrovert people would. I realize that I actually prefer studying at university because I love meeting people. I miss the life that I used to live.

The first online class I had was JM 310 Editorial and Article Writing with Professor Bruce Avasadanond. I was a little lost when my professor told us that this week we are going to have a presentation as scheduled, but we are going to present it through texting. Our group was having a group call and trying to type the presentation as fast as possible while trying to catch up on hundreds of messages that keep popping up in the chat box. It was a very exhausting class, however, the worst is yet to come. 

“We have to finish our class by the end of March.” the announcement from AJ. Bruce, that moment I knew I’m going to have an unforgettable experience with online class. To meet the deadline, all courses have to condense all their materials in a span of few lectures meaning I have more tasks to complete in this short period of time. The situation is very stressful. I now understand the quote, “so many things to do but so little motivation.” Though it seems studying at home is more convenient, I cannot deny that I feel more stressed and the lessons seem to be harder than in class.

The final project submission due date has also been moved from a month to only 11 days. This unforeseen reschedule posted a challenge to me and my teammates. To adapt to the new deadline, we have to make a conference everyday for at least 3 hours a day. Everything has been so rushed and unexpected. Fortunately, most of our professors understand our situation and lower their work standards to meet with abnormal conditions.

Nonetheless, there are also some good things in bad things. I have a chance to talk with the people I have never before spoken with on my social media by answering their questions on Instagram’s story or challenging my friends tagged me. These are things I usually would not engage with in a normal situation, but, due to the state of solitude I am imprisoned in, I am forced to talk to more people. This makes me realize that I actually have a great number of wonderful and talented people around me, for instance, my classmate in high school which is now studying gaming and design. I really enjoy talking to him about the game. He even drew a portrait of myself as a gift. “Maybe social distance also can make people even closer to each other, I guess?” said my “new” friend.

Besides, quarantine gives us more time for ourselves. It makes me realize something I have never understood before, for example, realizing that happiness can also seek by sitting and talking with a loved one. Although I found that I have time for myself more and no need to be stuck on traffic jams I just have to log in to the online classes at a specific time, and when the classes are over, I will have all the time to spend for myself. I do enjoy spending my time with family, reading a book that I brought a long time ago but never touched, playing the guitar, and even cooking. I also feel more comfortable to study privately. The situation might be bad but always find little happiness in it.

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