The widespread of the COVID-19 makes online shopping has an important role in our lifestyles

Online shopping became one of the most convenient ways to complete your shopping lists during this pandemic situation. Due to the fact that eveyone have to quarantine themselves at home. So, this causes less chance of going out and doing their shopping habits. In addition, most people turn shopping on online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Shopee, or Lazada to purchase whether for clothing, shoes, consumer electronics, books, cosmetics, food, etc. According to the statistic, most of the women seem to spend their money on beauty and fashion. 

Have you ever buy something online and it does not suit you???

I also the one who ever buy clothes and cosmetics on online shopping and it is truly hard to choose it because I do not really sure that it will fit to my skin color or not. Is it too dark, too bright, or too pale to my skin color? And I am sure that most women have been experiencing some kind of these situations too. Sometimes, you may struggle with “What color should I dye my hair?”, or “Is it going to suit my skin color if I am going to dye this color?”. I know that anyone does not want to waste the money with unsuitable things. In addition, some people may lack confidence after wearing things that are not looking good on them too. Therefore, everyone deserves to have the best version of themselves.

I am here to introduce you to “Personal Color”

It is a Japanese theory that will guide you to know your best match color for your skin tone and help you to make the decision about what color looks better on you.

Personal Color is classified into 4 types for 4 seasons: Spring type, Summer type, Autumn type, and Winter type. 4 types of Personal Colour were categorized by 4 characters of each season. However, the way we find our Personal color is likely the same as how we find our skin undertones by observing our eyes, hair, and skin color. Before knowing our Personal Colour, we need to know our skin base first (Personal Colour will be classified based on our skin base).

So, how can we know our skin base?

There are 2 kinds of skin bases: yellow and blue to classify our skin base and the accuracy of each way will be different, but today I am going to inform the way that Japanese people most likely used.

Firstly, take a look at your blood vessel on your wrist and arms. If your blood vessel looks green, it means that you have a yellow skin base. And if your blood vessel looks purple, it means that you have a blue skin base

Secondly, looking yourself in the mirror and if you see your skin looks darker, that means you are a yellow skin base. On the other hand, if you see yourself reddish in the mirror after you went out, that means you are a blue skin base. Moreover, if you put any gold object on the back of your hand and your skin looks brighter, you are a yellow skin base. And if you do it the same way but change from gold to silver object and your skin looks brighter on silver, you are blue skin base.




If you already know that you are either a yellow base or blue base, it will be easier to find your Personal Color. It helps you to make a decision for choosing stuff like clothes, cosmetics, or even hair color.

Dose it have another easier way to find my personal color?

Of course! You can also find your Personal Color for free on the internet by searching for “Personal Color Test” or using this recommended website from me which is

So, you have to complete all questions and you will easily get your life-changing color!!!

Yellow skin base with light tone classified into Spring type

Keywords for Spring type are Feminine, Pop, Cute, and Bright. Women in this type look better in colorful clothes. Salmon pink, Coral pink, or Peach are makeup tones that look good on you. Bright brown hair color suits you more than black hair color.

Yellow skin base with deep tone classified into Autumn type

Keywords for Autumn type are Gorgeous, Natural, and Healthy. Women in this type look better in natural and more of orange-to-brown makeup tones with shimmer instead of glitter. Dark brown hair color to ash suit this type the most. 

Blue skin base with light tone classified into Summer type

Keywords for Summer type are Pastel, Elegance, and Clear. Women in this type look good on soft color except for ORANGE. Ash hair color to very dark ash hair color suit Summer type but avoid black hair color.

Blue skin base with deep tone classified into Winter type

Keywords for Winter type are Modern, Sexy, and Charisma. Therefore, Winter type women look good on black hair color and purple and pink makeup tone because it makes their skin look brighter. Moreover, Vivid clothes is suit to them as well.

These pictures show the right Personal Color that SUITS themselves

These pictures show the WRONG Personal Colour that does NOT suit them

Moreover, some theory claims that everyone has 2 personal colors which are First personal color and Second personal color. It means that the Second Personal Color that suits us may help specify the tone that suits us the most. some people may find out that they have First Personal Color as a Yellow skin base and Second Personal Color as Blue skin base, but they need to find their overall that what suits them the most.

In conclusion, the results from the website, the specialist, or even barber may not really come out the same but you can use it as a guideline to dress up, do your makeup, or choose the hair color that suits you the most and this will change your life!💖😜