In this modern era, there are many travel bloggers on the social media platform. They help many audiences or readers explore the world after reading other people’s travel blogs online. Travel blogs are a wonderful source for cool ideas & advice if you’re planning a trip. There are a number of different famous travel bloggers on the Internet and these bloggers can offer a lot of valuable information for the readers and audiences. Therefore, I have gathered information about some of the best traveling blogs below. 

Nomad Revelations

This particular travel blog covers destinations on all six continents. The bloggers on this website cover a wide range of locations across each continent, providing readers with all the information they need to plan their trip. What makes it very popular is that it offers detailed information and unique perspectives from its travelers.

 Another Escape

With producing high-quality outdoor lifestyle content in mind, Another Escape blog hit the nail in the head with their online magazine website that features engaging and authentic travel stories and stunning photography of the outdoors around the world. Another Escape’s design shines the best when you are viewing travel stories like “The Road Taken” where the article follows a couple who traded their city lives to live lives on the road. Its white space and simple design of the website make ways for the engaging travel story and photography to surface and shine on its own.

The Poor Traveler

The Poor Traveler offers diverse content from different travelers who are on a budget around the world. In this blog, you will be shocked at how people are traveling with just enough to get by. Moreover, It provides many advice and information about a particular place. If you’ve always wanted to travel the world, but you find yourself lamenting about how you have no money, this is one of the blogs you should check out sometime.

Dan Flying Solo

Before he became to be a travel blogger, he had opened his restaurant. Then, he hands down his restaurant and turns to pick up his camera, and went to see the world. He takes photos, videos, and writes articles on his experiences, giving you a comprehensive account on tips and lessons he’s learned along the way. His blog is big on Asia, Europe, and Oceania’s travel guides.

Amateur Traveler

In this blog, you will find the award-winning travel blog and podcast that will help real travelers plan real trips to their own backyard or around the world. Also, you will find content that will help you plan your trip, save money, tell you where to go with grate advice and information, and gain a better experience while traveling.