Starting from analog to digital world. Making music is one of my happiness in life. In this modern day , method and workflow had change from the past. It is easier and I will show you shortcut and trick I use . People always think that making your own music video is hard but in my opinion everything is hard when you start. “Imagination is everything humans need.” You can make it now by follow along this blog  

First you need a concept

Writing a songs is the first step . For beginner, I recommended that you think the concept of the songs along with music video . “It always good to know which direction before you sail” . I know you have lots of question . How to start the concept ?  Do the songs name come first ? Do you need to write music first ? . It depend on people technique but I like to write a “key lyrics”  first . “Key lyrics is the word or sentence that you will write this songs about . For example my “ beautiful girls , Midnight Sunday , songs about jane (maroon 5) “

How to make it a song

If you are a beginner I suggest you to go online and pick a beats without lyrics that you like and start to put your “key lyrics” and sentence to it . I know it is hard but after few days with hard work you will get some “ lit”. If you know how to make a beats feel free to make one and put your “key lyrics “ to it .

For pop songs .You need to put verse , hook and bridge(optional) to the beats . That’s all

Start recording !!!

Buy beat,songs that you like and import it to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) program . Connect a mic to your computer . Create a recording mic track and setup the input of your daw to mic and your output to your speakers .

You are good to go . Now it is show time . Hit record

Mixing and Mastering

Making a songs is like cooking you need a good ingredient and a good cooking . Mixing and mastering is a cooking stage you want your song to be loud and clean .In this Internet 3.0 ,  We don’t need to do it ourself !! We will use AI to do it buy uploading your songs and let AI mix and master your track  .

Check out this web

Check the songs

You got your master piece now right? Check it first and give it to your friend and family to hear it out . If you satisfied with the songs we will shoot our mv now .


 The first rule is you want to make a story board and types for your mv . My suggestion is make it a long take video because it save lots of time for editing but you can do anything there are no right or wrong . You need to estimated each shot time to know how many shot will be enough for your MV . I suggest you make a lip synced video

Prepare for shooting

You need to have a solid plan and  good preparation . First, you need to know where you want to shoot and also check the weather of the days you will be shooting. Next ,  prepare and practice angle to shoot . For example , Close up shot ,long shot . Moreover, What camera and lens you want . I suggest if you do it alone without people helping a good DSLR camera with 12mm , 50 lens and a tripod is enough . I know this step is a hard work but you need to focus because preparation will save your time and help you with unexpected situation. The trick I use is always imagine your concept and the finished MV first and starting to connecting the puzzle .

Camera easy setup

If it is your first time to shoot mv . I suggest shooting in 180 degrees rule . What is it?

 The thing you only need to know is put your frame rate to 25 / 1080 Hd and your shutter speed at 50 .

Set your Aperture to dept of field you want .  Smaller the aperture will blur your background more but larger will show you more dept of field .

Set your iso to your desire light . Higher ios will get your video more light . Don’t set it too high because it will create noise ( hazy image)

That’s all . Don’t make it too complicated music is a fun thing to do .

Autofocus is also important if you shoot alone remember to set your camera to always keep track of your face and your body . I recommend you use a good DSLR because technology will make your life easier . For example , Sony a7iii that had very good autofocus and color and you can use your smart phone to control it .

I like to use wider lens for music video because it will give you wider look frame and you don’t need to setup the camera to far from the source . Try to play with your camera before shooting  so you will know what you really want the shot to be

Shooting time!!!

First set up the camera and tripod on your desire area . Use your smart phone to control your camera autofocus and shoot . You need a few takes before you have you have a perfect takes . It needs dedication but you need to check every take that you choose before going home. Trust me it will waste lots of your time to come back and reshoot again .


First you need a good program . I always use Adobe Premiere Pro . You can use it for free in trail mode don’t worry . Choose a program like adobe because it is wildly use in the industry and adobe have very good customer support . For editing videos, there are no AI you need to show your skills but don’t worry I’m here for you .

Follow my step

  1. Import video to project
  2. Make sequence that match your frame rate.
  3. Drag video to your video track
  4. Drag your songs to audio track
  5. Press C to cut and hit delete button to delete unwanted video
  6. Patch the video to match your story board
  7. When you finish with the video editing double check and lock the track

Color grading

After you finish editing go to color tab and play around with highlight , shadow .

Highlight is the brighter area of your video

Shadow is the black area of your video

Midtone is in between highlight and shadow

I know you are confuse but I always use my sense for color grading . There are no rules .

If you want your MV to have more red tone bring up the red!!


This is the final step . You will have your first Music video !!

Double check and triple check your video first because exporting takes time so you don’t want to export over and over again .

Go to file and export tab

Set the setting to youtube 1080p 25fr preset and tick render at maximum dept

And hit export !!!

Double check

After export check your video again in full screen mode in your computer and speaker . Don’t rush and take sometime to enjoy your work before uploading to the world


It’s been a long day . If you follow my step I’m so proud of you but you need to upload your work to show how good you are . I recommend upload it to “youtube” because you can gain money from your videos in the future if you have lots of views . Many people make a living from youtube and you can do it too .

Follow my step

  1. Create an account
  2. Go to youtube studio
  3. Click upload
  4. Filled in description
  5. Click upload (public)

I know that you might think my method is too easy . If you wanted your music video to look more professional you need to practice more and learn more . I write this blog as a shortcut and a easy formula for you because starting with easy thing will give you encouragement to makes more music . One thing that you need to remember is there are no right or wrong in this industry feel free to use your imagination .

After uploading don’t forget to promote your video to gain more listeners. There are lots of option for you to promote . Such as using a teaser and promote by target audience in  Facebook ads , Youtube ads , Instagram ads or Google SEO .

I give all you need to make your first music video . Now it is the time to show the world your skills

If you want any reference of the music video I shoot this is the link

Good luck !!!