Cyber bullying

In today’s society, there are also have many inequality conflicts such as poverty, education, and employment. But the topic that we will talk about is cyberbullies. As you know that bullying is the inequality of power dynamics like strength, play, a weakness that can occur in every way. Whether it is violence by force, using the disrespect words, rumor release, abusing tastes, or expelled from that society.  More than that bullying is also something that is instilled without knowing it. For example, in the school, some teacher calls the student by their appearance like ‘fatty A’ so that this behavior can increase the stress through the children as well. However, cyberbully tends to be more insidious. Because it is easy to reach and fast, it makes people decide to express their hatred with unconsciousness. To make it clearer In the past, if you want to curse someone, you had to be in front of the theme. But the internet broke that restriction. So you can get up and find the curse and blame someone at midnight. Plus there has an eyewitness which is many netizens who want to get to know your story and read it in the morning with a cup of tea or coffee. By the way, the person who gets a bully doesn’t have fun anymore. And they still can’t escape it just because social media has spread widely like, the hashtag on Twitter which is risky action and it can lead to discrediting others.

But what is the cause of these bad behavior? Firstly we should understand what cyberbully is. Cyberbully is bullying in the new way. According to the digital age by using the communication tools as the main tool for bullying, such as smartphone, tablet, computer and connecting to social networks, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, chat or websites so that it becomes easy to do and easy to escape because of the convenience of communication technology and easy access to social media through a few phone screen click. Moreover, we also feel amused by these actions which means that it is a way to make bullying on the online world repeatedly. The netizens felt that it was a common theme in the social network world. Then the cause of cyberbully mostly started with a small conflict and repugnance which can lead to the damnation. Apart from that, most people still understand that social online is an expression of a feeling area by posting words, bullying behaviors, violent outlines and fully expressing emotions. In addition, the technology also facilitates easy assault on social media. Just because people in the online world do not have to reveal their identity. For this reason, there is more courage to bully others just type the message, no need to lose anything, post, sarcastic, or damage others.

Cyberbully can happen to all ages, regardless of age, childhood, teenager, working age, middle age, and famous people as well. To make it clearer, everyone who uses social media can have a risky impact with themselves. 

“The data from the Department of Mental Health revealed that the number of the student who related with cyberbully at grade1-3 (in 14 countries around the world), almost 80% of Thai children have experienced cyberbully in real life. 66% are teased at least once a week and 12% are teased every day. While 45% of Thai children have at least 1 experience with cyberbully, which is 4 times more than the United States, Europe, and Japan!” By the most effected form is mocked and nicknamed 79.4%, followed by being ignored 54.4% and 46.8% followed by rumors released and threatened. From the data, it was found that the children mostly consult with their friends were 89.2%, followed by 59% consult with their parents and 41.2% with their teachers. And the result is when the child is bullying and not being accepted by friends will be isolated and separated from the society, didn’t want to go to school, skipped the class, having depressive symptoms, using drugs and possibly even injuring himself/herself or committing suicide as it’s happened in the United StatesCountries in Europe and Japan that have increased suicide rates from cyberbully.

Although social media will specify the age of users at 13 years old, there are still children under the age of cheating to apply to use various social media. Importantly, children under the age of 13 do not deserve to use these social media because of the risk of receiving dangerous information. Also, children are not in the age of having the skills to control or protect themselves from these bullying. And maybe a victim of cyberbully in the end. As we mentioned that there are also victims of these behaviors especially children or young people who have friends as the greatest priority of their life so that being bullied once may become a matter of causing them to lose confidence in their lives. And for the serious case, they will commit suicide and this action not funny anymore. For those who are bullies may feel uncomfortable or feel guilty afterwards. However, the impact of continued cyberbully in both sides depends on the individual’s personality, Including the skills of dealing with the problem as well.

According to The 12-year-old girl case, Mallory Grossman. She was a lively girl. She joined gymnastics and cheer leading, but the tragedy was happened since she killed herself because she was bullied in-person and online from several classmates.
In early October 2016, and over the course of the next nine months, several girls at Copeland Middle School began to bully Mallory. They sent mean texts and posts on Instagram and Snapchat. They gave her dirty look humiliated her and excluded her activities at school. The many messages sent to Mallory were vile and called her a loser, said that she had no friends and even suggested, “Why don’t you kill yourself”

‘June 14,2017 – Mallory dies by killing herself because of those words’.

The torment bullies unleashed on Mallory elevated childish schoolyard hazing to something like torture. Their attackers didn’t limit heartless, hateful taunts to recess. These bullies used social media to follow these girls virtually everywhere — until they broke.

Mallory Grossman is only one case of cyber bullying or bully online. There are still have many people got stress, low self-esteem, and depression by reason of those bad words and comments on social media.

If it is bullying in childhood, children who are bullied by others are at high risk to becoming bullied others in the future. While some children who like to bully others will have a risk of using alcohol or drugs when being a teenager. Including physical assault, destroy property, risking breaking the law as well as having the risk of harming spouses and children when they become adults.

The most important factor to help prevent the bullying through cyberspace is that teenagers themselves. Teens should learn the manners of use communication through various cyberspace, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Line, E-mail or other online media to prevent problems and impacts that may occur after posting inappropriate pictures, videos or messages. But how to prevent and avoid these action, first you don’t need to respond it, ignoring it by blocking on the social media.  It is the way to prevent others from interfering with our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and our non-retaliation and no trouble will make the bullying feel uncomfortable and bored. Plus, if bullying is too hard to handle. The victim should tell the problems with people around you or someone with enough power to stop the circuit of cyberbully. For example, if you are in the school age, you should inform parents or teachers.  But in the case of adults ‘don’t forget that the police can help you’. At least, keeping a journal at the police station can make the bullying feel afraid of the law. Importantly, you should to remember that ‘don’t hurt or tease anyone’ try not to act as a cause of bullying to avoid retaliation in the same way. Then, if we do not want to be cyberbullies, do not go to make cyberbully with anyone, even posting, complaining or bad to anyone in online society should not. For the parents side, they should observe their child’s behavior. If the child is irritated or behaves strangely after playing social media, the parents have to go to talk and ask about those causes which mean a helper to share the bad feeling from what the child faces in another way. Including trying to take his/her away from the online world to reduce stress.

Not always that the victims of cyberbully will have to end life with “suicide”. Some people who are strong and take care by those around them can pass through the bad times. (Which has very little chance). But in Thailand, this issue has not been given much importance and the worrying thing is most of the victim is the children or teenagers who do not have enough maturity. In addition, in the social media’s era which children can easily access various media so that even more frightening. Which we should do now is to prepare for this problem like observe people around us, caring for them and help them to cope with this problem.