Football is a famous sport in the world, started before the third century by mandarin people and developed by England. For a reason that football is an unexpected sport no one can forecast, the historic and majestic clubs, the transfers, domestic competitions, role of media, betting opportunities, and the power of football fans, it causes football has been popular until these days.

Live streaming

Watching football in the past, football fans can watch football by going to the pitch or watching from television with friends, which is depending on a television program or package that you buy but now, we are able to watch football in the online world such as True id or other website but most of these are streaming illegally. Therefore, sometimes that we are watching on the illegal website, it’s might be closed and we must find the new website. According to the real situation, UEFA CHAMPION LEAGUE normally streamed by television broadcast but in2018-2019, it’s started streaming on DAZN on Youtube channel and After that, it had much criticism in two ways, in terms of people who agree, they said that it has more convenience in watching because they can watch on their phone or computer. On the other hand, they said that football should be watched on television because it has more enjoyment in view of watching the big screen.  

Transfer market

The transfer market in football is established for selling, buying, and loaning football players. In each team has their own budget, depending on their income or expenditure, to improve their team.

Usually, every single year, football’s transfer market has 2rounds and it depends on each country, the first round will be started on 1st June-2st September(Spain, Germany, and France)and the second round begins at 1st January until 31st January. After that, every team is not able to do any on the transfer market expect the free agent player.

The main factor is media can be a part of the deal because some team uses media as equipment to force players. According to the PPTV news, they revealed Barcelona’s strategy in buying Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool in 2018. This strategy has 7 steps and two of them compose of media.


1.Locking player

  aiming the desired target players and see if the players fit well with the team

2.Lulling player

 Lull the players into a legend. When meeting the desired target Next, tell the players that you are preparing to become a world-class legend. Because the club has created countless football legends

3.Using relationship

Fellow players help to lull Use close friends or former teammates to help lull In the past, Barca used Suarez, the former Liverpool manager, to lull Coutinho with the news that he admired Coutinho for being a diligent player. And can become a leading player During Christmas there was news of exchanging gifts.

4.offering the lowest price

Submit the lowest first price. The management of the team will proceed to submit a purchase. For the first time, it will be offered at the lowest price before getting to Fabregas Barca, who has submitted an offer for Arsenal for just 27 million pounds and Barca has submitted the first purchase of Coutinho for 72 million pounds. From then moving continuously from 80 million pounds to 118 million pounds and a new deal in January 140 million pounds, called the step to the lowest price soaring.

5.using local media

Take the opportunity to create news. Have the opportunity to create news Famed Arsenal fans will remember before Cesc Fabregas moved to Barca While celebrating the Euro Championship Barca’s Spanish national football team Tried to force the wearing of Barca shirt for Fabregas, while Kes Coutinho Nike, the main sponsor Released the picture, Coutinho wearing a Barcelona shirt 2-3 days ago before the deal.

6 using media

Local media, pressuring fanfare Use the media that the club has in hand to help spread fanatic pressures. Continuously by Barca will use the sport with ASU, the main media of the Catalonia region, For example, releasing news for players that want Or saying that near the end of the deal, the players are looking for a home town or waiting for the team to move.

7. Done deal

Close the final deal If you complete all the steps like Barcelona, ​​you will not miss the players you want. Like Coutinho.

Communicating and participating with fans

Communication is a crucial thing because people should talk and reply together in order to make the same understanding. In football, they also contract with their fans, observing from the social media account that every team has. There is 3 platform in social media that most team uses is Facebook, Instagram, twitter. According to Liverpool FC social media accounts, On Facebook, they post not only pictures but also videos and news inside the team. On Instagram, they emphasize posting pictures and stories, posting about players in the team or video that the team scored. In twitter, the information that was posted, it quite related to news in Merseyside, Liverpool’s location.

besides a football club. we can follow football news from various accounts such as 433

433 is one of the world’s biggest media powerhouses, they are focused on creating and sharing the best football-related content on all platforms around the globe. Among their huge fan base is over 15,000 professional footballers who follow and interact with 433 every day, creating an engaged community between fans, clubs, brands, and federations. 433 is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a tight-knit team with more than 30 employees representing 10 different nationalities.

from my point of view, this account is very remarkable, having a different post and variety of content because they can contract with famous football players directly, it causes they have more information or picture that no one has before for example, they have a picture of Frankie de jong, Barcelona player, and Nicolas Tagliafico, plyer for Ajax football club, with their dogs which is a personal picture. Moreover, they always invite famous football players to live stream in the Instagram accounts and give a football shirt with a signature to a fan who shared content and participated with them.