The poster of ‘ Bling Empire ‘

Bling Empire , Netflix’s new reality series , became a top trend series on Netflix even the large comments were not quite good due to the wrapping Asian representation when it matters most. However, the series got a lot of attention and popularity in Asia because of the combination of cultures ( Asian and American ) that may make Asian more understand about what the characters really want to express or any jokes that American may not perceive clearly.

Bling Empire is like the train that takes us to explore the crazy riches, including the rumours of a fellow L.A. billionaire ,including …

Kane Lime

The heir of oil business and the realty in Singapore

Christine Chiu

The wife of a famous Chinese surgeon of Beverly Hills

Jamie Xie

The fashion influencer and daughter of Silicon Valley’s billionaire businessman

Kim Lee

The popular Vietnamese DJ

Cherie Chan and Jesse Lee 

The couple that comes from the family running a business of denim clothing and furniture

Anna Shay

A half Japanese-Russian big girl who is the heir of an arms dealer.

Kelly Mi Li

A Chinese producer

Kevin Kreider

A Korean model adopted by American parents

Even Kevin is not being that much rich compared to those people above, he blended in with them completely. Between he looks like a representative of us to be in the lifestyle of these Crazy Rich Asians.

After finished watching all eight episodes, there are three words came up in my head ‘Crazy’ ‘Rich’ ‘AF…’ because some problems that they are facing look like a normal issues for us but NOT for them. For example, if you don’t like your clothes closet, you may not buy it at first. However, for Anna , she pounded it by a big hammer because she just wanted to… There are many interesting topics that in general we may not consider them as a big issue ,so let’s see how crazy they are.


There are so little groups being at the top of social class pyramid, they choose to make friends with just persons who have the similar lifestyle, experiences ,and interesting in the same way. Therefore, the relationship of this class has diverse levels and frequently be like FRENEMY who can go anywhere together but I don’t like you.. and always ready to humiliate when having a chance. The clearly example is Christine Chiu, her husband is the heir of Song Dynasty which means If China still was an empire, her husband would be the emperor and she would be the queen of China. But!! In L.A., there are not only one queen, Anna Shay want to come back and ask for the return of her top position then the war started… In general, if we don’t like someone ,we will avoid to face with them but it’s not with Anna and Christine. They always go to join the parties of each other with the huge glamorous jewelleries like they are fighting through those diamonds.

Therefore, if you want to be the winner of this war, the best way is to lessen another class level like Anna did. In her party, She manages the Christine’s seat to at the end of table which we knew that it is the seat for the least important guest. Or Christine talks about Anna’s dress is a Ready to Wear from Dior which infers that she wears only couture.

Even how rich you are, you’re still Asian..

I think the fun point which makes this reality series be attractive is the contrast. Even each person were raised and grown up in Western but beliefs, worships, and Asian traditions still impact on their life. A half of series is talking about evil, forecaster, reincarnation and conjuror ,including the buddhism teaches us to abandon somethings decorated or is not real. However, we see Kane Lim was meditating and counting the paternoster by his hand with 5 diamond rings on his 5 fingers.

While Christine looks like a very social woman, but it is inevitable for the expectation of having a descendant according to Chinese tradition.  Despite already having a beloved son  , when the husband wants another child. So, we can see the scene where she is visiting her future child which is the embryo in the nitrogen crate.  It’s a scene that seems bizarre and hilarious at the same time, or something like that of Cherie Chan and Jesse Lee, who have been living together until they have two children.  But until then, they were still unmarried. These things are quite typical of the West. However, when it comes to Asian tradition, it was not out of the blame for the unmarried couple living together, as Christine said straight forward to Cherie, “If I got pregnant before getting married, Mommy must call me bxxch for sure.”

Is it stupid to spend a lot of money for buying happiness?

Bling Empire makes us feel enjoy with using money to buy the happiness of the billionaire and there are scenes that seem stupidly spending money ,but is it really stupid? NO, when you have a lot of money, the standards are also higher. Just being better is not enough, it has to be the best, the most stylish, the most outstanding ,especially when you are the one who can do it, that’s great. Therefore, it’s not surprise that we will see runway clothes or high-brand products and secretly question that “Who’s gonna buy this piece?” appeared in this reality. Or even buying a fish mow for 300,000 baht to make a soup for nourishing womb of the wife is the normal thing.

In addition, the billionaire level like them always organises the parties in every occasion such as Chinese’s New Year, Singapore National Day , until the 100th day of newborn baby! And they are absolutely willing to pay a lot of money for the location in the kind that if not crazy enough, you would not pay for it. SOCIAL STATUS is a big deal for them.

Or in this life, Nothing is surprised..

While the ordinary people like us have to adapt to new environment, they choose to create their own suitable environment for themselves. As we can see from Kevin , the Korean model who has been a black sheep for his entire life because he is just a few Asian in a small town then he is in a harmony with the wealthy. Although he is not as rich as those people, it creates some character that keep him not falling out of the crowd. As Anna, she chooses the appealing people to be her best friend like Kelly by taking her to a birthday party at Anna’s favourite store where the store is in France.. and of course they fly with the first-class tickets. Moreover, she also bought a friendship diamond ring for her friend like a drop from Gashapon machine.

Episodes of Bling Empire

  • EP01 Necklacegate 90210 : China town comes to Beverly Hills ,but just for Christine ; Anna flies Kelly to Paris for her birthday, then sends a message.
  • EP02 Tale of Two Trusts : It will remains as Christine faces Anna, who shows hand while playing matchmaker; family pressure looms for the Chius.
  • EP03 What’s in Anna’s Shower? : Cherie welcomes her baby while still waiting for a proposal; Kim and Anna clash after a raunchy discovery ; someone throws a drink at Kelly’s party.
  • EP04 Beverly Hills Heartbreak : Kim strikes out at Kane’s bowling bash; Christine confronts Gabe;
    Kevin explore his origin; Andrew makes accusations; Karen makes her move.
  • EP05 Private Lies : It’s time for birthday and botox; Kevin strips; Christine impresses; Kim hunts for her father; Kelly and Kevin step out
  • EP06 The Other Side : Kelly plays with fire — and with Andrew; medium Tyler Henry helps Cherie find closure; blocked in love and life, Kevin breaks down during hypnosis.
  • EP07 Kevin and Kane Take Charleston : Tired of judgement, Kelly dodges rumours; Kim worried about reconnection with father; Kevin and Kane embark on an adventure.
  • EP08 Will you marry me? : Kevin delivers heartbreaking news to Kim; the friends go shopping in Las Vegas; Cherie shocks everyone.

From my point of view..

‘ Bling Empire ‘ is a reality series that I thing it is a good choice if you are finding something to watch because it has just eight episodes which I think it’s just right for a reality series and this reality has many scenes , feelings and characters that can make you feel enjoy with a little bit humorous of many things that those rich Asians did in the series. Moreover, the series shows us not only about what the activities of people in high class society do but also shows about differences in cultures. The Asian cultures are expanded to almost all parts of the world. Even you live in Europe or America but you have a background or parents in Asia, some Asian cultures are still with you as you can see in many scenes of Bling Empire. Lastly, I hope this review article would make you enjoy with the story of this series and could persuade you to watch it too.