During the outbreak of Covid-19, everyone would have to quarantine ourselves, and of course, it is soooo boring. If we just stay at home, work, eat, sleep, our life would be too slothful. Finding various activities to do, such as watching series, watching movies, playing games, listening to music, and reading will probably help to relieve some boredom. Soooo today I will introduce fun fan-fictions that need to be followed in the popular online reading, Joylada.

If talking about online reading applications, many people would probably think of many apps, but since we are already in the age of technology the original reading style would not be appropriate as much as it would be. Popular apps like Joylada offer new reading styles such as chat novels which are challenging for writers and readers like us. This application has many writers and readers, both the old face and the new face marching in to use it overwhelmingly. Especially in the fan fiction industry that has spread widely, becoming the first app that K-Pop fans will think of, especially the novels that I will introduce today. I can guarantee that it is fun, full of flavor, and has all genres.

If you’re ready. Let’s check it out.

1. จับจีบ (Chab-Jeeb)

Story by : khun.mee

Plot : A story of two people with a dozen of friends (lol) that will take you to the heartwarming story.

Review : It is the real heartwarming story.  The atmosphere in the story is very warm, I can catch the emotion of the character, smile when happy and cry when sad. The relationship is not too noticeable, it is a little progressive and with the language used, it makes me go with it. This is a story that no matter how many times you read it, you can still come back to read it again without getting bored.

Point : 7/10

Ps. To be continued at readAwrite

2. คุณองของคุณแดน (Khun Ong khong kun Dan)

Story by : Miss_Egg

Plot : A story of Dan — Kirin, a cafe owner, who loves Ong — Akira, a dance instructor. Flirting for a year, but they are just eat-mate. But it was not that the efforts that had been made for years had passed without results. When Akira started to do better things to him. That is not quite bad.  What will the relationship be?  Probably, to be continued.

Review : Another heartwarming story, there is a small gimmick where in each episode, Dan will compare Ong with various coffee. First, he starts with Americano, someday Ong is kind, he is likened to a latte, until it finally becomes a sweet mocktail. Compared to the relationships that began from knowing each other developed and became lovers in the end. It is a simple relationship that should be followed up.

Point : 8/10

Ps. To be continued at readAwrite

3. Friend with benefits 

Story by : JennieJ

Plot : A gang of pilots and crews have a party in Tokyo with an old friend. There, Min meets Jay, a former crew of his airline. They have good feelings for each other, but the problem is that Min already has a boyfriend.  So it became a distorted relationship that would make you headaches.

Review : This is a story that I could gain a lot of feelings from. I get a perspective on relationships in many ways from reading while reading it. Not only in terms of love, but as a relationship of friends. It really made me know that sometimes there are not many choices, when people decide to do something, they don’t always feel good about what they do, there are many factors that affect decisions that make them come out in this way, but after making a decision, they can only accept it in the end.

Point : 7/10

4. สวยสยอง (Suay-Sa-Yong)

Story by : only Ong

Plot : Aut has been challenged by his friends to flirt with Dew, but the more flirt, the more he feels that Dew is strange. Strange … like he is not a human.

Review : Haunting a short word after reading this story. Not only the good storytelling, another outstanding feature of this story is the terrifying illustrations. Whoever is not strong enough will probably not sleep for many days. But giving up reading would probably not be possible, because this is the best one of my horror stories, especially the suppressed ghost gang, which is more funny than relying anyway.

Point : 7/10

Warning : If your mind is not strong enough, pls avoid it.

5. lost in georgia

Story by : withnepenthe

Plot : Georgia had to move to live with Hongtae, his sister’s boyfriend, who he secretly loves for four years.

Review : It is another story that opens up new perspectives on relationships. No one wants to be a third person in a relationship, but sometimes loves are difficult to pull out. I feel that Georgia  is a character that is quite emotional. I mean his mind will change all the time. This is a person who is difficult to guess, which is unique and keeps the story going without being boring.

Point : 6/10

Ps. To be continued at readAwrite


Story by : wesseragen

Plot : Inn and Dear got to know each other via social media. They agreed to be a consultant to each other without knowing each other.

Review : Do you think that it is possible that we can repeatedly fall in love with the same person, no matter how long the time has passed?  This fiction has given the answer that it is possible, and also being in love without knowing who he is. That was something that impressed me so much, and I have to read it many times again.

Point : 6/10

7. คิราระซัง (Kirara San)

Story by : YvesNielle

Plot : Ingchol is being threatened. Yes, he is being threatened  by something that is not a human. But heaven is not too mean, send Kirara, a man who has six senses and also conquer evil spirits to help him.

Review : Anyone who likes ghost fighting should have this story. It is a sub-story line of events, consisting of large clues. The writer brought the demon myth from Japan into an event in the story. Confirmed that this is one of the greatest horror stories.

Point : 6/10

8. 72 HOURS

Story by : saymyname.

Plot : Ten boys were locked up in school after 6 PM. The school which has the mystery is that if anyone trapped in the school must find the key according to the number of people trapped to find the real key which has only one among the spirits that needs their lives.

Review : One of the best horror survival stories in Joylada. Among pressure situations, also being confused with each other. Trying to find the key that will take them back to the outside world is very difficult, especially to take everyone out.  It’s a matter of hope until the last second.

Point : 9/10

9. จะมาไม่มา156

Story by : petrichor (n.)

Plot : Day is waiting for the Bus 156 line, the line that is rare and hard to catch, every day. So that makes Day meet with Jak, English teachers who come to wait for the same bus every day.

Review : Is this a funny story or a love story? This is really really funny. That is how they wait for a bus so long. The thing that I need to know is how to wait for the bus, but get a boyfriend? I will do it too.

Point : 6/10

10. เจ็ดปีแจโด (7 years)

Story by : Banana_sister

Plot : Do you believe in the 7 years mystery? They say that a couple who has been dating for 7 years will have to break up.  Of course, Jerome didn’t believe it, but Dion, his boyfriend, is worried. It seems to have to use love and understanding for the past 7 years to pass it together.

Review : Just the title seems to be a drama story. But the truth is not at all. Suitable for those who like to feel good fiction.Confirmed that you will smile when reading it.

Point : 6/10

11. don’t do drugs

Story by : มาราย แครี่

Plot : During the party, Gem and Jom are always hitting each other up when they are taking drugs. But do you think this kind of relationship will last forever? Of course there is no way, anyone whoever feels loved before that person will definitely suffer. And if both of them love each other it would be another normal love story, right? But don’t forget, love is not about just two people.

Review : This is the most sin story I’ve ever had!! The plot will be a little gray. Whoever isn’t okay should skip it. I like the mood and tone of the story background. It’s a relationship like smoke, intangible, but can only be realized.

Point : 9/10

12. ดัง (loud)

Story by : lhawly

Plot : Night and Jerry are close friends, they are neighbors, they go to hang out together, go study together, go home together, then it becomes a love which they never know.

Review : Another story which I read for many times. I like the mood of the story, also when they shared the playlists together.

Point : 9/10

13. Let’s play Werewolf

Story by : Nappo

Plot : A famous board game, Werewolf, on the online platform. In that game, Ney met Best, both love to play games and keep supporting each other.

Review : I believe that no one will not know the famous board game Werewolf.  This gives a lot of tricks, but it’s not just about games, about love is also interesting.

Point : 7/10

14. Please never fall in love again.

Story by : มายmy

Plot : Sendai has a love at first sight with Pertpeem. Flirting for a long time until getting discouraged but didn’t see that Pert would turn his attention. But the attempt has never betrayed anyone, at least Pert tried to open his heart for Sendai. With the most different habits, of course, it’s not easy at all.

Review : It’s a story that looks like nothing, maybe too slow, but really touches my heart. I really want to have my own Pertpeem. Even at the beginning, it is a not-so-friendly relationship that might even be slow, but it’s good in its own way. This is another story that I like very much, take it ten out of ten.

Point : 10/10

15. Speakeasy

Story by : pls, be mad at me

Plot : Under the violet neon lights in a secret bar, separated by an old wooden table, Tasha and Gem faced each other. A strange feeling in his heart made Tasha cannot forget Gem, even after many days passed. After that they are working together, which made both of them feel good and more attracted to each other.

Review : The relationship of working life that feels good to each other progresses slowly, not too hard, but it’s good in both languages, also mood and tone are warming. It’s the real speak easy by the title.

Point : 7/10

16. Affection

Story by : ติณนา

Plot : Archa meets Nalin, a homeless girl, he allows Nalin to stay at his house. She always takes care of Archa, so it becomes affection.

Review : Another horror story that is based on true story. It is about the karma that the characters have caused the revenge, the affection which had come out in the form of chat novels. Who are horror fiction fans shouldn’t miss this one.

Point : 7/10

17. ดุจกมล (Dujkamol)

Story by : จันดี

Plot : Maprang, a boy who has been raised in the palace for all life. When his family forced him to marry someone who he doesn’t love, escape seems to be a better choice. But he was wrapped in cotton wool, and couldn’t do anything. How will he survive?

Review : “Maprang, how could you be innocent like thissss.”, “You are soooooo cute.” This is my opinion when reading this story.  It’s a very cute story. There are stories of other characters in the series which we need to follow up.

Point : 7/10

18. Mulan

Story by : withmejudy

Plot : Mulan, a chemist at the Central Institute of Forensic Science, met Jeff, DSI agent, who keeps his heart shaking all the time.

Review : A story about an investigation in which many various cases are waiting to be solved. Interesting forms of cases, and also a very difficult method of forensics and investigation, which makes it very interesting.

Point : 6/10

19. เจตนิภัทร ( Jadenipat)

Story by : maybewhy_

Plot : A clumsy architect student, DuaenAi. Every time he doing models, every time he gets cut, so Rum has to be brought to see the doctor for stitches every time, the doctor who is Rum’s brother, Beer. Beer always argued with DuaenAi every time they met, but that was the beginning of the relationship.

Review : A heartwarming story, Beer is the big brother of his twins, Wine, Gin, and Rum. The first story of this series, I like it soooooo much. It can be seen that the twins love each other very much, that makes it a warm atmosphere that can not be found in other stories. Beer and DuaenAi are also very cute. This will be a story that made your day and can’t stop reading at all.

Point : 7/10

20. Criminal minds 

Story by : dnt touch my boy

Plot : Jerome Middleton, CSI agent, was ordered to train for the son of President, Dylan Conlins. So he was threatened to force Dylan to resign several times. But who would easily agree? Dylan is strong enough to make Jerome accept him. How it changed from hate to love, there is no one know.

Review : The best of investigative fiction. The language and the narration makes me visualize, it seems like I’m watching a movie. The mood and tone of the story is very good. The cases are realistic and difficult to guess. It is really worth to spend time reading it.

Point : 10/10

Here is the list of fan-fictions I want to recommend you somes are already end, but somes are need to be continued.

Do you like it? Please give me some feedbacks that you are enjoy! If you’re also have recommend fan-fictions too, please comments below. I will follow your lists too.

Enjoy Reading :))))