All of a sudden, all of us have an excess amount of free time as we all are facing the COVID-19 outbreak. The government has announced a new curfew time slot and they are asking us to stay home as much as we can and avoid being around other people in public places. In other words, we are kind of stuck at home, and that also means.. more time for Netflix and Chill, more time to stay in bed, and more time to be lazier than ever.

Lockdown mode took away some of the motivation within each of us and that is not the way it is supposed to be! We blame the good Netflix series, blame the comfy couch, and blame the weather for stealing our motivations. It is time to change the attitude! Keeping yourself active can boost up both your physical health as well as mental health. It is one of the ways to escape from your busy schedule and just to have a ‘me time’. We must keep our body active, in shape, and try to stay as healthy as possible so that our immune system is still effective and can at least protect us from getting sick, which causes a higher chance to catch the virus! Therefore, it is crucial to try to maintain your lifestyle in a healthy and active way.

I know that during this time, it is hard to shake away that ‘couch potato’ soul inside you. But, think of it this way, the free time that has been given to you can be the time that you can explore the active lifestyle community. Nowadays, there are various options available online for you to choose from, depending on your preference. Most gyms are now adapting their ways to reach people (and couch potatoes) on the online platform and providing online classes in their own ways. Also, there are different type of workout applications that you can download from as well. Now! We cannot have any excuse to not go to the gym anymore. Thanks to the development of technology! It is time to stop being lazy! Get off the couch! and start moving!

“I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.”

-Kobe Bryant-

Here are options for you to keep yourself ACTIVE:

1. Online Classes

It is a difficult time for those who regularly workout at the gym and for those who need extra kicks in the butt by trainers to give extra reps. Not only the people, the gyms (on the business side) are suffering from this pandemic as well. What now? Thanks again to new media that allows us to do almost everything online. Gyms are now adapting their classes on different online platforms. Live streaming via Facebook, Instagram is becoming more useful than ever. Video calls on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Team or FaceTime are now becoming the main channels for the gyms to reach out to us. Moreover, workout applications are available in a wider range for us to choose from as well. Let see what are the options:

1.1 BASE Bangkok

One of the best gyms in Bangkok, offering a combination of High-Intensity Interval Training or ‘HIIT’ and strength training classes for people at all levels. These classes they offer are best for building muscles, burning fat, and maintaining your fitness condition. Let me introduce you to the new online training platform called “BASE Anywhere”. BASE Anywhere is a private Facebook group that will cost you 1,900 THB and it offers you 4 high-production workouts per week with professional coaches from the BASE team. By joining this, you will get:

  • 16 BASE workouts per month
  • Access to all the past workouts and ‘BASE Lives’
  • Full support from BASE Coaches
  • Live Q&A on nutrition and training

However, if you prefer something a little bit less expensive, then you can just simply follow BASE on Instagram and Facebook and turn on their post notifications on so that you can keep up-to-date about their promotions and free live stream session like “BASE Lives”.

1.2 TRIBE Bangkok

Another high-energy fitness studio is TRIBE Bangkok. It is a place that offers you fun, motivating, and fulfilling workouts. There are 4 options available for you to choose from: Indoor Cycling, Fight Barre, Yoga, and Pilates. What makes TRIBE stand out is that not only do they offer free live workout sessions regularly, they also offer indoor cycling at home too! How do they do that? Well, they launched a new workout called “TRIBE TO-GO” where you can rent a bike from the studio, get them delivered to your front door. TRIBE will set-up the bike for you and you’re good to go! Just stay tuned to the time of the live streaming and then you’ll get your workout.

2. Applications

Living in a digital era almost means that each one of us own at least one digital device that allows us to go online whenever and wherever we wanted. The most common one, of course, has to be the smartphone. Another way of keeping yourself active is to make use of your smartphone, just download some applications and you are good to go! Simple as that! And guess what.. they are for FREE!!

2.1 Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club (NTC) is an application that you can download to your smartphone, iPad, or your SmartWatch. The first best thing about it is, it is FREE!! and who wouldn’t love free stuff! With this app, you can get access to 185+ free workouts which vary from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, this app offers you a short survey at the beginning as a way to get to know your fitness level and your preference and then it will provide you with options that you may like. Each workout session is conducted by professional trainers or athletes, and there’s a guideline, expert advice for you to follow throughout the session. With this app, it is perfect for a home workout. You can customize your own workout and you can also corporate running into your plan as well. In addition, if you own a Smartwatch, it is highly recommended to use the app with the watch because you will focus more on your workout and less on your phone.




2.2 TikTok

Let switch around to something a little less serious, something more fun and creative at the same time, that definitely will make you active and make you sweat! Of course, you cannot avoid the fact that TikTok is becoming popular among all of us. It is not just about creating short clips, it also requires time, effort, and it is definitely tiring! Especially for the newbies! 

What is TikTok? It is a platform created for a new generation of creators and it is a place where people can express their imagination in their own unique ways and it is definitely for people who are not into actual exercise. This is another way to get your butt off the couch and I can guarantee that it is FUN! You should check it out, it is way better than just sitting still, swipe up and down on Instagram and Facebook.

TikTok Dance moves
TikTok Fitness Challenge



That’s it! Use this free time you have and check this out! Have a happy active quarantine days!