In this modern-day, we can’t deny that music has become the main thing that most people listening to music as in everyday life. Talking about music there a variety of platform that we can choose which is best and suitable for your lifestyle, Moreover, the main things consider in each platform that people choose to use are quality of the sound, how much is cost you, and the function of the apps. In this article, I will present to you my personal use platform to listen to music. I am the person who listens to music all the time and can’t deny that I can’t live without music so the apps that I am using surely well know the platform that I am using is “Spotify”.

What is “Spotify” Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists all over the world. Spotify is available across a range of devices, including computers, phones, tablets, speakers, TVs, and cars, and you can easily transition from one to another with Spotify connect. (the information is from the Spotify website) It sounds just like other platforms right? But what makes Spotify different from others are the cool features that they provide to the users.

From my personal experience, I would say that my experience with Spotify is rather positive. Spotify has perfected its algorithm, giving users the complete experience with music, recommending them new songs and podcasts that would fit their taste. Personally, Spotify has helped me to discover new artists along with new songs that would later become new favorites. Spotify makes music discovery extremely easy while also making it easy to listen to the songs you already love. It maximizes users’ experience with the personalization algorithm. As for the negative side of Spotify, I would say that Spotify doesn’t really give chances to cover artists. In comparison to other music streaming applications such as Youtube (premium) or SoundCloud, the option of cover songs are not available. As a result, in order to listen to covers or discover new artists that are not established yet, users still need to rely on other applications. One could say that the platform does not give many chances to artists who are trying to establish themselves. -Risa,20

Advantages and feature

1. Improved sound quality Spotify provides you to listen to your music on higher quality, even streaming or downloaded songs. There also will take more space and consume more data. But it’s still totally worth it. There’s nothing worse than listening to low-quality music when you paid the price.

2. Make playlist folders If you ever wanted to group all your song playlists in one folder? Spotify lets you create your playlist into which you can add in different playlists. I use it for my mood as I make a different playlist for each mood and vibes.

3.Go to Song or Artist Radio and discover similar tunes The Radio feature on Spotify will make you playlists with similar artists or songs. The feature comes automatically when you’re listening to a playlist, artist, or album. This is a good feature when you’re trying to figure out what more to add to a playlist that fits your preference or even to discover tunes that are similar to what you’re like.

4.Discover Weekly made just for you This is one of my favorites features on the apps. Every week, every month, or even every year Spotify creates a playlist for you with music that you could be interested in. The algorithm has helped you greatly, and you will be able to discover new songs and artists that go along with your music taste. You can look at your Discover section. These things will make your daily experience with Spotify better and inspire you to find your hidden gems within the cool work they provide.

5.Karaoke feature Is where you can look at the lyrics and the lyrics continue to move to word by word that sync with the melody. This feature will help you sing with the right rhythm. Moreover, you can have fun quality time with your friends too.

6.Lyrics and facts about the songs and artists This function will get you to know more about the songs. How the writer or the artist creates this beautiful sound and lyrics. The inspiration and how they come up even how they produce. What is the hidden meaning of the songs and who they are talking about. I think this is a very cool feature for me so I could understand the songs more. Also makes me feel that I get close to the artist and will continue to support the artist.

7.Playlist from the artist Spotify provided some playlist includes the artist’s favorite tune at the moment. For example, Drake created a playlist containing his music and his favorite tune from others I think this feature makes the listener feel that they can stay connected with their favorite artist. For me, this feature gains more time that I spend on the app to explore more new music. 

8.Can see who is active what they are listening to in real-time This feature shows what your friends are doing and what they are listening to in real-time. I think features make you see who is active and who has a similar genre to you and can stay connected with your friends too. I always look at the online bar to see what my friends are listening to and can click to listen right away.

9. Free playlist There plenty of good playlists that users around the world can create and make public so others users can find and listen to their playlist. This is kind of cool feature that turns user to be a DJ and can create as many as they want there no limit to creation you can mix the music with any genre you would like to listen to, Moreover, you can name and make a cool cover picture and describe the playlist, For me, I have a variety of playlist that I create to listen in the different occasion in a day, for example, I have a playlist that I listen to while in the car, with my friends, and work out. Or I often listen to other user playlists too. They made a great playlist that fits perfectly for my mood.

10.Can become produced songs and podcast Spotify allow people to release their work through the platform it can be an album, song, or a podcast. This is another step of the apps that make normal person become an artist 

11.Connected on many devices In one account Spotify can be accessed on many devices and easy to move to others devices with one click. This function makes it easier for people that want to change where they listen on any device. For me, I personally like to connect with my phone, Ipad, and computer. So while I am working I can change the song through any devices. 

12. Download Music and Podcasts Switching to Spotify Premium offer you save up to 10,000 songs on 5 different devices each. You can save any of the albums or playlists to listen offline. You can also listen to any song on your phones any time the same way you listen on your computer. Since you have no longer limited to shuffling, you can still skip tracks, access Radio, and what the app has to offer Spotify Premium users.


1.Expensive If you switch to premium, you’ll have to pay every month. At $120 per year for the Premium service, This is very expensive if you are not using as much as you should.

2.Not Available in all Countries Available just within a limited number of countries. This one of the flaws in many video and music streaming platforms is the fact that a limited number of countries, the same with Spotify.

3. Ads Spotify users have to listen to audio advertisements between their favorite songs and podcast shows if they use the free account. Plus, you can’t stream individual songs on demand, and you can skip just 6 tracks every hour. This is an extremely bad experience for users, especially when you hear things you don’t like.

4.Limitations By using a free account on a mobile app, you can listen to any songs in any order with unlimited track skips. You can stream a whole playlist for offline use and after you’ve changed to the Premium, but there’s no way to download even one single song when your not premium,you can’t access any of the content you downloaded for offline.

5.Sound Quality For free users we can’t deny that they only offer a weak quality of sound. If you’re a Spotify Free user, you will only get to listen to the 160kbps, whereas the Premium users got 320kbps of music streaming.

After all of the pros and cons of Spotify, I will continue using Spotify because I find the apps very good on their own and still fit perfectly for my lifestyle. Furthermore, I’ve been using Spotify since 2016 (back when I was living in Denmark and still It not available in Thailand) So when I back to Thailand I have to change the platform instead and found out It quite hard to use and the feature is not the one I was looking for so I know that Spotify is fit best for my uses. I also like the feature on the app that they collect the songs that most played each year to a playlist so I can see and still get to listen to old tracks that I used to like even show me who is my favorite artist each year. In the contrary, I found that Spotify is quite expensive for a monthly subscription one but I will suggest you shared with your friends or family so the price is more affordable for the music app. After All of the Pros and Cons I provided you I hope this article can help you decide if Spotify is the best choice for your usage. Moreover, I will give you another review from my friend who uses Spotify below too. So you can see another perspective of real users.

In my opinion, the greatest feature of Spotify is its algorithm which personalised music suggestion to me based on the kind of music I previously listened to and it has been very accurate so far, leading to me constantly discovering new music to listen to and that is just one feature among many that keeps me using Spotify. The app itself is also very well developed whether it is the functions that makes it convenient for one user to easily switch from listening on one device to another or the simple aesthetic of the app that allows me to really focus on the music without visual distractions. -Mook,20

I like Spotify because there’s a wide variety of songs which I can search for or have recommendations for. It is also good that you can download the songs and create different playlists. Furthermore the app also acts as a platform for lesser-known artists. It is also convenient to be able to choose what genres of music you like so the app can recommend music to you. Even though there are many pros to Spotify, some cons may be that you have to pay for a subscription to enjoy the best quality service and that it isn’t available in all countries.-Celini,21