The Game Awards 2020 is an important event for real gamers. Like the Oscars of the movie industry Which this year is even better than others year, they broadcasting this event for 3 hours

And with the Covid-19 situation now, the event has to be hosted in an online format instead. In which many famous guests were coming to help announce the award. And for those who did not catch up. We will conclude every award this year for you.



Ghost of Tsushima is a PS4 exclusive game developed by Sucker Punch with great work, the famous Open-world superhuman hero, and this time the team had fun and wanted to pick up the Japanese style. The adventure is during the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274. Those are shaken by the feudalism of Japan. This was a time of war, turmoil, and radical change. And This game is an action game mixed with an exploration of the area. The occupation of the Mongols camps Along with accepting quests to help villagers in the form of Side Quest, the battle system within the game. There’s a mix of Assassin Creed timing and Metal Gear Solid stealth. Story of this game- Following the typical Open-world game style, the story is told through the main quests and the additional quest in the story (SIDE QUEST) is the latter, it is very fun to play side quest because you can find more item to help you clear the main quest. Some quests are even better than the main story, such as the Legendary Quest. New Ultimate Quests New weapons, etc. This game is really good but the cut scenes cannot be skipped so it makes the player feel bored when they have to wait for the cut scenes and with A character look it makes the player feel like they shouldn’t go into the monster, stubborn After this, only read subbed. So enough to absorb some content. But with the main storytelling in style, there is nothing new Plus, it took quite a long time, making it feel “tired” following the main story in the first 2 acts that were told a bit long, but when it got into act 3, everything was squeezed tight.  It is so intense that it makes players abandon every quest in the game to bring themself to the conclusion of this story.


Last of us 2

It’s undeniable that The Last of Us, released in 2013, reached the top of the gaming industry that year. It’s not just the gameplay that’s groundbreaking with a stealth survival staple, but from the script, storytelling, and character creation that makes The Last of Us like a movie that we watch. This allows us to see the development of the characters. Both Joel and Ellie experience the relationship of the two that evolve along the way. There is a scene that drags the mood of the player down to the characters. And brought it up with the critically acclaimed Scene. Feel Good Like the giraffe scene at the end of the game Before the game was tied with a highly controversial ending at the time of Joel’s decision. When I played this game, I felt that all the stories and characters of the first episode had been put together. Before coming to tie the knot in the end to present the Moral Dilemma of the characters, the game may give players the same feelings as Joel throughout the game, but in the end, we may agree or not. I could agree with Joel’s actions, but at least we should “understand” Joel’s decision because of the game’s whole story. In Last of us 2, I felt that director and screenwriter Neil Druckmann wanted to play even more of the two crossroads. And play with emotions the mind of the player even more So I don’t view this game as a shallow revenge game, but what the game wants to present is the dystopian world in The Last of Us. It’s a half-world war of all against all or survival of the fittest. Each character does it for the survival of themselves and their companions. And of course, it has more or fewer consequences.


Among Us

If someone asked which game is the most popular this minute Would inevitably escape the friendship-destroying game it is Among Us for sure. Among Us is free to play game on Mobile but you have to buy it, if you play on PC. At this point, I would like to say that it is probably another selling point of Among Us, because in one room it can accommodate up to 10 people, so when we go out to party with friends. And would like to play Among Us, Among Us game is always ready to support everyone. Or if it doesn’t reach 10 people, we can also play with other players.



LoL, or League of Legends, is an online MOBA-style game that originated in 2009 by Riot Games, inspired by Dota (Defense of the Ancients, a Warcraft III mod). After its release in 2009, when it was a trend, MOBA games became very popular. Until 2012, LoL became the longest-running PC game ever, if by hours in North America and Europe. In 2014, LoL made a mark of history with 67 million monthly players, 27. Millions of daily users and 7.5 million people every hour makes it the most streamed game on channels like YouTube and Twitch in the world. The success of LoL games continue to soar. Until it was expanded to different regions. In September 2016, the company estimated that there are 100 million monthly players, resulting in the expansion of various merchandise such as clothing, toys, goods. Many decorations and MV series were created.

Gameplay styles

LoL is a game that allows you to take on the role of a summoner, where you will choose one champion to enter the battlefield. The game itself is a 5v5 battle with other players and has a third-person perspective. The gameplay is the same as any MOBA game in that it started, our champions are level 1 and when killing minions or champions opposite will receive experience points to level up. And the gold that is used to buy the item has made it stronger and stronger, with a maximum level of 18. LoL has a purpose similar to that of Dota: destroying the enemy base (Nexus). If anyone destroys it first, they will be the winner.



it is a trend among the most popular gamers at the moment, with “Phasmophobia” which means fear of ghosts, a game of Ghost Hunting Simulator that allows players to take on the role of a ghost hunter like a show of ghosts. Many people who have entered this game and play are saying in one word that ‘what is the game about. Why is it so haunting?’ Causing a lot of new players to want to try with their friend. Today, I would like to analyze the review a little bit to see if it is that haunt!!


The goal of this game is really that we get the main quest: to find clues of the mysterious creatures that reside in the places we will explore. And you need to know what kind of spirits reside in them. Each of the clues we find will make it easier to identify. Which if we are confident that we already know what kind of ghost it is, we can finish the quest Having said that, there are many types of ghosts in the game, and if you are good at English, you can open a book in the game and see what kind of clues they have and how to deal with them. For example, this ghost is afraid of the camera. This ghost likes to appear when we are alone. This ghost can communicate with us. But if you are not good at English at all Can’t read, can’t translate, can’t speak fluently, suggest you find a friend who can help you as an interpreter for us to play with.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In this hour, if we talk about Nintendo switch, there is nothing more popular than Animal Crossing: New Horizons that Developed since the first Nintendo console. And this reason is why Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most popular family game because they come out on time and have a lot of content to play

Animal Crossing is a game that does not have much in-depth story. But it has its timeline. And the game itself is nothing but crafting island decorations, fishing, digging for fossils, and catching bugs. Although, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great game. But there are also significant problems. This is a very big problem. Since the game itself is a slow life, something in the game does not make sense with the technology in today’s development of games.