Nowadays Video blogs or VLOG became a well known content from most you-tubers and influencer all over the media platform including youtube, IG TV and etc. By becoming a you-tuber as job became more popular for this generation and surprisingly people tends to make a living out of youtube career. Despite the digital era we’re living in; social media tends to become some kind of a useful platform that could earn us money in an easier way. You-tuber becomes a very common career in Thailand and the main content that goes with a youtube channel is a Video blog or Vlog. In this case a Vlog could be about traveling, cooking, daily routines etc. Which is the same as a diaries but in a digital form in order to share their experiences or even record as their memories.

What is Blog

  • Blog is a an informative kind of website that is published the WWW (world wide web) which typically run by an individual or a small group that has a similar interest that writes up a content into a particular blog page.
  • A blogger is someone who writes content for a blog & blogging is the act of writing a post for a blog. However, if you’re not a professional writer then hiring a professional content writer is possible as well.
  • Blogs are created to share thoughts and ideas. It can featured text, images, gifs and PDFs etc. Large website owners create blogs to share the latest news in their niche group of customers.
  • It is also created by an individuals who want to share their knowledge or interest with the audience on the internet via an online blog page.

An example: An individuals who is interested in fashion, beauty, lifestyles, traveler and is known as an ‘influencer’ where their task is to share the functions of that particular product or services in order to inform their blog audience who has the similar interest.

What is Vlog

  • The term “vlog” came from a blog or a video blog. Where vlog came in a from of video content. It explains everything through a video platform.
  • for most of the people, reading may seems boring. So, a video form of blog is developed to perceive the information just by watching and listening.
  • Which the most popular platform for vlogging is Youtube.
  • More People create youtube channel where they upload motivational videos, educational videos, memes, beauty, or anything that made out of their interest.

Even a popular celebrities like Kylie tends to do their daily vlog on her personnel account; showing the impact and the outcome of the vlogging generation that encourages most of the people to start keep record of their daily basis and interest on video rather than writing a blog or diaries.

The Popularity of Blog VS Vlog

Why are Vlog so popular?

Due to the social media generation we’re living; it is deniable that vlogging grow in a larger scale. The presentation would be one of the differences between blog and vlog. When it comes to popularity, vlog has more audiences comparing to blog. According to a research there are over 70,000 users watching youtube videos within 1 second may due to the:

  • the presentation skills, the content created and the overall outcome in general. It could engage with a lot of people and grab more attentions when its a video.
  • Moreover, live streaming as a vlog become more common nowadays since it give us the viewer a chance to interact with the events in real-time. Also viewing the activities through a live video.
  • Youtube are one of the most popular medium for influencers, celebrities and others which give them tremendous opportunities to showcase their talent and gain popularity.
  • and importantly people loves watching video rather than reading posts. This is why vlogging has become more common for most people at this generation comparing to diaries.

Why are Blog so popular

Even though there are more and more users on social media who prefer a vlog more than a blog, we can’t resist that are still people who find blogs more useful or in another blog are more formal format comparing to vlog.

  • According to a research there are 91.8 million new blog post published on WordPress each month, revealing the rise in number of blog these days.

Almost all universal brand such nike, adidas etc. Has their own blogs. Its task is to support the business on an online platform and to increase their online sales.

A blog can be modified into an online shop with all the information and services inputed just like a professional brand websites.

An example would be this image on the left which is a blog post made from a well known toy store “Toys R Us” to engage the parents on a particular holiday events by inserting all the details and promotion of the product to be able to make the customer make a faster decision.

There are ways to expand the blog page is by expanding the network by linking other blogs in your post, by giving it a review on different topics and by responding the other blog post. This will gradually increase the engagement of the blog page and bring more viewer to the page.

The other reasons why people still use blog page is that it could simply works with vlog; by promoting it and a various activities through blogs that is why it is still being use by many individuals and brands.

Earning Money in Vlog and Blog

Earning money through Vlog:

Making through vlog may seems difficult but it is the opposite way, depending on the content that is likely to have the potential to engage with a large scale of audience. The success of a particular vlog depends upon the number of viewers and subscribers you have. Also the ads of other brands in your vlog could be one of the main income for a vlog which is one of a common approach used by many vloggers to earn money. Moreover, applying for Google Adsense allows Google to display ads on your youtube videos. Which is free and help us earn more money from a vlog.

Earning money through Blog:

There are so many ways to earn money from writing a blog page. It works similarly to hoe we earn money through vlogs which is by applying for Google Adsense to place ads on blog page and give a commission per engagement on each ad.

Earning through affiliate marketing: an easy platform, you can easily promote the product of other brands and get a commission on each sale depending on the agreement. Sponsoring is also effective in blogging to make money. In this case you will promote the other business by creating a post on your blog which this form can be seen very often.

Email Marketing: this could be the strongest method of marketing that has the highest conversion rate. Through blog it can easily collect the emails of the users through the landing page and build an email list. Or even create an authentic content and sending it across the emails will grow the business in a faster rate.