Scroll through your application list; you will probably find yourself constantly clicking on only a couple of apps out of the so many you’ve downloaded over and over again. You might say that you need them for a specific reason, but just be honest with yourself; you are addicted to it, not that you need it every second. There is an estimate of 1.85 million and even more applications available during 2020. But only a few of the applications make it to the top downloaded list. You will often find applications on your app store that only have a couple of downloads, despite their well-designed and catchy functions. But most people will choose not to download it due to its low download rate. We’re here to tell you that applications that have low download rates aren’t as bad as they think! Now sit back and get ready to be introduced to underrated apps, which will open a new world for you from lifestyle to education apps.

1. Simpler Expense Manager 

Let this excellent application manage your purse! This platform is effectively designed for users who want to calculate their expenditure and show the ratio of their financial management each month. The design looks contemporary and easily functional. Users can track their monthly overview of expenses. The downside of this application is that it is only available on IOS devices. However, there is no need to pay to use the application. Also, it is possible to link with iCloud and the currency which they use on their iPhones. This application is suitable for people who are often lavish or spend money like water. Don’t forget to record! It will definitely make your life easier!

2. Mooda 

Mooda is one of the best mood-tracking applications. Users can update their mood swings as much as they desire, and it will show the monthly overview of their emotions. It helps users who suffer from mood swings or anxiety know their feelings since many do not realize what is happening mentally and handle it. This application is essential due to its significant effect on reporting what is going on with your mental health. Moreover, the design is very chic for teenagers because of the use of cute round faces (as seen in the picture) to represent different moods; despite having a terrible day, the face remains cute. Anyone can have access to this fantastic application since it is available both on IOS and Android devices. There would be some charges to use the application but compared to what you get, it is worth it.

3. Soundhound

Have you ever heard a song while walking in a mall and wonder what song it is? Why is it so familiar but cannot think of its name, or is this song so good? How can I listen to it again? I believe everyone has experienced these problems I mentioned before. What do you do? Remember the lyrics and google it afterward? What if you forgot it or it is in a language you do not know? These problems will disappear if you have the application, Soundhound. Soundhound is an application that finds you the music you are looking for. Just open the application and click the start button, adjust your device where it is exposed to the sound, wait a few seconds, and all the information of the song and the artist will appear on your screen. It is also capable of searching by lyrics. Soundhound can find even pieces without lyrics like classical music or background music. This application is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry World without any charges. Soundhound is definitely an underrated application that should get more attention.

4. Yummly

Yummly can help you deal with annoying questions you have to face every single day. What do you want to eat? Yummly provides menus, recipes, and nutritional information for each dish. You can also customize your eating habits for the application to personalize recommendation dishes just for you. With all the fantastic pictures posted along with each menu, it will unquestionably increase your appetite. Another exciting feature that comes with the application is that you can scan the ingredients you have and automatically discover hundreds of recipes for you to cook. This application is free to use. However, you can pay $4.99 per month if you want to unluck the pro-version. You can create a cooking plan, a meal plan, or a shopping list with the pro-version. You will also gain access to so many step-by-step recipes from culinary professionals. Yummly is available on both iOS and Android. Don’t hesitate to give this application a try.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Do you ever find yourself dozing off in class and not knowing how to complete your assignments or have a problem understanding your lectures? Answer engine, available for both IOS and Android users, including a website for users who want to gain free access, Wolfram Alpha, is here for you with a detailed step-by-step explanation of every course from science and technology society and culture. Wolfram supports mathematical signs, unlike other answer engines that cannot detect unique characters, which makes the answer more precise and accurate. It doesn’t only provide you one result, but it also gives you different step-by-step procedures to answer, which will boost users’ understanding. Users may be concerned about the reliability of doing research, but Wolfram Alpha collects expert reviews, statistics, visualization, source cross-checking from reliable sites and textbooks.

6. DailyArt

Get daily art knowledge available in 16 languages and allow DailyArt to take you through a journey to enhance your connotation. Get inspired with world masterpieces and minority art pieces around the world! DailyArt won’t only get you to know the art piece but also get the idea behind its creation. It will only take you 2 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes you have each day to learn something about art appreciation and awaken your inner self. You won’t have to pay for tickets for the art museum; with DailyArt at hand, it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. All you have to do is open up DailyArt and swipe right to discover new art pieces. You will no longer have to Google up every art piece you want to know about, type it in DailyArt, and it will lead you directly to it.

7. Worrydolls

Originated by the highland indigenous people of Guatemala and inspired by the developer’s childhood and personally suffers anxiety. As a child, his grandmother gave him a doll, and his grandma told him that the doll would take all his worries away by telling the doll his worries. You can tell the Worrydoll your worries, and it will listen to you, which will provide the user some sort of cognitive-behavioral therapy that will reduce anxiety. When you’ve overcome your worries, you can tell the Worrydoll to stop worrying too! Another exciting function would be keeping track of your worries. Take notes about your worries and how you overcome them! It’s not only a place for users to spill out their worries but, in the meantime, acts as a journal for you to look back at and learn from your life journey.

8. Maps me

Who loves traveling? Maps me serves your needs! This application is handy for people who often get lost when there is no access to the internet. Maps me quickly became popular among travelers since users can download the offline map of the whole world. However, we would like to recommend this application to general people too. The design is rather practical and modern; moreover, the map covers footpaths, bicycle paths, roads, and hiking trails. People can preload the map before traveling so the users can access the location and local resources. Again, no need to have access to the internet because this outstanding platform works perfectly offline and gives very accurate results! Let’s download Maps Me.

9. Yindii

With this application, you can help save the world and enjoy yummy food at a bargain price at the same time. Yindii is at the rescue to help surplus food from restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores before they get dumped at the end of the day, which will lead to less food waste. Buyers will be able to buy these foods at a special price which can reach a discount of up to 70% from their original cost. There are features such as the “Yindii box,” which contains various unsold foods that you can purchase without knowing what is inside, similar to a surprise box.  The food can be taken to you by delivery service or pick up by yourself. IOS users and Android users can download this excellent application. Don’t miss out on this fantastic application.

Generally, the number of downloads might refer to how successful or how good that application is. However, users will not give every app a chance of blowing up, especially if it is from a small company or an unknown creator.

According to what we have mentioned above, we would like to support these applications worth downloading by recommending them to everyone. You will be surprised by how well it works and also wonder why it is so underrated.