The word “hashtag”. It helps people create disparate posts and conversations centered around the same topic easier to find and search.  Hashtags are formed by using a pound sign (#) in front of a word with no punctuation or spaces. Using hashtags, users can find all the posts around a certain event, theme, mood or more. This also makes it a great tool for marketers to gather ideas and join in on wide-ranging conversations. However, the effectiveness of each hashtag also required the participation of the user which can enhance and improve it in a better way. In every social media, hashtag plays an important role by containing specific information that we interested in one hashtag such as #covid19 we can see many people post about coronavirus news. For that reason, we mostly use the hashtag in everyday life to stay updated, give opinions and make social movements but at some point, it might not be effective due to social value. In this article, we will provide a contrast between hashtag Thai and international to perceive how different they make it successful.

As the world is changing around, social media has become one of the important things in daily life. People can update and write information through the media in real-time or sometimes they create hashtags that are trendy therefore there are numerous hashtags that become a trend in Thailand but some are effective and some are ineffective. Hashtags in Thailand become a trend easily by word or sentence from a famous or well-known person then they will gain a lot of attention to let people participate in this hashtag. For instance, on twitter, there have many viral hashtags about #Save… which people attend to save their own favorite food or people and these hashtags arise every day but it seems worthless to our society, and can’t make a social movement or else. However, it is effective in view of marketing which produces a hashtag about their own product and reaches the audience by giving an influencer beginning to use this hashtag and become number one hashtag on-trend therefore the hashtag will ring the bell then the consumer will take an interest and buy it. Not to mention serious hashtags which people have to be concerned about it but occasionally it is not in the mainstream hence the audience will not receive an alert message or information. On the other hand, most trending in Thailand were trivial matters such as the imagined couple and advertisement. Also, some hashtags that were solemn or used to be a trend, we see it repetitiously similar to a normal hashtag therefore we don’t pay attention to it as we know it happening every day.

For instance, #pm25dust it used to be trending on 2019 and people worry about it then they posted on twitter about government should act on this situation then they try to dust off for that reason to compare with the return of the dust on 2020, the level of PM2.5 rose on the hazardous level, the hashtag on-trend again but the government did not concern about this problem even though they were facing this situation in daily life therefore they tell the people to buy the Hygenic mask for themselves. It can obviously see that hashtag in Thailand is not effective as well due to the lack of support from the government and the hypertruth of people which desensitize to it as we see it as a normal thing. Nevertheless, at least one of hundred issues hashtag become effective such as #theroyalmotorcade that has been a problem for years. People make a demand for the government to resolve a problem by producing hashtag and social movement again therefore they listen to people and adjust by not block road routes. In order to say that we created a hashtag, we joined it, we controlled it as we want the media to move in which way or trend, we choose it. We are part of the media to make it a movement and drive our society to the next level. 

Speaking about the hashtag, there are various effective and ineffective ways which have been used all over the world. Specifically, this consequence will talk much more about the international ones. To instant, there are several talks of the town hashtags these days but for now will focus a little more in detail in “#covid-19” which is the most trending hashtag recently. It is the name of the virus that is spreading in people which firstly occurred in China and more in many countries day by day. People can catch up with the current situation via social media which mostly can be seen on twitter. Twitter is the fastest application for the audience posting and updating the news fluently. Some news outlets post and inform the data via Twitter since it is easy to reach and perceive. People can have personal relations and social interactions with each other by just retweeting and replying. Recently, #covid19 is hardly increasing all over around to be categorized into the numbers. Moreover, the international hashtags also give a rise in personal interactions and social relations movement. For the case study, Iran’s twitter revolution. With the hashtag, individuals from all over the globe are organically sending knowledge and information out into the world by merely typing a symbol already in existence. But by doing so, all relevant posts have now been segregated by topic and are thus easily digestible to virtually everyone on the globe. In many ways, it is spontaneous order at its finest. This knowledge as it exists on Twitter and other social media outlets today not only spreads intellectual information about a given topic. It goes further and spreads the human experience of a specific time or place associated with a hashtag. While Hayek probably never fathomed the hashtag, he did seem to grasp the importance of knowledge deriving from personal experience and eyewitness accounts.  But a little reflection will show that there is beyond question a body of very important but unorganized knowledge which cannot possibly be called scientific in the sense of knowledge of general rules: the knowledge of the particular circumstances of time and place.”Unless you were on the ground in Tehran during its 2009 elections, you would have had no idea what was going on during the country’s media blackout. However, thanks to Twitter and the use of hashtags, the oppressed citizenry was able to tell their stories, unique to a specific time and place, as Hayek says. But because each Twitter user possessed their own unique knowledge of the situation relative to their experience, a wider range of information was able to be spread. Another phenomenon Hayek postulated without ever speculating the hashtag’s role in society. And also the hashtag that was created to convince the audience about “Isis”. For example, the youth has been propagating over the isis hashtag on Twitter to be on their side.

As we can perceive from the various hashtags in Thailand, it is really obvious that hashtags in Thai social media contain both effective and ineffective hashtags. For instance, hashtag #CUTUBALL74, we can see a lot of comments and individual opinions toward this issue. This hashtag was made for promoting the traditional football game event and using it as a medium to spread out the ideas. Furthermore, on our opinion toward this topic, the comparison on Thai hashtag and international hashtag indicate the difference of action after the hashtag was generated. 

Some hashtags in Thai media merely be in the mainstream for a short period which can be said that it is easy come, easy go and the sector that should be responsible for the action are taking those hashtags for granted. Consequently, our solution to tackle down the wall of ineffective hashtags will be provided in the following order. Firstly, the media user or media participant should create the impact hashtags which will raise the significant movement and draw the attention from the public in order to gain action from the society. Secondly, the purpose of the hashtags must be considered as a main factor, setting the goal for each hashtag on social media can help us to reach success. The clear goal of the hashtag will portray the standing point of the hashtag itself. Thirdly, the media sector such as news organisations and the government should be required as a channel to spread and take action from the hashtag. The hashtag is working as a mouthpiece for the new generation to express their opinions and share their ideas. Last but not least, the participant of each hashtag should focus on the content of the hashtag and not try to use it in a wrong way. To clarify, reaching out to the audience, the hashtag should not be used as a marketing tool. If the hashtag was created for the specific movement then there should not consist of the content for selling products or known as “Fark raan” and “Fark kyai” in Thai.  

Finally, the hashtags which are used in different areas indicate the existing problem in our society. In many countries, the hashtag was used to illustrate the trend in the meantime. However, to make the effective hashtag and effective consequence, it all needs cooperation from both creator and participant to develop and use those hashtags as a tool to enhance our society. Plus, it also requires a big action from every sector to make it practical and become a concrete object.