With the situation now in Thailand more and more talked about “Work From Home“, many organizations in the risky area have already used this “Work From Home” approach. Each company has different working policies and methods used are also different. Plus, people who work from home can face problems such as giving up everything after work, loneliness, things that can be distracting and communication problems with colleagues. However, such problems may be solved by using the applications that available both in computer and mobile phone can help people to work from home more effectively.

Makub Application

Makub Application can conveniently post working hours every day.
It is a time attendance system that allows us to easily manage the absenteeism summary of employees by themselves. It can be applied to jobs that require frequent departures and make online documents anywhere, so business owner Organization owners, or executives can follow up on the results of the workforce at the office and work outside the office via mobile phone system immediately, which can be downloaded to try on both Android platforms and IOS.


Check in / out The system can check in – out work according to the time of the company. When employees are in a designated area, reduce equipment usage.

Increase the convenience of managing different forms of leave. According to the standards of the Labor Department, such as sick leave, paid leave, vacation leave, or ordained leave which can be made through the system.

Able to report sick leave, business leave or different types of leave according to company policy through the system With a supervisor to approve the leave of each person.

The system can look back on various sections such as leaving, making documents, making it useful to be used.

You will not miss any work anymore because the system has a portion of the appointment schedule of employees regardless of meeting , meeting customers, or set your own work.

On-site work will not be a problem because the system can check-in the attendance or meeting with clients.


Make the work schedule more convenient. It is a system that will help us to organize our work to make life easier which can classify the work that is being done active work or work done, including helping teams to work together more that able to prioritize projects well. Also, You can sign up and use it for free, just use Gmail and you can use it online immediately, or through the application which can be downloaded on both PC and iOS and Android mobile phones.

• Able to follow up from the beginning to the end of the project.
• Add to-do items on the card which can be text, images, files, as well as expressing comments
• Able to attach files from Google Drive or Dropbox and upload videos.
• There is a calendar in the app that help the team see how they work as a whole.
• Available both on computers and iOS, Android smartphones including Apple Watch.
• Support to work offline. When you connect to the Internet again, the app will sync new information immediately.

Let’s get started with Trello.

Trello is free to sign up and use. You can use it online via Browser, or load applications according to your devices because Trello has both iOS, Android and PC programs by signing up and starting to use it at https://trello.com Signing up is easy. If you are already using Gmail, you can bind the account to use immediately. You don’t have to fill out the information, giving you a headache. Only a few clicks. After we have registered, the system will bring us to the welcome page. Using Trello doesn’t have to be just for the organization will take it as a music rehearsal schedule, workouts, weight loss, vacation travel programs. It still works efficiently.


Deliver food to be delivered right away.
Applications Robin Hood (Rohinhood), a new alternative to Thai food delivery that has compiled great shops, small shops and many delicious dishes, including legendary restaurants that have never been on any platform before, are included in this app, and Robin Hood does not charge GP fees from the store.

For Robin Hood Thai food delivery platform, it was established to help the restaurant operators, especially the small ones, to operate their businesses sustainably through the food delivery platform. It will also benefit restaurant operators, customers and drivers to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem which can be downloaded on iOS and Andriod.

How to use

  1. Choose a destination to receive food.
    Pin the destination for delivery.

2. Choose the restaurant you want.
Select a restaurant or type in to search for the restaurant you want.

3. Choose the menu that you like.
Just press plus to add a menu or press minus to reduce the menu.

4. Choose a payment method
You can pay with scb easy app or by credit card, debit card, prepaid card of all banks

5. Press to pay
RobinHood will find a driver to get the order list as quickly as possible.

6. Track the status of food
Keep track of the latest food on the app.


Check-in when traveling and check at your own risk.
As an application that records the user’s travel data with GPS and Bluetooth technology in conjunction with QR code scanning such as Thai Chana to check-in at various locations, making the user’s travel record more accurate and accurate. It is a tool that facilitates the Department of Disease Control and medical personnel to quickly investigate the disease. This application will notify a group of users who have a history of contact with or close to people with Covid-19 about the correct course of action, including alert when in vulnerable areas.

However, the government wants people in Thailand to join in the download to protect yourself and others at the same time in which people can check their risks through the app. So, everyone checks and assesses the risk of infection from different locations on their own. The risk assessment is divided into 4 levels: Green – Very Low / Yellow – Low / Orange – Medium / Red – Very High. Everyone is free to download and use both in IOS and Android.


For collecting information
The application features a backup storage, sharing documents, pictures and files by linking with a user account that can be accessed with any device and from anywhere. Drop Box offers free storage up to 2 TB or approximately 2,000 GB. Users can automatically upload photos and videos in Camera Roll to cloud storage, access data and edit documents from anytime and anywhere. Also, users can be used on both computers and smartphones with iOS, Android system.

• Automatically upload photos and videos in your Camera Roll to the Cloud.
• Easily share large files by sending a link eventhough the recipient doesn’t have a Dropbox account.
• Available both on computers and smartphones both iOS and Android
• Access information and edit documents from anywhere and anytime.
• Highly stable because it uses the Cloud for data management.
• Keep all types of files safe and secure as their data files are stored on Dropbox servers.
• Upon registration Up to 2 TB (2,000 GB) of free space can be used.
• Access every file even when offline.
• You can recover deleted files in History within 30 days.


Slack is an app to make communication and team work more efficient that can be used by both small organizations to large organizations. Plus, slack supports unlimited members, divide the work into categories, and important project notifications are included. Operate from a wide variety of devices, no matter where you are. Provides a lot of storage space for files and can be used for free.

• Designed for teamwork/ Manage your members in an organized way/ Supports unlimited members
• Able to create channels classified by working teams and able to communicate with each other in the chat
• Set up important project notifications
• New incoming members be able to read the old information before joinin
• Able to send and receive files and other functions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter, etc
• Available both on computers and martphones both iOS and Android
• Provides free 5GB of storage space and no annoying ads.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an app that lets you create and edit documents anytime and anywhere. Also, you can work with other users on the same document at the same time, so you can work continuously even when offline. It has automatic saving while typing which is also able to revert to the old version before editing as well.

• Access and collaborate by editing the same document in real time and automatically save
• Documents can be canceled or changed while the old version is still preserved. And does not take up personal space
• Communicate via chat by asking questions and expressing opinions.
• Available both on computers and martphones both iOS and Android
• Supports a wide variety of file formats and store work safely
• Can work offline and update work files immediately when there is an internet connection
• Control who can view your documents