Since we have to stay in the house and also some of us are not able to go to work due to the spread of the virus. It is so hard to see friends, along with we do not have a chance to meet some new people at all. Let’s take this chance to make some new friends or even dates!

Thanks to social media!

Social media has provide us tons of ways to talk to other people even though you never know them before. Here are 10 applications that allow you to get to know more people, in this case to find friends or even relationship.

1. Facebook

Most of you probably have one facebook account at least, in contrast some of you might not know the new feature of Facebook, which is Facebook dating. This feature isn’t a separate apps, it is in facebook application which is just right by our finger tips.

  1. You need to have facebook account
  2. Click on this icon
  3. You will see the word see more and click on it
  4. Find a dating icon which is a heart sign
  5. You can start setting up your own profile

We are able to pick the type that we are interested, which Facebook provides us women, men and more option for all people. Our friends on Facebook will not able to see us in the dating feature and they will not know that we are using this feature, in the same time we will not able to see them too. In other word, Facebook will keep this as a secret from our friend lists. Along with who we block on Facebook, it will not show up in our dating too.

2. Tinder

Tinder is an application for meeting new people, wherever you are Tinder are able to find people who are nearby you. Not only for datings, but also making some new friends. For example, when you are travelling, you are able to meet some local people though this application.

This application is really easy and fun, what you have to do is only swipe right if you interested and swipe left in case you want to pass. You are able to choose the distance, ages, and gender for those who can show up to your profile. Finally if someone match with you, then you are able to start chatting with them!

image credit: Tinder

3. OkCupid

This application is mainly straightforward for dating, but you can also find some new friends from this app too. This OkCupid application comes with the multiple-choices features in order to match the member.

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The feature allows user to view evocative “Flavors” of potential matches quickly depend on your interest such as, travelers, musician, bread lovers etc.

4. Bumble

This application aims to dates and make new friends around your area. In this application the female have to make their first move after two people match, which is basically Queen Bee for this app. This bumble application only provide 24 hours for women to make a decision to contact or that connection will disappear and gone forever.

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It is very easy to begin this application, you only have to sign in with your phone number and upload your photos. It is so simple, isn’t it?

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5. Bumble bff

Bumble bff is the same concept as bumble, but it is only for female that want to make more friends. “Friend only” Since this application only accepted female so either one of you have to make the first move or the match expires.

image credit: bumble

6. Friender

Friender is an application where you can make new friends which have the same interest as you. You are able to setting your profile interest so that suggest you to match with those who have similar interest. During this boring quarantine, this gives you more people to talk to with the same interest.

image credit: friender

7. Hey Vina

This application designed for women to meet female friends to join community of people like you. Hey! VINA empowers women to choose community over competition and to tap into the power of a supportive global community of awesome women just like them.

8. Meetup

This application will bring people and group of people who have the common interest as you. You are able to join a local group to meet people, try out something new, or be able to do more of what you love. In other word, it is just like a service that organise online group that host an events for people with similar interest.

image credit: meetup

9. Peanut

Peanut (Tinder for mums) is an application for community of women who happens to be a mothers. This application brings mothers together to be able to discuss about their life. We are able to connects to other mums by letting us and them ti swipe on the profile just like Tinder.

Due to the fact that now we could not go out to see other mums, this application is a good chance for the mums to talk to others. Along with chatting and sharing experiences with those mums. (Depend on how we choose though the app)

10. Skout

Some of you might have heard of this application before, because Skout was one of the first dating and mobile which people discovery applications to emphasise generalised user location.This application works just like a dating apps but mostly for friends. It gives you ability meet with new people wherever you are.

image credit: Skout

All these applications are free and also provide on ISO and Android

Some applications might provide an extra features which if you want that you have to pay more (depends on the application)

All these applications are just a choice for us, we are able to choose what kind of relationship we want for example friends, community, or even a relationship like a dating. These applications did not approve you that you will find your soulmate or real friends. All these are just a new experience for us to be able to meet new people.

During this quarantine, at least those applications can provide you people to talk to with the same interest. After a while, when all the virus are gone, we might be able to see these people with the same interest as we do.

Most important thing is we have to be careful about the information and do not make a decision to go out too easy because just to remind, they are all strangers. It is not always safe.