2019 ESL: CS GO (counterstike global offensive)tournament
If you not sure what is esport? I have the answer for you

With increasingly more predominant press covering the universe of computer games nowadays,you can’t denied that you see people talk about it, but if you want to know what e sport really is, i’ll get you in to it.

mainly , esports is the aggregate term used to depict serious gaming at an expert level, with the top e sports players regularly being the absolute best on the planet at their individual game. Serious gaming is definitely not another idea using any and all means, however having proficient computer game players who get by through contending much the same as traditional games certainly is,at least in the America,and Europe.If you are beginner with the e sport , now i’m here to help you.

What is eSport?

2019 ESL: CS GO (counterstike global offensive)tournament

Esports is short for electronic sports, esports is competitive video gaming in team to against each other at a professional level, normally winning gigantic sum of cash as prizes.These esports players are contracted to play for a wide range of associations, much like a football or baseball would be. These groups rehearse and contend on their individual game similarly as a footballer or other sportsperson would as well, esport do the same, bring individual or team of player together to do a fight in a game like CSGO one of the most downloaded game in the world.

What makes a game an eSport?

Any games that it’s multiplayer can become esport, even though all of big game like DOTA 2 esports and CSGO esport regularly set as most entertainment game to play.

There are two components that really important in helping a game to become esport ; enjoyable and balance or be fare. The first one is not thing much, supposing that a game isn’t fun to play, at that point it won’t be pleasant to watch and players will lose interest rapidly. Then again, balance is the main thing because we games doesn’t have balance it will not be interesting at all.For example if one type of gun or one of the gun are way better than other in CSGO, every time you watch the competition you will see every player play that gun ,so it’s will make the match so boring.

Where can you watch esports?

The most common place to watch esport nowadays is online. PCs, tablets, cell phones and smart TVs are for the most part ideal for streaming live for free. The most popular platform for stream nowadays we can’t denied that is Twitch and YouTube. These two these two streaming platform offer bunches of official esports competitions, and other content about the games, player and team.

Esports are also have a mainstream in television these day as well. ESPN and TBS have broadcast esport too and it’s actually grow rapidly,they might be willing to focus on this part now.

How can you play competing in esports?

Almost everygames will have a ranking system where you’ll face with other online player but still ,not every time that we play with human sometimes we face with bot, anyway this mode will have a bit different rule than the regular mode,with some round or money in the game are different.

At one point when you start to win a lot in rank and your name are in top 50 player in the game,that is when you ready for the next step.This is the place each game shifts, since games that have first-party esports support from the developer themselves will have a simple technique to compete.

There is some game such as call of duty or warframe that it rely on tried party platform like FACIT and ESL that to provide esports services.These two site are doing the same way,by having a tournament and league for player who register in the site.The main part about these two site is that is you can link your online ID, whether it’s PSN, Xbox Live, or one of the many PC service.From there, you can register for leagues and you can play rank mode on it too. Don’t worries about that feeling that you have to do it the best in this site like you can but not that serious ,you don’t have to feeling like it’s a rank match because is not the official mode to play ,even though  very thing in this site is the same as rank match;you can play every time you want because is free to play,like some people just want to escape from all the pressure in the ranked match,so they come in the site and approve their play instead.

At one point where you play a lot and feeling like confident with your play whether with the team or solo, you’ll be able to play in open qualifiers ,to see of you can be fully pro.Usually ,these will also be online. Lets recap ,so every game is still different and sometimes there’ll be local events like ROV valor city tour which allows anyone to represent there own franchised teams.Still that is the specifics for each game will be different,so just do some research about it.Lastly, if your or you teams skilled are good enough ,there is some chance that you will be signed to an organization ,so good luck guys.

How can you make CAREER OUT OF ESPORTS?

Like pro athletics, just the best players on the planet can contend at the most significant level.The ease of access to these games makes the chance of turning into an pro open to anybody, yet simply the great player will proceed to have professions in the field.At one point when you feel like you reach a high level in your game of choice, consider starting stream on any kind of platform such as, YOUTUBE ,TWITCH ,OR FACEBOOK to make some fan or money, and look for local tournament to compete in.

If you decide and ready to become professional , be sure to get right equipment for your self too.An excellent gaming PC and a comfortable gaming chair can actually make you improve your skill and move you the the next level too.

Lastly i hope this article help you a lot to become professional lets go guys know you can do it!!!