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If we think about Korea, one of the things we should not forget is K-pop.

We have really been out to see how much information about Korea has changed over the past few years and largely because of K-pop. K-pop’s strongest drive is “K-pop fans”, consisting of both Korean fans and international fans.

idols come dance with fans club in public

Do you know how hard international fans need to do for support their groups?

Love is not enough for their relationships because Korean culture in entertainment industry, especially about K-pop artists has complicated methods to push on their artists to get an award or become more famous. It seems easy if you live in Korea, but it is completely different if you do not.

These are 5 Music programs in South Korea which are broadcasted on different channels and broadcasted every day except Monday. Artists perform on the shows when they release their new song to promote their music. Different programs have different ways to count the scores and decide the winning artist of the week, so the winner of the groups or artists will be considered with different elements depend on which programs they perform.

  • Inkigayo on Sunday – SBS channel
  • The Show on Tuesday – SBS MTV
MC which are idols from different group and can be changed any period
  • Show Champion on Wednesday – MBC Music channel
artist assemble on stage at last moment on the program
  • M! Countdown on Thursday – Mnet
  • Music Bank on Friday – KBS channel
  • Music core on Saturday – MBC channel

Every single score come from fans’ efforts that strive hard in buying album or streaming song on specified application. This is exactly harder for international fans because mainly of application or methods are only available in Korea, so they need to know the ways to support by using “VPN”, transfer money from their own monetary to won, and preorder album with the language barrier.

Some of voting application has several rules to vote. Some of them are necessary to buy tickets first if you want to vote your ideal artist, and also when you need to stream on Korean application named “Melon”. They need to buy the streaming pass, and of course it has complicated method to buy, especially for international fans.

clearly summarize in short of chart system in each program
all the factors that effect the score for winning


” Keep Streaming ” all the k-pop fans said.

In K-pop world, we know the word “streaming” in the way of keeping listening to the song which is currently released to make it goes higher in the rank or increase the rate chart which is one of the award consideration. In Korea, they take an action in entertainment industry. TV program and performance show of artists had occurred for a century, but they did not perform by no reason. Artists need to gather many votes from the fans to get the award, and that is why we as a fan club are needed.

Streaming (or easier understand as keeping listening to the song), the score from streaming is totally important for getting the trophy. Melon is a main application which use to stream. This is a hard part, to register they need to use Korea email or cellphones number and buy the streaming pass by Korean monetary, but of course they also find the way out by helping from fans who live in Korea to get an account and buy the streaming pass. Melon has a chart that updates every hour to show how they need to stream more to make their group’s song rate higher and stays on top rank in every hour.

real- time chart on melon application


This is an important part for international fans because it is an easy way to contribute. Even it seems does not important as much as streaming part, but it has impact on the award too. In Korean music program, it is just a small part, but in the big award, voting score is the real war for fan clubs. In voting step we can desperate into two ways :

• Pre-Voting means fan clubs can vote only while the program is broadcasted

voting through SMS by sending code or sending the message followed by rules of each program.

Music core
Rule: typing capitalized name of artist and sending to +820505 or 0082505 (need to change to Korea Time Zone)
: 1 message per 1 number
: Change time zone back to original before ending of program is prohibited

• Voting on application in a long term

Each program has different application for voting, and international fans are included by no doubt. First step is installing application that settle by each program, next is registering by Facebook, Gmail or Kakaotalk account, and then finish!

Voting on application needs to collect the star or heart (same as ticket). Sometime it gives free 3 hearts for new account, but after that, fan clubs need to collect by other methods such as watching video, and also shortcut way is paying by cut though credit card.

* Heart Beats are points that can be acquired for FREE
* Expiration date : Heart Beats are expired after 90 days (KST) from the obtained date
* Heart Beats can be used for ad projects, voting, and more


  • Go to store > Get beats tab > click watch video ad button and a video ad will play
  • Video ads can be watched 15 times per day and 3 heart beats are acquired per view
  • The number of video ads available to watch is reset everyday on 00:00

However, different program has different rule on their application, so it is really important to understand how each program counts the score

Music Video View on YouTube

YouTube view also has a percent in consideration on music programs by watching official video that is released by original affiliation on YouTube. More views will increase more score with Inkigayo’s rankings, but it is not an ordinary way we watch in daily life. The view will not be counted if you replay the clip or stop or anything that against the clip while it is playing. Also, you cannot refresh the page after finishing one round, but you need to exit the page and search the clip again for the view to be counted.

This is full tutorial by account @renjunbebe fanbase of Renjun for NCT Dream of increase Youtube for only ‘1 view’

love is not easy, right?

Buying Album

The easiest way to support the artist is obviously buying an album. The amounts and profit of albums that was sold will be counted for the rank either. For overseas fan clubs, it is necessary to order the album in advance because the first week purchase is the most important for the artist to rank on top circulation for decision in big award in the end of the year. International fans will have several middlemen for their own countries who make a contact between Korean seller and ordering.

Have you ever heard about Fan sign event?
Fan sign event is an event that gives a chance to fan clubs to meet their artist. Fan sign is held by the company to gain more orders from the fans by the rule that use the random choosing systems and ten thousands of albums will be quickly sold in this way too.

due to COVID-19, fan sign event adapted into Video Call

By the way, to support their beloved artist by staying overseas is harder in past year ago. Nevertheless, in this moment, K-pop fans have a “Fanbase” which is known as a group dedicated themselves in translating and publishing all data and pictures of events in each day, and also become a representative of each country for shipping the album to their hometown.

Consequently, Fanbase is the key in support K-pop artist too.

K-pop fans consist of different nationalities of people, so there is language barrier for the fans to know every movement or speech of their artist. That is why Fanbase account has occurred and become a center for the fans in their country. Twitter is the main media of Fanbase because it is easy to follow and quickly receive the news by turning on notification. Moreover, Twitter also has a hashtag feature that makes you conveniently find what you are interested by just click into that hashtag, and it also connects fans all around the world without any doubt.

These pie chart are create by GOT7 Fanbase to made fans club be more understand with the voting.

Korean idols is a career which may be different from the others, but they always bring happiness to people and have overcome hard training to compete on the stage. In public eyes, people may not know K-pop culture in Korea, but K-pop fans acknowledge it. There are a lot of limitations that make it is hard to support the artists for international fans, including language that needed to be translated for understanding in communication. However, as fans who want to support their artist, they need an effort to learn and find the way to support their beloved artists as much as they can, and support the artists to get the award they deserve.