During quarantine time I know it’s terrible for everybody, especially football fans. Due to Covid 19 all the football match is canceled, and I know many people out there who are football fans totally miss football. So today, I’m going to recommend to you some of the classic and historical matches or tournaments that are worth watching and spend time on it during the lockdown. These matches can be found on youtube streaming platform which is free and can be watched online for all football fans. 

1. Arsenal incredible comeback against Reading

It was the most memorable match for all football fans, Arsenal was smashed by the home team Reading and the score was 4-1 in the first half. Losing hope in the first half, however after the second half whistle blew we’ve witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in football history. Arsenal was mentally dominating Reading by possession, set piece and scored 3 goals as the gunner took the game to the extra time. After the final whistle blew, Arsenal won 7-5 against Reading. This is one of the craziest games I’ve ever witnessed in a football game.

2. Revenge is sweet, Chelsea vs Barcelona 2012 UCL

Chelsea fans will never forget the 2009 Champion league game between them and Barcelona, which is one of the most controversial games where Chelsea fans think that they’ve been cheated by the referee. However in 2012 they met again in the Semi Final, Chelsea defeated Barcelona in the first leg. However the second leg at Camp Nou Barcelona’s home, under Pep Guardiola’s tactic, Barcelona was dominating the field and the score was 2-2 over aggregate. However in the last minute, Fernando Torres made a solo run and scored a goal pass Victor Valdes and gave Chelsea a victory over Barcelona. Then Chelsea went on and defeated Bayern Munich in the Final and won UEFA Champion League for the first time in their club history. 

3. Ole at the wheel, Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 1999

As a United fan this is one of the miracle nights and one of the history of the club. It was the Final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, Bayern was leading United 1-0 and then time ran down toward the 90 minute United level up the game by scoring in the 90 minute and the score was 1-1. Then after the set piece taken by David Beckham and a header from a super substitution Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the last minute before the final whistle. United’s incredible comeback which sent them to a Champion of Europe that year.

4. Istanbul miracle night, Liverpool vs AC milan

This is one of the classic matches for the KOP fan, Liverpool was the underdog team and they were down 3-0 in the first half. Everybody thought that the game ended, however after the second half resumed a goal from Liverpool’s captain Steven Gerrard leveled up the game to 3-1 and lit up the Kop’s hope. And then came the second and third goal to make it equalize 3-3. The game was taken to penalty shoot out, and stepped up Shevchenko Milan’s star to take the penalty. However the Ukranian striker missed the shot and Liverpool have won the match and crowded as the Champion of Europe.

5. Agueroooooo, Manchester city first ever Premier League title

The two clubs of Manchester (City and United) were tied at the same point and the title decider game came to the last match. Manchester United’s victory over Sunderland will send them as a champion of England due to the other game Manchester city was losing against Queen Park Ranger. The game ran into the 93 minute, the last minute of the game. Balotelli passed the ball to Sergio Aguero and then screamed from Martin Tyler “Agueroooooooo”. Manchester City defeated QPR which won them the title of England over United by goal difference. 

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero celebrates scoring the winning goal

6. Road to Champion, Liverpool comeback against Barcelona

Liverpool were down 3-0 on the away game at Camp Nou. The second game at Anfield, Liverpool lost 2 of their best players Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah. Being underdog, Liverpool pulled out an amazing play from the manager, Jurgen Klopp. The score was 3-3 (over aggregate) then it was Liverpool who got a corner. Then came afterword the commentator sound “corner taken quickly, Origiiii” Liverpool have bounced back from the dead and won Barcelona 4-3, and sent them to the Final and crowded as Champion league title the sixth time in the club history.

7. Barcelona incredible comeback against PSG

Barcelona was down 4-0 at the first game, and many fans lost their hope of qualifying to the next round. However the second leg at Camp Nou, a goal from Luis Suarez sparked the hope for Barcelona’s supporters. Then Barcelona level up and the score is 5-5(on aggregate), then a cross from Neymar and a goal from Sergi Roberto. Then the rest is history. 

8. All the world cup tournament

The Fifa world cup is a tournament that is worth watching every time. It was an event that was held 4 year once. It was one of the most watched sports in the world, for example the World cup 2018 the final match between France and Croatia there are about 1 billion people who watch online. Every match in the world cup was worth watching for all the football fans around the world. You can check out all of the world cup matches on the Fifa official channel on Youtube. 

These are some of the matches that are the most classic and most memorable match in Football that are worth watching during lockdown time. In conclusion our world today is facing a difficult time, not only football fans. The only thing that we can do right now is fight together and wish for the situation to get better for the resumption of normal life. I know that football fans around the world are bored and now missing the fun and joy of football.