What do we usually see on the covers of a fashion magazine? Skinny girls, Pretty girls or just the perfect looking model? How the fashion industry portrays what they put on the covers of their magazines actually have effects on what makes us the audience feel about our outer appearance. For someone normal like me it makes me wonder how do I make myself look that good, when I should be thinking about how do I become the best version of myself in my own likings. Usually the “covergirls” are celebrities, model that represent the theme or the style of the magazine well or just models that has good appearances.


We were so used to seeing the perfect girl on cover that we actually forgot about our reality on how the perfect girl doesn’t really exist, does she? Well the fashion industry is also a business that needs to be run properly. In order for them to do this they need an attraction for people to be interested in because if it’s not then why would people buy the magazine. So to do this they need to set targets and standards for what they think people will like. Resulting in the most perfect human being you’ll ever see on each magazine covers. Honestly people like it and yes it does sell. However is it really a good concept to be showing this to young generations and the society, not necessary. Young kids growing up seeing these magazines will understand the concept of BEAUTY totally in the wrong way. We can see very clearly that kids are wanting to become these cover models instead of actually loving themselves for who they are.

There is this psychological experiment tested on children called “The doll test” where children were asked multiple questions on which doll the dark-skin or the white-skin were more pretty/good and which were bad/ugly. You’ll be surprise in their answers as some of the children with dark-skin said “I want to look white because dark looks nasty and adults don’t like it” – This showed part of kids resembling the actions of racism even if they didn’t even to because they are just kids. These little actions of where who are chosen to be on the cover does really affect everybody not just young kids in the world.


Nowadays we are starting to see more unique style of fashion and models on different cover magazines which is very delighting as this is a way of showing audience to be more embraced about themselves. It’s just who makes the first move into doing something, afterwards people will follow it if it’s interesting. By that I mean if an industry or a trend is very socially trending people will follow them. In this case if a person sees a normal average cover model they’ll maybe think that being normal is also pretty too, not just the perfect girl. Also from the video above, dark-skin models are starting to appear on covers very often these days. Kids with dark-skin can now not be afraid to be themselves anymore because every colour skin is beautiful in it’s own way.

The changes we can see now is that the society is opening up to more options and are more open minded. Every skin, beauty marks and anything different all can be considered as beautiful. A model name Winnie Harlow who has a skin condition called vitiligo – patches of the skin losing their pigment. This was seen as not normal back then due to what beauty standards were. But now she is and was always beautiful in and out embracing her skin and is showing that it’s normal to be different. Not a single day she didn’t wanted anyone to look at her differently and think that she’s different just because her skin isn’t the same as everybody else’s and she showed everyone that this is normal. She then became really famous for being on many covers of magazines and is truly living her best life she can possibly have.

Tess Holiday another model who is actually a PLUS-SIZED model working in the fashion industry. She is an amazing role model to others out there who are insecure about their bodies. Obvious there are problems with plus sized women when it shouldn’t be a problem at all because everything is normal being bigger than others are a normal thing in life. These ladies often get fat shaming by other people. But Tess fought for her rights and made a career by being open about her struggle with weight and body positivity.

"To everyone saying I’m a burden to the British health care system, I’m american so you don’t have to worry about my fat ass. Worry about what horrible people you are by whining about how me being on the cover of a glossy magazine impacts your small minded life." - Tess Holiday

Let’s hope in the future there will be no standards of what being pretty or normal actually looks like. All young generations will be opened minded and optimistic about their own appearances. Most importantly our topic the Fashion Industry will keep up the good work in using all different looking types of cover models skinny, thick, white,dark all this won’t matter now. You are your own Uniqueness.

Thankyou for reading once again – stay happy & positive <3