The repeated scene of thousands of women contestants hurriedly walked into queuing at the department store where the annual beauty pageant, currently envisaged as one of the most spectacular events in the country and in the world. 

Beauty pageants are common among Thai university students, and they are typically held among first-year students who are chosen as “university delegates” based on their performances. Contestants are supposed to walk in a fashion show and show off their skills, such as dancing, singing, and acting, and participate in a Q&A session to put their wits and viewpoints to the test. However, the winners are selected solely on the basis of their attractiveness, which adds to the shallow aspect of pageants in general.

While beauty pageants have been criticized in Thailand and elsewhere as misogynistic and outdated cultural relics of the past, the pageant industry is rising in popularity around the world.

What people perceive these contestants on the stage with a shining light has a set established by society. They have to have perfect skin, beautiful yet slim bodies, and wear exquisite gowns and sparkling crowns and tiaras straight out of a fairytale. 

American and some Thai moviegoers may be familiar with the  Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999). The film presents a group of contestants, each of whom has been given a different personality trait. Psychology has long been fascinated with the benefits and drawbacks of appearance. At the most superficial level, appearance can be assumed to have a halo around it. Amy Adams as the stereotypical hot girl cheerleader who is only competing in the pageant to prove her boyfriend’s innocence. The film is full of stereotypes, is deliberately disrespectful to virtually every American subgroup, and is sometimes disgusting—at one point, pageant girls become brainless. Guy! be honest. Reading until here people at the similar age as me would think that ‘I would not be that mean’. Honestly speaking, what comes up to your mind first when thinking of the pageant girls. I give you an option: 1) slim 2) tall 3) blonde or brunette 4) she all likes pink 5) all of them. These are what initially pops up to some people’s mind. Well, two types of stereotypes have existed whether it is hammered by the media or the reality itself. 

For physical stereotypes, the study by Ebony Bowers of Walden University, reports differences in stereotypes of Miss America in each period. From 2000 to 2009, to participate in a state Miss America Organization pageant, a young woman must fulfill any of the following requirements: she must be a female, a United States resident, and between the ages of 17 and 24. She must follow city or state citizenship requirements, MAO’s strong moral character criteria, be in good health, and be able to fulfill the work obligations of the titleholder. The interesting point is at a strong moral character. What the standard in the world can measure moral look. Nevertheless, physical beauty is still an overriding characteristic of the ideal American woman.

Beauty pageants are symbols of a socially defined concept of beauty, and may often preclude whole races and ethnicities due to varying conceptions of beauty, particularly as opposed to the majority’s expectations. In the competition, winners of beauty pageants agree to represent their hometown, province, or country, forcing the judge to be stuck in the trap of stereotypes.

For intellectual stereotypes, a dumb pageant girl becomes a ommon stigma for them. I’ve found that young girls who participate in pageants tend to have a negative stereotype stuck to them. It has become clear that some people believe that if a girl is concerned about her physical appearance, she is not intelligent.

Let’s break out all these rules! 

Zozibini Tunzi

If talking about the beauty of ‘Miss universe’.we tend to think of beautiful women with long hair who receive the crown on the head but Zozibini Tunzi not like anyone else who typical to be beauty pageant.She have a short hair,sharp face and colored skin but normally be caucasian skin breaking every rule of definition then the beautiful woman unique like her made lost the figure to remember and help to create a new norm in terms of beauty that is more diverse for society.

“I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me – with my kind of skin and my kind of hair – was never considered to be beautiful, and I think that it is time that that stops. I want children to look at me and see my face and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine.” Zozibini Tunzi — 2018 Miss Universe

Beauty pageants are a fantastic way for people to boost confidence while advocating for a good cause, and making a difference in the society and the world.

Amanda Chalisa Obdam

Amanda chalisa who win of Miss universe Thailand 2020 and Thai representative to running the contest Miss Universe 2020.She show the point of view on political and stand point to call out in democracy but it must be in defense of social trends which agree or not agree.She supports democracy by posting on her instagram  about Democracy, human rights principles are the core of the treatment of fellow human beings, against all forms of violence, freedom of speech based on truth, equality of all people.  It was also posted in English that “Be Safe Everyone” after the reporter posted the message.Every one must be equal and not violence.Later,The Department of Mental Health  removed Amanda from her position.  Mental health ambassador after she came out continuously Call Out.The Department of Mental Health gave a reason that the public was aware of the concern of the mission to Amanda and the Department of Mental Health at the moment.  And the Department of Mental Health is unable to carry out missions that may cause conflicts and create uneasiness to people in society but some dissenting citizens showed #SaveAmanda on Twitter  after removing this position. She made people saw the image of woman change from the past according to she take a part and a right to express opinions in political.It not just a puppet, but he can benefit society.Amanda did for beauty queen fans  Including the public to comment, thank you for being a voice for the Thai people  And stand next to the people thailand so it suit to be miss universe thailand 2020

Let’s look at some examples of book and movie which motivating women to be educated.To develop oneself into society and have a role in social development

In the book of Beauty Diplomacy (2020), would be a welcome addition for undergraduate classes on gender, development, and globalization. Additionally, Balogun’s thorough analysis, grounded in transnational and postcolonial feminist theory, would make the book a fascinating read for graduate seminars on the body, femininities, the nation, and culture.Beauty pageants have altered Nigeria’s global political economy, and current cultural strains in which contestants are able to incorporate familiar components of Nigerian cultural identity while simultaneously conveying a tale of a newly-emerging, internationally important Nigeria.

One movie seeming to be right on time to present this view is Misbehaviour (2020). A party of women concoct a scheme to derail the Miss World beauty pageant in London in 1970.There are only two contexts in which value is measured based on weight, girth and physical finesse, points out Keira Knightley’s earnest feminist student, Sally Alexander, in ‘Misbehaviour’.All of the main actors are given space to reveal their motivations and differing opinions on the Miss World organization, gender equality, and intersectional feminism in the film: beauty contestants, feminists, contest organizers, and even host Bob Hope and his wife Dolores are all given space to reveal their motivations and differing opinions on the Miss World institution, gender equality, and intersectional feminism.Misbehaviour tackles some serious themes, but it does so in a thoroughly entertaining fashion.A powerful window into this rowdy, angry and game-changing historical moment where gender and race collided.